swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi 12)


hiii guys I m back n thank u for ur all love n support I did not this much on my os of indpndnc n epi 11 thank u soooo muchhh love u all n thnkx to silent reader alsoalso……..start

Episode 12

recap:leap n sanlak n swarag bond

Episode start with swaragini are dancing like mad after the news of shifting to Kolkata they can’t believe that they are going to meet their besties

swara while dancing: ragu….ragu….u knw how much I m exited to meet sweety kaki chacha Chachi and those idiots who break their promise I gonna kill them both…

rags laughs n says: shona decide u r exitd or angry

SWA glares n shouts: bothhhhhh

both laughs

SWA: ragu are u not exitd

rags: who said I can’t w8 for one weeek
i just wish to go today by myself (dreaming voice)

swara teasily: ooo soo u want to go for sanku na

rags without understanding: yesss………what…..no I am not going for that bandar

SWA laughing: hahaha seriously are u not exitd to meet him how will he looks will he b the same as childhood or what if he just like yr varu dhawan han..

rag: oooo plz shona DNt insult my hero plzz n yes I don’t knw how was he knw but one thing is for sure


rags:that u n laksh will never change n u both will fight in first meeting

SWA throws pillow n says:how mean u n sanku with fight not me n laksh

rag: I bbet u will fight at first meet

SWA:ok n I bet too that u n sanku will fight n me n laksh will not acptd??

rags: acptd boss

SWA: come on let’ tel baba about this


@gm hall

dadi: no we will live at baadi

shomi:no maa we will live in our house

dadi: I said na n that’s finl

swarag comes sees this n ask what’s happening???

dadi: see ur maa is arguing with mee that we will not live in baadi but in ur new house

SWA:bass itni c bat

rags: at starting we will live in our house than whenevr we want we can go there

dadi shomi: butt???

SWA:ufff no but vuts we have only one week let’s start paking

shek:itni jldi

swarag:yes dad

dadu: look at them how eager they both are to meet their frnds I wish they four not fight at first day

swarag:daduuuuuu glare we will not fight ok

dadu:ok ok

All laughs

scene shift to Kolkata at MM

sanlak comes home

dp: come prince come how’s yr study

laksh(scard): almost good
sanky:awsme bade papa y r u asking

dp:bcz i m proud of u both

laksh(shokd): really u r

dp:yes ofcourse before collage my sons are studying i must b proud of my useless sons who just knw to spoil there fathers money

uttra chukkles

sanlak glares her

laksh: hhuh nowadays no one have value of lucky especially karela types person right sanky

San:yeah laksh I mean lucky look at us brothers just like handsome hunks n heart robe of everybody n look at them(dp n rp) look like karela n bengan jodi n if they see themselves they got attack n both hi-fi

dp n rp glars! while ap n suji n uttu chukles

dp sees ap smiling n says: annu u look sweet while smiling (smile)

laksh: n u look dracula while smiling plz don’t smile

all chukles along with rp

sanky: papa u too after all blood I’d blood na

dp n rp:shut up u useless sonss (angr)

dp phne rings he goes to take the call

while rp is giving lectures to sanlak

rp: u both dnt have shame to talk to eldrs god knws what will happen when me n bhaisa is ur age we work day n night but u both spoil brat always sleeps

intrupt by dp shouts

dp comes down hurriedly: annu chote listen listen

rp:bhaisaa aram say

annu:yes dp what happnd

dp twrils ap n say: I m very happy today finally soon i will get rid of these useless

rp:ooo really bhaisa did they kill someone police are coming

suji shouts: kiiiii…..na maray choray nai karsakty aisa hay bhagwaan yh kia hogya chora tell me did u doo

sanlak are almosy shokd n angry

dp: nooo sujiiiiii shekar called me

hearing shekr name sanlak anger vanishes n huge smiles comes n says guruuu

rp:did shekr bhaisa are coming to take these nalayaks

sanlak glare rp

ap: jii what did sheko say

dp(happy):they are shifting kolkata nxt week along with my faires finally someone is coming to support us


theybhug each other

sanlaks:nooooooo wayy

sanky: now they both sisters will make our live hell no ways

laksh;oooo nooo shona n lado will kill me i broke my promise

rp n dp smirks: now pay for ur deeds n laughs

suji:dnt woryy chora i m with u na

utta:but i m with my bhabhis side

sanlaks eyen widen:bhabhiiiii nooooo

suji:uttu they are frnds nothng more

uttu: maa kal kisne dekha hai n winks

dp n rp: no ways they will nevr marry uselesses

dp:yes n i will never let them my faires marries daffurs

sanlak:not intrstd in ur faires huhh

utta:bhai i said na kal kisne dekha ha n laugjs

sanlak:uttraaaaa u r gone

they start chasing here therwn

after an hour

at sanlaks room

laksh is finding something in cupboard n mess all over the room

sank: luckyy what’s all this

laksh:bhaii I m finding something


laksh:w8 u will knw

laksh: ahan at last I found

sank:what’s this

laksh(shokd): Bhai how can u say this u forgot this is our last frndship day cards

(remember frndship day funny cards)

sank:ooo how can I forget where did u found it

laksh: in cupboard lado ggive it to mee

ssank:yes u remember how much we enjoy that they

voice:uhmm uhmm seems like prvt discussion is going han


sank:how many tyms I said knock the door

uttu:uffu Bhai u r soo boring…..bhaii what’s this (pointing towrda card) y r u hiding this

laksh: nothing non of ur business

uttu(sad pout): woow Bhai woow now ur things is non my buisnes ok I understanding that I m nothing to u both ok i m leaving (drama)

sanlak: chup kr dramebaz we knw u very well

uttu:aaww my bhais knows mee so tell me what’s this

sanku:our last ffrndship day stupid card

uttu: on Mumbai na


uttu: I want to read

after reading trio wre laughing like hell

uttu(laughing: bhaiii these are awsme I want to meet them

laksh:soon u will my sis

scend shift to GM

rags:baba did u call sweetie n tell them.

shek:yes n they all are very happy to knw that

SWA:did they tell what sanlaks says

shek:yes dp scares them withbur names so they both are worried

swarag smiles n says :afterall we r swaragini how can we leave them so easily n smirks

after one week gadodias are leaving for Kolkata swarags meet all hher frnds n Granny’s n grand paa all are sad bcz there ppari are going swarag sadly waves by n leaves now they all reached airport n board the flight after two hours they landed Kolkata

outside Kolkata airport

swaragini are coming with huge smilea n shouts finally reachedddd 🙂

now they all head towards gadodia mansion


GM is beautiful white mansion with big decoratd
ted garden n another side a small outhouse n water fall

all welcms them

kaka: ggive me ur luggage I will shift it to ur rooms

SWA:did u tell.them we reach

shek:not yet have patience

rags:we can’t

shek:go n fresh n up than we ll tell

swarag room are upstairs while shekshomi n dadu dadi room are downstairs all headed to their room n ro rest…..

to b continued

thanks for ur love keep commenting frnds n sorry for boring


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