Swaragini ~ Heal My Wounds (chap 26)

Hiii guyz back with my another chappy 26 still i cant believe this u all r supporting meeee thank u thank u sooooo much guyz for this much support n silent readers alsoo a big teddy hug to all of youuuu!!!  Actually from now onwards i try to not to say thank u too all of u….. Cuz frndship rule no 1 no sorry n no thanks ? but still u all really deserve a thanks ok sorry for enough bak bak lets starts… ?

Episode 26

The episode starts with swarag n sanlak are sleeping on swarag room four are sleeping on one bed… Swarag at the middle of bed n on eo shoulders   n laksh on half of the bed his face is on another bed corner n legs towards swarag n sanky at another corner he is half lying on the bed…. The four are sleeping like kumkarans sun rays disturbed our supercool sanky sleep

San(sleep): maa plz shut it n let me sleep dnt distrb( he turns on another side his legs hit on laksh face)

Lak(sleep): bhaii sone do na( he push sanky legs n turns another side his legs hit swarag)

Swa(sleepy): Lado dnt hit me

Rag(sleepy):shona u dont hit me

Saying this swarag change their position bcz of this sanky who is half lying his head hit with bed n he change his position n bcz of this his legs hit on laksh hard n he fell down of the bed

Lak:aahhhhhhhhh sanskarrr (he screams)

Swaragsan jerk by his voice n get up

San: what happened lucky y r shouting let us sleep na (his eyes are still close n again lies on bed)

Swa:laksh dnt shout we also are sleeping n she also lies

Rag:yesss n she also lies beside swara

Trio again falls asleep

Laksh get up n sees trio sleeping….. Laksh holding his back

Lak:huhhh look how these trio are sleeping disturbing my sleep i m not gonna leave them n takes one step n wince aahhh sanky k bache u r gone (he murmurs)

Swa:laksh shut up dont shout(in sleep she says)

Lak:chipkalii in sleep also saying me to shut my mouth huh n makes faces n goes to washroom n bring a whole bukkettt of waterr with shampoo

Laksh pours water on trio n saysss floood floooood flooooood

San:bacahao bachaoo



Saying these trio get up with a jerk n shoutssss

Trio sees eo n then  trio sees towards laksh who is laughing liking hell

Swaragsan shouts: Laakssshhhhhh u r goneee

Laksh sees them n starts running in whole room atlast sanky hold him n swara brings a bucket of water n rags bring shampoo

Lak:bhaii leave me na

San:leave u really bcz of u we trio get drenched

Swa:n our sleep got disturbed

Rag: n now its ur turn

Rags puts shampoo on him while swara throws waterrr

Lak:aaahhhhh n sees himself drenched

Swaragsan laughs n gives hifi to eo while laksh huffs

Swa:what happened u r laughing na now laugh

Sanky mimics like laksh n makes faces
Lak:shut up u all bcz of u first my beauty sleep got disturbed n u trio are sleeping like kumbkarans huh (complain like a child)

Swaragsan at union:Awwwwwwww

Laksh stamps his foot n starts to leave but falls bcz of slippery floor

Swaragsan again laughs

Swara goes n tries to help him but laksh pull her with full force bcz of which she also fell on him but this tym she beat laksh

Ragsan laughsss seeing them

Swalak got annoyed then swara winks at laksh

Swa:aaahhh lado my leg ahh its hurting(fake cries)

Ragsan stops laughing

Rag(worried): shona r u okayyyyyy…. Swara pulls her n she also fells


Swasanlak laughsss

San laugh: ginu u r sooo dumb really this is there trick to make u fool n giggles he starts to move but also fell on swaraglak

Swaraglak:ahhhhhh sanskaarrrrrr getttt upppppppp

San:aahh OK n he tries to get up but fall on rags who just stand n both falls but sanky protects her by placing his hand on her head

Ashqui instrumental tunes plays

Sanky is top of her

San:ginu r u okay

Rag:yes sansku

She look into his eyes while he smiles

Tune plays

They share a few second eyelock but some giggling sounds brought them to reality n they sees towards swalak who r laughing sitting on
floor they hurriedly moves apart n stands

San: whats soo funny

Swa:nothing n again laughs

Rag:r u both want to go mental asylum

Lak:nop but u both have to go on date



Swa:actually sanskar its for u n shows them picture of ragsan when they fall


San:shona lucky dlt it right now

Lak:y bhai remember u also takes pics of me n shona when she falls now its my turn its tit for tat now swalak laughs n shows ragsan tongue n gets up n swara goes to washroom while laksh to another room

Sanky sees towards rags who is glaring her

San: what???

Rag:bcz of u they click that pictures

San:but i did not do anything (inocent)

Rag:ooo really i knw u very well mr. Shareef now  help me to clean the room nowww (she said glaring him)

Sanky nods like a kid n both cleans room after sometime they both goes to change also

@sheksom room

Ragini comes to sheksom room to give clothes to sanskar….. She is about to kept the clothes on bed when sanskar comes out wearing towel only both shouts looking at eo


Rags closes her eyws with her hands

San:u… u what r u doing here w8 a min r u trying to ommmmggg(he literally shouts) tahts means my dignity is at sake n covers himself

Rag:shut up sansku i just come to give u ur clothes

San: i knw ginu its all ur excuse u want to see me like this cuz i knw i m h*t dashing handsome n u want to see it right( he teases)

Rag:shut upp i m not i interested in u mr. Dreamer

San:ooo really then u r interested on taht tarun right

Rag:yesss i m

San: hawwww really but tahts good only he can handle a jhansi ki rani like u n laughs

Rag:huuhh(she frowns then smirks) sansku can i ask u something

San:yeah u can but plz dnt ask that u want to an autograph

Rags fake laughs n remove her hands from her eyes but still her back was facing she slowly open his  camera

Rag:sansku laksh tell me that in colg there is fat girl who dies on u cuz she thinks u r the most most handsome boy in the world (sanky acts like caresses his collar) n u runs away from her what if many girls see u in this attire they will b die seeing u in this dashing avatar

San: yes but u knw i dont want to take chances of my dignity

Rag:but i can take

San:whattt…. Flaasshhhhh!!!!
Rags clicks his pic

Rag:now u r at risk mr. Handsome n runs

San:ginuuuuuuuu n runs after her

Ragsan are running on stairs…. Sanky is still on towel only…. Swalak who are chatting sees towards sanky n laughs

Rag(running): shona laksh save me from this devil

San(chasing): devilll han swara lucky if u try to protect her then u both are gone

Swalak laughs seeing them n ask what happened

San:lucky she take my picture on towel only n want to show to all girls at colg

Swa:ooo woow ragu thats great u must b thankful to raguu cuz bcz of her many girls will b ur fan

San:u dumb my dignity is at sake n u want me to thanks to this churaill

Rags stop: am i look like u churail


Rag:now ur pic will b seen by whole world n starts running n now swraglak passes phone to eo n our inocent sanky tried to steal it

San: lucky if u did not give me na then u r gone n i will tell kharus about ur all parties

Laksh is about to give it to sanky when swara snatches now swarag runs n sanlak chases
Rag:shone b careful its my phone

Swa:dont worry ragu when shona is here no fair

Lak:tahts is the only fair now give me phone

Swa:nooo never n pull mobiles up in the air laksh tries to snatch it but accidentally swara lip touch laksh cheeks they both become shocked

Rag:shonaa give me

Rags voice bring them to world n she throws phne to rags….. Sanky jumps to catch the phone( now rest u all can imagine ??) but our laksh save his dignity

Swarag closes her eyes

Swarag:we did not see anything

Lak:even me. Bhaiii sanky glares trio n goes to change

@dining table

Swaraglak are laughing very badly bcz of the recent scenario….. Sanky comes wearing black shirt n jeans n sits…… Trio becomes quite sanky glares them for a miniute then again trio chukkles

San: i think u all sees some clown tahts y u r laughing like mad

Swa:nooo we see u not clown

Trio chukkles

San:very funny n sees towards laksh who is chuckling then smirks

San:lucky not bad what a start of a day with morning kiss n smirks

Laksh who is stuffing food chocked

Lak:whhaatt bhaii

San:ooohoo now dont b soo inocent n shona lucky there is a think also name like privacy yar dont show these to world (he said in a serious tune n winks at rags who is looking amused)

Swalak:what are u talking about

San:u both dont knw

They nods no

Sanky turns laksh face which has lipstick mark of swara

Swarag look widen eyes while sanky shows lucky in mobile he shocked

Rags sees towards shone with?? : laksh shona from how many days this are going

Swalak look at eo n stammers

San:yeah lucky even u did not tell me also while ragsan turns their faces in fakes anger

San:ginu let’s leave they dnt consider us as owns

Rag:yes i also thinks the same let’s move both gets up n starts to move

Swalak stands up n tries to explain

Lak:bhai ragu there is nothhnggg likkee thissss accttuuaaalll….. yyyyy

Swa:yyeeahhh…. Actually itttss b.. Yyy aacccidentttt botb stammers

Swalak:plllzzzzz wweeee rrrr ssoorrryyy (they are sweating n about to cry)

Ragsan back facing them

Swalak moves towards them n about to say when ragsan turns n sees their faces n laughsss seeing them

Ragsan:aww look at ur faces

Swalak are still confused then realized theri prank n hit them

Ragsan:sorry sorry (they make a cute face)

Swalak smiles n four share a hug then after having bf four leave for colg


Swarag n sanlak  reached colg they are talking on random things while rags phone beep n she saw a message

Lak:ok now lets move to class

Rag:guyz u all go i’ll just come


Rags smiles n leaves front their

@parking area

Rags come n start seeing here n their suddenly someone taps her shoulder she turns n saw Tarun smiling to her

Rag: y did u call me is anything serious

Tar:not serious its more then serious

Rag:really what happened??

Tar:u wanna knw

She nods…. He smiles n grab her hand n make her sit in the car

Rag: taruunnn whats this

Tar smirks: i m going to kidnap u… If u scream then u knw n comes close to her

Rag raise her eyebrow: is that soo?


Rags hit him with books


Rag:dont act smart now tell me where r we goinggggg

Tar:coffee remeber

Rag: r u mad my class is going but b4 she could say further he drove his car

Rag:tarun stop the car i cant bunk my class shona laksh sansku is w8ing for me they will b worried

Tar:ooo just this litt prblm i will sort out n takes out his mobile n sends swara msg

Rag:u will not listen na (annoy)

Tar:neverrrr n smirk

Rag:urghhh she frowns

@colg class

Sanky is continuously w8ing for rags n ask swara also but she also dnt knwz

Swa:where did this ragu gone w8 i will text her n takes out her phone n frownz

Sanlak:what happened??

Swa:Tarun msg me that he n ragu are gone out for a coffee she Will come in nxt class

San:what but y n she did not even tell me also
Lak:how can she go with that tarun she should even inform us

Swara looked at them amused

Swa: what happened to u guyz suddenly if she has gone out then let her b na

San: shonaaas u…. B4 he could say further laksh hold his hand

Lak:uffu shona he is jealous thats y n winks n sign through his eyes to sanky

Swa look at them doubt

Swa: thats means u r also jealous han

Lak:y should i

Swa:cuz after sanky its u who say y did she not inform u

San:righttt but what gini do is not right i m not gonna talk to her huh n goes out

Swa laughs n follows him

Lak looks on

Lak pov:

Should i tell to shona how is he i m suree she will understand n make ragu understand too but what if tarun says about challenge what if she comes to knw n broke our friendship no lucky u cant loose her i cant take chance of it… I should handle that tarun in my style me n bhai will make something n show them his real face but first i have to think that ragini is safe with him or not i have to find out whats he is upto y he is this much interest in ragini

Pov end n he walks out of class


Tarag reach at cafe n tarun pulls chair in a gentleman style n make ragini sit then he said opposite to him

Tarun orders coffee to them

Rag:tarun i m having doubt on u

Tar:doubt on me what kind of doubt do u havee he said smiling

Rag:yhii that u r trying ur chance on me

Tar:hmmmm u knw what i m also thinking the same so tell me do u give me chance orrrrrr

Rag: nottt i m not giving any chances better luck nxt tym mr. Single she said sipping the coffee

Tarun made a sad puppy face n says: yrrr ragu thats not fair u should give me one

Rags laughs : u knw what u r looking like sanky in that face so cute

Tarun fits his clench but fakes smile n says: well thanks for saying me cutee but u knw its has a secret he said coming closer to her n whispers

Rag in exited child tune:really tell na

Tar: u knw when i see someone overloaded with cutness then me myself become cute n winks

Rags blushes: is that a compliment on my cuteness or u r trying to flirt

Tar raising his eyebrow:what do u think

Rag:emmmm i think u r trying to flirt

Tar:dont u think u think to much


Tar:yeah cuz u think. Correct

Rag: oooo the she realize n beats him

Tar:ok ok dnt beat me n tell what kind of life partner u want

Rag:emmn just like… Emmmm yes just like sansku(she widely smiles imagining him) he should b funny like him… He should b caring like him…. He should b angry like him….. He should b crazy like him…… He should b smart like him as inocent just like a sweet child or mature also who have all qualitiesss… (She said this while remembring their movement n smiles unknowingly)

Tarun sees her in anger but controls n laughs which make her come out her dreamworld n realize what she said

Tar: emmmm tahts means u r interesting in sanskar han not bad n winks

Rag:no no nothing like that i just said cuz he is my bestest frnd n also have some good qualities that’s it n sees time

Rag:oooo sh*t we r getting late let’s go n about to go when tarun holds her hand tightly in anger she feel extremely uncomfortable

Tar: u r not going anywhere
Rag:tarun leave my hand evryone is watching us plzz she said in cracking voice

Tar fake smiles n leaves her hand : sorry actually i was saying that i m also coming with u let’s go

Rags nods n they leave


Swasanlak are sitting on canteen where swara is continuing blabbering about her dresses n our sanlak are continuously w8ing for ragini

Swa:i m thinking that me n rags go shopping tomrw wanna u both join

San(annoy): say it clearly u want us to picks ur bags huh lucky as ur so called shona to shut her mouth from past 30 mins she is talking about girls dresses stuff only n we r boys if u want check also but plzzzzz(fold his hand) stop blabbering like lucky huhh

Swa makes an annoy child face: hawws sanskar u r such a egoistic person ragu says correct n i knw u r boys but sometimes u both brothers actually look likes a girl remeber lakshika n u also only wants girl gathering remeber huh n atleast i talk less then u both…. Useless brothers

San:urrghhh i dont knw how lucky will handle u i m really feeling bad n pats laksh sholder who smiles

Swasan look at him amused

Swa:laksh u r smiling u r such a monkey thats means u both think me mental right

San:nooo actually u r we not think n laksh only says u mental

Swara glares at laksh who is smiling

Swa:what the hell r u mad u r smiling laksh u said me mental i will kill u n about to hit when rags come

Rag:hiiii guyzzz

Swasanlak look at her….. Tarun also comes n greet them n goes smirking to sanlak…. Swara smiles while sanlak glared

Rags smiles n about to sit when sanky goes annoyed

Rag:what happened to him

Swa:u did not tell him while going so he is angry on u

Rag:seriously(she ask widen his eyes)


Rag: ok I’ll go n talk to him n laksh papa called n says to tell u n sanky to his office

Laksh smiles

Rag shakes him: r u listening

Lak:emmm.. Yeah vo…

Swa glared:what yeah emmmm vo say something

Laksh smiles widely n takes out cotton from his ears which he kept to save himself from swara blabbering swarag looked at him shocked

Rag:what was that laksh

Lak smiles: actually ur sister is continuously talking sooooo

Rags giggles: tahts mean u meant to say she blabbers

Swara glare n says: u unlucky monkey donkey how can u think like that…. I talks very less infront of u who always ready to argue on small small things n how dare u to put cottons while i was talking n how can u say taht i m mental to sanky u knw u r dumbooo stupid huh…..
Lak:tahts y i m not saying anything bcz u start ur lectures which is not worth for hearing feeling pity for sanky for last 30 mins he has to tolerate uuu….. Ms. Express

Rag:guyz u carry on i m going to sansku n goes giggling


Sanskar is sitting on wall hanging his legs on both sides n seeing here n there searching something

Voice:waiting for someone

Sanky nods

Voice: minee

San:nooo n turns n sees rags smiling widely n has pastries in her hand

San:who r u may i knw u

Rags comes n sits infront of him on wall

Rag:u dont knw mee

Sanky nods no


Sanky again nods yes


Sanky nods yes

Rag:will u never talk to me again

Sanky first nod no n then yes

Rag:yeahhhhhh i can eat pastries ice-creams pharatha gulab jamun yumm all alone n i dont need to leave ur share

San:huhh u cares for food not me

Rag:but u r the one who is not talking to me without my mistake what can i do in that

San turns his face to hers

San: do u really think its not ur mistake atleast u should tell anyone of us while going n u did not text that tarun text us n tells about urs u can take swara with u not to go alone with him

Rag:sanskar i m not a kidd yrr n i knw i did not inform cuz i also dnt knw he text me n he says he needs help come to parking area then he make me sit n drove off n text shona also

San:great n u did not stop him also what if something happens

Rag:sansku he is my frnd not a stranger i dnt understand y dont u like him atleast u n laksh can try to understand him also may b he is change

San:raginii(she look at him cuz he never call him ragini) there is a reason for everything n i knw u r not a kid but u have a heart like a kid…remember one thing me n lucky always wants ur happiness n protection ok (he hold his hand)

Ragini look at him worried that may b he is correct sanky notice her sudden change n try to lite up mood

San:u knw there is one more thing in u

Rag:what she asked low

San:taht u r dumboooo n laughs

Rag glare: u call me dumboo first see urself idiot monkey

San:what did i do now(he ask pouting)

Rag:who become angry few mins ago like a idiot monkey huuh

San:oooo yess i remeber i m angry now i m angry dont talk to me n he turns his face to another side

Rag:ok i m not talking with u i m eating this yummmy choclate pastries n will not give u single bite n turns another side

Sanky sees her from corner of his eyes….. She is about to eat when sanky says

San:pakka ginu u will eat alone(he said in a cute voice)

Rags giggle seeing his face n says:no one can say no to u in this look

Sanky smiles widely n points towards her hand

Rags smiles n feed him paistries n he also feed her she smiles they eat like this sanky face is mess up with chclate rags laughs

San: why r u laughing

Rag: u knw u r still like a kid n pulls his cheeks

San smiles: n u knw what u r still like a bhenjiiii

Rag:thnkkkssss…. Then realize n chase him

Tarun watches this n fits

After sometime swarag n sanlak are shown talking n laughing when sanky notice tarun n excuses

Sanky goes n taps tarun shoulder he turns n give sanky a glare

San smirks: what happen angry seeing ragini happy with us

Tar:look sanskar go away i m not intrested in talking with u right now get lost

San laugh: angry han not bad tarun did some girl slap u or say no

Tarun point his index finger sanky also does the same

San:look tarun i dont knw what u want knw from us remeber one thing clearly stay away from ragini n swara if u tried to do anything with them especially ragini then i swear i will break u into pieces n yeah if u think she is alone n weak types then always remeber me n Laksh we will always support her n never ever let u come near her remeber ( he said in aggressiveness n pointing finger)

Tarun laugh seeing his face

Tar: cute sweet funny sansku act like a angry young men not bad han….. N waht did u say u n laksh will always support him n protect her then i will challenge u in this one week i will make ragini mine forever n u n taht laksh both will b seen just standing n crying this is tarun singhanias promise to u starts whistling his tune n smirks going

San: do whatever u can i will never ever let u win neverrr he said n goes

After classes the four goes to their home

To b continued…..

Precap:just thinking for a action n realization also

Sorry sorry for late guyz i knw u all want me too b regular but plz bear me for a month then i will b regular soory n thanks for supporting always n sorry for this super bor chappy i write it in hurry i just hope u all like it take care n keep smiling n yes soon coming with one more ff of raglak n swasan nxt update story starts with a game support me on taht also ??love u


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