swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi 14)


hiiii frnds I m back sorry for late n thank u for cmnting n thnkx to silent reader also love u all now start…
n happy rakshabandhan to u all…

Episode 14

recap: swaragini admission at colg n sanlakutt plan to wlcm

@morning at GM

#swarag room

The episode start with rags is getting ready in blue anarkali n side braid n making thaal for something

ragini: finally its done n sees shona still sleeping

rags slowly goes towards swara n shots flood floooood flooooood

SWA wakes up in a jerk : ooo I can’t swim I can’t save me save me lado n sees rags who is laughing

rags(laughing): hahahaaa shonaa u r a great swimmer who said u can’t swim n winks

SWA glares: laado u r gone n starts chasing her in whole room

rags: shona w8 w8 w8 stop…. n shows her hands

SWA: what??

rags: give me ur hand


rags: give naaa

she gives her hand n rags ties rakhii to shona

SWA: oooo shit I forgot sorry lado n hugs her sooooo sorrryyyyy n makes a cute face

rags: I knw that u r dumboo that’s by I already take urs also n gives rakhi to swara

swa : u r the best sister in the world n tie her rakhi n both feeds sweet to each other n hugs

swaragini plays in BG

(guys I don’t knw how u all clbrt it soo sorry i make it my owns)

rags: ok enough go n get ready we have to go to collage also

SWA: ok mam n goes towards washroom

rags goes out smiling

scene shift to MM

laksh is getting ready in black shirt n blur jeans

laksh: looking to mirror how can I look ssooo handsome yrr lucky u r too gud n his mob ring n he becomes shok

laksh: ooo noo i m gone how can i forgwt n looks towrds sanky who is sleeping peacfully

laksh hurriedly ggoes on bed n starts jumping n says: bhaiii wake up today kd our death anniversary we forgot wake up fast

sanky(sleepy): what the hell lucky y r u jumping n what happnd u woke early plzz let me sleep I m not coming withbu for ragging

laksh: Bhai if u not wake up then we would b raged by devil

sanky wake up in irritated: who dare to raged SR

laksh: our sister today is rakshabandhan

sanky shokd n stand up on bed n says: what when ooo shit n u r telling me right now

laksh: I m saying bbut u r not listening(sad face)

sanky: shut up w8 for me I m coming

sanky runs towrda washroom n comes out after 5 min dressing in light blue shirt n black jeans


sanlak comes down n sees adrash already gift uttara a scooty

utta sees them n says: look Bhai gifted me scooty

sanlak: y Bhai today Is her birthday

uttara: bhaii u don’t remember

sanlak nods noo

dp: what else we can expt for these useless

suji goes to sanlak says I already bought gift for uttara go n get from jijis room

sanlak whisprs mom u r the best n goes to ap room n come out hiding a gift

uttara is sitting angry on sofa
sanlak slowly goes to her n blindfold her eyes by their hands

sanlak: how can I forget our one n only sisters birthday n removed their hands

uttara becomes happy n says: birthday haan

sanlak:oooppps rakshabandhan

laksh: don’t u tie rakhi on us

uttra hugs them n says love u bhaiiii

sanlak: mee too devil

uttra glars n ssanlak smiles

now uttara do all the rituals n tie rakhi to them n feed them sweets all family member smiles seeing them

laksh: ok now we r going to collage

ap: beta eat breakfast then go

sanky: maa we will eat at collage by maa n mom

both tooks blessinh n kiss ap n suji n goes

at outsidr

laksh: bhai i will go by bike u go by car ok

sanky: ok bro n both leaves

scen shift to GM

shomi: rags eat this

rags: noo maa i m full n i m not going to war i m going to collage ok

shomi: this sugar n yogurt eat this

rags: uff maa n eat

rags: ok i m going shona will come

shek: ok u go shona will ccome n take care n all the best

rags: OK n took blessing from all n by baba ,maaa,Hitler n handsome n winks n goes


rags sees scooty: woooe sscooty I want to go by scooty kaka

driver: nno beta sir said to mee to drop u safely to collg

rags: I can goo by that only n goes to a girl n says I want ur scooty for few mins can I plzz

girl: sorry but I also want to go somewhere

rags: no prblm kaka will drop u

girlls agree

rags ride scooty n kaka follows him

rags while riding : wooooww it solo much fun I wish shona will.also with meee n sees children are playing something

rags: Kolkata is very nice place sooo sweet tthese children are n hears a horn sees a car approaching towards her n shoutsss aaaaahhhhhhh

scene shift to gm

shona comes down hurriedly n says lado kaha hai

shona wears a sskirt n top n curly hair

shek: she left

SWA: ok byee I m leaving n goes out without listening anyone

scene shift to a road

rags is lying down on road bcz the car hit her

a boy comes out from a car n shouts: don’t u get aanyother car for dying

rags get angry n stand up : heyy u mr whatever i m not intrestd in dying infront of ur car n insted of helping n saying sorry u r shouting dnt u have mannets hann

boy: look who is talking its ur fault u have to say sorry for me cant u look forwad while riding u bhenji

rags: whom u called bhenji u monkey

boy: u called sr a monkey u dnt knw from whom u r talking ms lower class i knw vry well u type of girls who come infront of rich car to make money (yes the boy is sanky)

rags: i dnt care who the hell are u but liaten carefully mr SR or PR or monkey i can buy 10 cars if i want soo bettwr shut ur mouth dnt mess with mee

sanky: ooo ms bhenji I knw very well…..n.. intrup

kaka sees this n comes : beta i said na u dnt knw here come lets go by car otherwise sir will b angry

sanky sees the car who is better than his

rags: look this is my car its far better than urs n u r saying that u knw very well our types of girls do one thing go home nn sees urself In a mirror even bhenji is far better than a langoor

sanky: uuu ms chipkali shut ur mouth this is all ur setup to trap

rags: hahaha don’t dream that i will try to trap a langoor

sanky shows his index finger n rags too

rags: now say sorry too me

sanky: go to hell ms n goes from there angrily

rags: god plz don’t show his face again n goes by car

scene shift to collage

@excel collage

lucky enters in his bike n all girls are giving him flying kis

lucky go to a group: hii guyzz

(kavya,purab,aditiya,bulbul,aradhiya sunny are group)

all: hii lucky

lucky: guyz ready for ragging

boys: ever ready

sunny:look bro new girl she is beautifull

purab: yeah right she is

bulbul hit him n say: u r looking too much

(purul are engaged)

purab: I means u r

all laughs

lucky: guys stay here I will just come in a min n smirks

laksh is going towards a girl in meantime another girl slips n lucky hold her

they both have a eyelock but the girl broke the eyelock

girl: thanks can u plz tell me where is principle room

lucky smirks n says : yesss go straight n turn left n then turn right

girl: ok thanks n goes

lucky find another girl but she already left

purab: oye hoye lucky what an entry han

aradiya: but y u lied to her she is new na

lucky: uff aru its fun come on let’s go

girl goes there n sees that their is a store room n angrily huffs n heard laughing noise of Lucky’s group

girl goes there n angrily hit lucky: how dare u to.lie with me

lucky: how dare u to hit lucky haan

girl: lucky or unlucky u idiot

lucky: how dare u call me that day an n pulls her hairs n she pulls her

guys I think u all knw its our shona

swa: u r messing a wrong person

lucky: I m ur senior so respect me

SWA: ooo really which class

lucky: third year

SWA: hahaha I m also a 3 year studentt soo I don’t think that I have to respect u

lucky:ooo nooo I have to tolerate this bandaria in my class

SWA: first see urself gorilla

laksh: I m far better than u ms bandaria

SWA laughs n says hahaha bttr than me Mr in ur dreams

llaksh glares n says shut up u

SWA: u shut up n say sorry

laksh: lucky never says sorry to anyone huhhhh ms day dreamer n he makes faces n goes

SWA: today Is worst day of my life

lucky shouts : mine tooooo

SWA: uuuuuu n goes from there

@colg ccorridor

lucky and his gang is talking n laughing and on another side ragini enter in collage

sunny: hey lucky look at her she is difrnt but beautiful na

lucky: no shes bhenji let’s rrag her

purab: ooo plzz no ragging few mins ago u fought dnt do that if she also do that then

lucky: look at them they both are different I think this bhenji is yes sir student so let’s try

lucky goes towards rags n ragini coming towards him murmuring n she bumps

rags: sorry

lucky: what sorry can’t u ssee ha handsome hunk is coming I think u intentially do that

rags:oooo plzz look at urself in mirror even gorilla is far better than u

laksh thinks: did I really look like a gorrila that jungli n this bbhenji need glasses to c mee

lucky: ooo helloo ms bbhenji first look at urslf than talk

rags thinks: did I really look like bhnji first that Mr attitude than this gorrila

lucky clap his hand in front of her

lucky: iif ur dreaming is done than say sorry to me by folding ur hands infront of mee

voice: Dnt dream too much Mr.unlucky

lucky: ooo god this jungli billi again come who r u to saying this ms jungli

SWA: her sister any problem

lucky n his gang shouts : what????

SWA:yes n now get lost

lucky: hey u I don’t ask u to interfere u both sisters have to say sorry know n u r my classmate but not ur sister soo I can rag her

rags: I m in same class soo now u say sorry to me n my sister know

voice: my bro will never say to anyone

SWA: who the hell r u knw

lucky: finally bro u came warna ma piss jata in dono k beach

sanky come in front of girls

ragsan shouts : uuuuuuu

rags: ooo god today is my ever worst day

sanky: even my to what sin I have commitd

lucky: Bhai do u knw them

sanky: yes unfortunately I met her n bcz of her I got late huh

rags: ooo hello Mr attitude bcz of u…u got late not bcz of mee

sanky: ooo plzz shut up that is ur fault not mine

rags: urs

sanky: urs

rags: noo urs

sanky: noo it urs

swalak shouts: shut up

swa: ragu leave them they r useless come on lets go to class

laksh: yes bhai they are mental leave them lets go

in class four only gives death glares to each other n after class go to home

to b continued…..

precap: swalak irritatr ragsan

thanks u guyz n sorry for not replying n plz keep comnting till then tc love u

fizo 🙂

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Haha..funny update..loved it..btw..who are the pairs?

    1. Silent_writer

      thnkx dear n have patience n enjoy four 🙂

  2. Very funny lol
    Bt plz tell me who r the pairs I hope it swasan I hate ragsan as pairs

    1. Silent_writer

      thnkx dear n don’t hate any pair all pairs have their own chemistry 🙂

  3. Akshata

    awesome, hilarious update.

  4. Ragz_teju


  5. Omg hahahahaha it ws helarioussss…. 😀 .. n rags dear u r nt at all a behenji 😉 u r my priencess… 🙂 ..loved d episode dear …n sister’s bondng ws superbb!! Waitng for nxt part eagerlyyy…keep rocknggg dear 😉 😉

  6. Tamanna

    Awesome… Really funny

  7. AMkideewani

    Awesome, superb, outstanding???

  8. Can plz ragini wear western clothes????

    1. Silent_writer

      thnkx n sure rags can wear n she will 🙂

      1. Thanx and this ff is superb ?

  9. Mica

    uuuhhhh luv it soo much Fizo……
    so hilarious.. hahaha

    1. Silent_writer

      thnk u mica 🙂

  10. Sindhura

    Ragsan fighg was lol

  11. Ragsan scenes are nice

  12. Rafeee


  13. ragsan fighting is super

  14. Alia

    amzing yaar..but u r not going to tell the pairs..so i will just request to keep swasan n raglak..n yeah update soon?keep rocking like this dear..

    1. Silent_writer

      thnkx dear but I have to tell u one thing pairs are decided but I want u all enjoy the four pairs in the story 🙂

  15. superb loved ragsan scenes

  16. Hey I am a silent reader your ff is just awesome dear ??? can u plz say the pairs

    1. Silent_writer

      thnkz dear n for pairs u have to w8 little bit after villain entry I will reveal

  17. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Sorry for the late comment dear actually I was busy. About chappy, awsm as always.First ragsan fight, second swalak fight….You give them equal importants, good job.Unone koyi animals ki naam baki nehi rakki, sab insano mein distribute kar dia, lol???.Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Silent_writer

      hahahaha right but few more names are left lol n thnkx 🙂

  18. Amazing dear love it and soory for late reply.

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