Swaragini ~ Heal My Wounds (chap 25) masti special

Hi guyz i m back…… Thank u soo much for ur love n support n thnkx to silent readers also lov u all n plz keep supporting me… Thnk u sooo much finally 25 yuppieeee….. Lets start

Episode 25

The episode start with sanlak n swarag in canteen are chit chatting about engangment party n planning for a night

Pur:did sun rise from west

Bul:may b see they four are chitt chatting without their silly fights

San:huh no one wants us in peace… He said annoy like a child

All laughs

Rag:awww shoo cute sanku day by day u r become cute like a kid

San:ooo plzzz dnt say me cute.. U can say me handsome dashing hot se*y sizzling talented….. he said counting in his finger tips (intrpt by rag)

Rag: sanku i cant lie u r cute n in these so much qualities u dont have any one of them( she said in serious tone)

Sanky mouth shape an “O” : how mean u r devil at night i said u beautiful but u cant say me handsome dashing (he said complaing like a child)

Swalak n purul at union: beautiful (they tease)

Rags eyed sanky

San:yes beautiful i said her beautiful thought to practice how to flirt with a girl u knw i did nt lie in my life but bcz of her i lied to her that she looks like beautiful huhh ?

Rag:hawww how mean u are what do u mean by that n what did u just say u did not lie in ur whole life ooo plz u r not a sati savitri bahu who always says truth n about ur truthness that i also knw very well she eyed him n warned him n goes from their huffing ??

All laughs at her cute fight

San: oye listen i have a answer to he shout from his chair

Rag:i dnt have time u useless she said loud n bump into someone ( ofcourse devil tarun)

Tar:hiii ragu whats soo hurry

Rag:nothing (she said in annoyd)

Sanky sees tarun n sees towards laksh who is giving him killing glares for fighting with ragini

Sanky fakes smiles n makes a pleading face

Swa:ohhh tarun w8 guyz i”ll b back

Lak:shoona.. Sh b4 he complt swara left n he sees towrds sanky

Pur:guyz y they go to meet that tarun

Lak:bcz he is now their cool frnd laksh answer annoyed


Bul: u knw na what kind of creature he is go n stop them

San:stubborn sisters did not listen to we bechary brothers…. (Inocent)

Lak: shut up bahi if u did not fight with ragu na then she will not go n bump into tarun then shona also will not see him n goes to talk him… He huffs


Laksh eyed them

At swaragtar

Tar:y r annoyed

Rag:dont ask

Swa: sanky n she have a fight tahts y n says hi to him

Tar:ohh then leave him na y r upseting ur mood

Rag:yes u r right y should i bothered

Swa:actually tarun where did u go last night we found u after dance but u r no where

Tar:yeah actually i have to go for some work urgently tahts y

Swa:ohh its alright we thought taht u felt lonely tahts y u left

Tar:dnt worry about my lonliness soon it will b filled by someone… He sees towrds rag


Rag:tahts means u r not single anymore (smiling brightly)

Tar:hey dnt get soo exited i m just kidding n chuckle

Swa:ooooh n chukkles

Tar:actually if u both dnt mind can u both come for a coffee with me

Rag raising her eyebrow: are u trying ur luck on we both sisters

Tar:not u both but only u he said smirking teasingly

Swara laughs while rags widen her eyes n beat him playfully

Tar:ooo plzz mam dnt beat me tell me u both are coming right

(Yes its our sanlak only)

Tar: did u both changed ur genders(he asked in serious)


Tar:then y r answering i m asking them u tell

Swa:not to… Intrpt

Rag:yesss she said smiling towards tarun

Tar:thats great he smile

San:what great they are not coming (annoy)

Rag: n who said u this she shot

San:mee bcz we r already planned for out if u remember

Rag:really i dnt remeber when we

Lak:actually ragu now we decided

Swa:but laksh

San:ooo plz now we four are going n thats final n tarun they will go with u some other day

Rag:noo if tarun u r free u can come with us i also had been a cool company with u while some people dnt knw anything with out fighting she glared at sanky

Sanky is shotting draggers towards her

Swa:yeah u can join us it will b fun

Sanlak are giving glares to swarag

Sanky whispers a quick “sorry” to rags ear which fumes tarun

Tar:ye…. B4 tarun can answer

San: but girls he can not come with us cuz he himself told me few tym ago that he has to go somewhere for work remember tarun he smirks

Tar galres n fakes smiles: yes i said but now i have changed my mind n if u remeber then me n Laksh are going for that work together right laksh

Swarag: which work

Tar:may i tell them. Laksh n winks

Lak:no thanks its personal guyz n about work u r my good frnd right plz u handle we will surely plan a get together with u too n patted his shoulders

Tarun smiles: sorry shona n ragu laksh is right we will plan someother day

Swa:it would b fun if u come

Rag:yess (sadly)

Tar:dnt wrry soon we Will go

San:it would b good if u come he mimics sadly

Tar:guyz gotta go bye c u n leaves smiling

Sanlak pov: he is surely upto something otherwise he will never convince easily we have to b careful

Pov ends

Swa: y i m getting feeling u both are hiding something from us laksh n sanky (she asked suspicious)

Rag:they are jealous tahts it

Lak:dont dream too much ms detective n ms fire he pinch swarag nose

Sanky laughs n says: Ginu i was

Rag: dont call me taht (Angry)

He stop smiling n makes a puppy face

San: yrrrr i m soory na ginu i was just kidding he said following ragini who is going avoiding him

Swalak laughs at their antics

Lak:i think our soul is transfer into them they mostly fought these days

Swa:yes but u never say sorry to me

Lak: what oo hello mam i always first apologize to u then u say sorry

Swa:che che dont lie laksh its me who says sorry

Lak:u girls never admitted anything(annoy)

Swa: ooo really if u boys always admitted right?? ?

Lak:yes we bcuz we are kind hearted

Swa:ooo really u meant to say that we girls are cruel right

Lak:yess n sees towards swara who is ready to kill him n says no i mean

Swa: i knw very well what u mean n what not u r the selfish person i have ever met n stamp his foot n leave huffing

Lak:ahhhh shona n winced holding his leg

Lak: what if she goes to taht tarun no no lucky u cant take chance say sorry to her….. y always me n goes to find her……


Sanky:sorry ginu yr i was just kidding u r really beautiful
Rags stop n turns: ur panthera did not work on me this tym mr. Maheshwari

San: mr. Maheshwari sounds old ginu calll me sanky or SR or any name u want he blabbers n sees towards rags who has both their hands on her waist n eyeing him

San:yr dont look me like that u knw na i was like taht only plz plz forgive meeee (he sweetly says)

Rag:ok but on 1 condition

San smiles: ok done

Rag:pakka soch lo

San:yes yes pakka

Rag:ok first agree that i m most intelligent most beautiful most sweet most inocent most cute n top of the girl (she says counting in her tip while sanky eyes poped out ?)

San: u r out of the world ginu he sarcastically

Rag smiles: really

San:yesss ofcourse yeh b koi kehne ki bat hay n murmurs alien n makes face

Rag:did u say anything

San:no i mean yes did u forgive me

Rag:Emm let me think

San:what ginu yr now i also agree that u r ali…. I mean out of the world n u r still angry

Rag:what did u mean by ali….

San:ohooo forget this now i m angry huh u r not forgiving me( drama)

Rag:pakka. U r na

San:yesss he folds his hand

Rag:thank god i m going now

San holds her hand: u r too muxh devil here i m acting n u r going not fair

Rag laughs seeing his expression n says : ooo my budhuu ram how can i b angry on u soo long u r soo cute afterall

San eyed: ginuuu

Rag:ok ok not cute but dashing handsome adorable bla bla bla happy

San:yesss alot n smiles widely

Rag: look for make u happy i have to lied also (she makes a cute pout sad face)

San:whattt n eyed her … She does the same…. both see eo n burst into laughing

The pair of eyes whatchs this n burns in jealousy


Lak:shona shona shona shona listen n holds her hand

Swa turns n says:whatttt(serious expression)

Laksh smiles n says: soorry by holding his botb ears

Swa smiles but hide: not so soon mr unlucky maheshwari

Lak:soo what can i do for ur forgivness

Swa:sooo simple first agree taht u r a coward dumb stupid monkey n then scnd


Swa smiles:yesss

Lak:whats scnd one (he sadly)

Swa:first say first one ok

Lak: kk i m dumbo, i m silly, i m coward , i m unlucky monkey, i m stupid (he sadly says)

Swa:great n at night u r going to pay for me n ragu tooo


Swa:yes n we will eat what we want

Lak: ok u bhukkars sisters

Swa smiles:ahaann mr laksh correction its group of bhuksrs n we all are inspired by u after all

Lak:is taht a joke

Swa:nooo n chukkles n says look how serious i m about it( n maks a serious face)

Lak:u r impossible

Swa:i knw both chukkles

Same person watches it n smriks

They four had some quality tym with eo n left to their homes

Scene shift

Tarun is seen sitting on a rocking chair n whistling his tune(same as eht) n sees towards ragini photo of adri engangment which he took of her while dancing

Tarun:ragini y r u sooo beautiful…. The first u fell on me i totally get lost in ur angelic face on that moment i thought to make u mine but laksh comes n drag u i want to shot him thay moment but when i laksh along with u approaching towards me for showing my reality i turn the play n make u feel like i m good heart person n then after meeting ur sister i realized taht for making u mine i have convince her but again that laksh came along with his. Over smart brother sanskar…. How dare he to touch u n make u smile only i have that right n sooon these brothers will payy n u my jaan will b mine forever just 1 more week have Patience n caresees ragini photo n smirks n takes out photo of swalak along with ragsan n tore it

Scene shift


Swarag: whatt???

Shek:sorry shona lado ur duggu uncle just call me right now n for long time maa baba also want to go to that temple n now as adarsh marriage is fixed so we all have to go n do puja sooryyy

Swa:tahts not fair baba here me n lado n that two monkeys brother plan a get together but now u all are going leaving us alone behind n makes a sad face

Shek:ohoo my shona n raguu who says u r alone n champs will also stay with u here at GM for night n we all will come by tmrw evening soo what u all have planned u can enjoy here na n about ur food kaka is here na

Rag:but baba for one whole night we have to tolerate them na tahts the problem


Rag:ok ok sorry

Shek: ok now shall i leave my princess

Swarag sadly:yesss u can

Shek: n yess dont distrb champs ok

Swarag:ok baba

All bid bye to swarag n leavess for yatra

When they all goes vanishes swarag shoutss


Rag:one whole day alone shona soo. Much fun

Swa:yeah lado even i cant w8…. We r free they hug eo in exitment

Rag:but shona whats plan??

Swa:yes we will watch movie n eat coldrink pizza burger ice creammm.. N

Rag:oye tube light not this about those brothers what will we do with them


Rag:means how can we live without irritating them

Swa looks at rag who is smiling naughtily: ragu what did u thoughtt

Rags smiles n tells something muted

Swa widely smiles n says: not bad ragu mata u have brain too

Rag:shut up shona

Due laughs

Scene shift



San:urghh lucky dnt shout i m here only

Lak:bhai one whole day without kharus it will b fun

San:noo ways bcz u forget kharus ki chamchia is also present n we have to stay with them

Lak:yeah but what can will they do n afterall after so much tym we four have a night soo surely we will enjoy

San:yeah but God gives us strength to tolerate them

Lak:sooo true n both chukkles

At night

Sanlak comes to GM n rings the bell……… Swara opens the door n welcomes them

At Hall

Ragini is relaxing on her sofa

Rag:ohh finally prince arrive

Swa:where were u both we both are dying bcz of hunger(she goes n relax to)now plz u both go n bring n serve dinner we will just come after fresh n up

Sanlak: whatt???

Lak:are u mad y should we go n serve u both go n bring n serve us we r guest here n drag sanky n relaxes

Swa:laksh u r forgetting something


Swa:u said me u will buy our expense but we did not go out now u will go n serve dinner aftrr that u will make popcorn too n sanky if u want u can help him too n winks at them

San:no way i m tired lucky go n do… Its ur matter u said to shona not me

Lak:but bhai i said to buy their expense not to work

Rag:ufuu laksh we r not going out na soo u instead of buying u do serving now go fast we r very hungryyy

Lak: butt

Swaragsan: goooo

Laksh sadly nods n goes trio laughs

Trio sits down on dinning… Laksh comes with dinner n sits

Rag:laksh if u sit then who will serve us

Lak eyed her: u all have 2 2 hands i guess u all can serve by urself  n serves himself n starts eating trio look at him

Rag: i cant w8 more n Serve herself too n starts eating n swasan too

San:ewww lucky what did u make… Did someone put this much salt

Lak:broo i think u r forgetting i did not make food i just serve it dnt b soo smart

Swa:lier we serve by ourselves

Lak:really then who bring food obvio mee thats y u all r eating

Rag(stuffing food inside): plz concentrate on ur eating n let me  also concentrate (gulping food)

Swasanlak: bhukkar

Rags: urghhh she frowns

After some chit chat they finish their dinner n goes to fresh up

…….. Four come out wearing night suites(rags wear white salwar n red simple kameez,  swara wears yellow pajama n tee n sanky wears a white pajama n red shirt n laksh grey shirt n pajama)

San:what r u doing

Rag:deciding which movie should we watch

Swa:laksh u go n bring drinks n chips

Lak:shona now u go

Swa: i said u to bring only not to make it

Laksh frowns n goes n comes after bring n sees trio fighting for movie

Swa:no we will watch horror

San:no we will watch action movie

Rag:noo horror

Lak:guyz whats going on

Rag:laksh says ur brother that we will watch horror movie not action

San:noo lucky we will watch action n we did not want to c u both witches in movie

Swarag:what n throws cushion at him

Lak:guyzzz stop…. …. We will watch only romantic movie ok



San:yes now we will watch romantic… No horror.. No action…. N i can also gets some tips for romace also

Rag:uuhhh….. If u both is with u ur gf then surely u can watxh but now u r with us sooo romance n romantic film nooo chance now be a gud boy n watch horror





Sanlak:no no no

Rag:yes yes yes




Swa:gud boysss n hifi to rags

San:oye tahts cheating

Rag:ooo plz from cheaters mouth word cheaters did not suit

Trio chukkles

Lak:true ragu

San:lucky i will see u later

Swa:ok guyz sit down i will play

Swara goes n turn off the light only one red light is on swarag sits on opposite sofa while sanlak on one n holds their hands

Lak:shona y did u turn off light

San:n yess y did u on this red one

Swarag smirks

Rag:ohoo guyz it will b fun watching horror in li8 off n now watch
(Guyz imagine any horror film)

Swarag are sooo immersed in the film that theu forget their surrounding rags is slowly drinking the drink n swara is eating chips her mouth is open n chips is near her lips n she sit in this style only……. Sanlak are watching holding eo hands tightly n eating slowly…. N sees towards swarag who forget everyone…..

Laksh in slow voice: swara…. Swara

San:lucky see them yr they forgot us that we r also here…..

Rag:sshhhhhh dont make noise

San:look how is she watching herself churaillllll n makes faces

Sanlak sofa is next swara so laksh snatch her chips n eats but swara did not move a littl

Lak:bhai i think something happend with shona look i eat her chips but still she is in that position only

San:yes n look at that churail too she is also sitting like taht

Rag:guyz watch this its interesting

Swarag n sanlak sees towards tv now sanlak is watchinggg deeply suddenly the bhoot(ghost) appears infront of them

Sanlak:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh save save bhooot bhooot bachaooooooo n both stands On sofa n starts jumping holding eo hands

Here there screams swarag also starts shouting swara goes n turn on the light while rags close her eyes

Sanlak are still shouting n jumping with eyes close n holding hands…. Swara goes n taps rags shoulder

Rag:ahhh bhoot(ghost)

Swa:ragu its me see them n swarag sees towards sanlak n control their laugh swara makes their video like that n swarag starts laughing

Sanlak who r shouting here laughter sounds open their eyes n sees swarag sitting on sofa laughing

Sanlak comes down from sofa…. They are sweating very badly

San:vo… Voo….

Lak: u…. U both sh.. Utt… U… P stoppp laughing…..

Swarag stops laughing n sees towards their faces n again starts laughing

Rag(laughing): i dont knw taht u both still a coward

San: we… R.. R noot… Co.. Ward… Ok

Lak:yes.. s itsss juss.. St

Swa:ooo really its just what look at u both still holding eo hands like some ghost ? will come n laughs

Sanlak left eo hands n stammers

San:shut up … u bothhhhh..

Lak:yes its nothi…ngg like th.. at

Rag:ooo really then whats this n shows the video which they made

Sanlak looks down

Swa:lado u r right they still scared of watching horror films n winks

Rag:i knww n give hi5 to swara

Sanlak look up n eyed them angry

San:thats meanss its ur both plan

Lak:of scaring us

Swarag laughs: yess

San:lucky u thinking the same which i was thinking

Lak:yess bhai

Swarag look confused sanlak smiles



Swarag:runnn n they both runs.. Sanlak chases them with drinks in their hands

Rag:shona bachao

Swa:pehle mujhe to bachne do(first let me got save)

San:u both are gone now

Lak: n nobody will save u

The four are still running in whole house

Swara runs to terrace while rags to room


Rags hide behind curtain n takes a sigh of relief

After some time she peeps out to see is he is there or not n sees no one n starts to go SPLasshhhhh sanky throws drink on her

Rags:sanskarrrrr n about to beat him when he twist her hand n turns her now her back was facing his front

San whispers her ear: not soo soon ms. Planner

Rags shiver with his voice

Rag:sa…. nsku leave m..eee

San:if i will not then

Rag:plzzz n tries to go but he holds her scnd hand n one hand is on her waist she close her eyes feeling him so near

San:dont try to go ( he whispers) n will u do it again

Rag:so.. RRYYY sansku n i will not

San:what did u say

Rag:sorryyy now leave me

San:say again i did not hear

Rag:sorry sanky leave me its hurting

San loose his grip: first say u will never irritate me

Rags turns n push him : i will never live u in peace mr. Maheshwari

San smiles: u r gone ms gadodia n runs


Swara is hiding in terrace

Swara peeps out n sees no one: shona go n hide somewhere else otherwise that monkey will not leave u soo easily… GOD save me from taht monkey plz

She hurriedly starts going but someone hold her hand

Swa curse her for coming n murmurs.” U r gone shona”

Lak:what so hurry to go


Lak:yess mee did u expected someone else

Swa:no no vooo

Lak:what no vo n starts coming closer

Swa:nothingg n starts moving backward

She hit with a wall n about to go when laksh blocks her way with his hand

Lak:no so soon

Swa:laksh let me goo n tries to run

Laksh comes more closer she feel his hot breath on hers…. She close her eyes


Lak whispers in her ears: shonaa

She slowly opens her eyes n look at eo

Splaasshhhhhhhhhhh laksh throws drinks on her face toooo

Swa:laksshhhhhhhhhh n runs

At hall

Four are again running at eo after sometime all get tired n sits on sofa n burst into laughter

Sanky sees towards rags who is laughing n takes out rubber cockroach n throws at her

Rags who is laughing sees cockroach n starts shouting: aaahhhhh cockroach cockroach save me sve me ahhh n starts jumping n screaming with close eyes

Hearing cockroach laksh stands n goes towards ragss n starts screaming n shouting n jumping like her

Lak:cockroach bahiii save me plzzzxzxz …. Cockroach

Seeing both raglak jumping in fear both swasan starts laughing at their antics…. Swara sees towards cockroach n picks it up

Swa control her laugh: guyz lado laksh stoppppp shoutingg its fake cockroach see open yr eyes

Raglak stop hearing “fake”

Rag:pakka it is fake (cute)

Swa:han see n shows it to laksh who starts scream

Lak:ahhh keep him away u devil

Swarag laughs seeing laksh

Swa laughs: i don’t taht laksh maheshwari great scared of cockroach tooo

Lak:no way i m nor scared

Swa:ooo really n again keep cockroach infront of him n he again shouts

Lak: swaraaa devilll i m gonna kill u

Rag:who throws it on me while laughing

Swalak points towards sanskar who is still laughingggg holding his stomach

Raglak: sansskarrrrrr

Hearing his name he sees towards raglak who are giving glares to him


Swaraglak picks up cushion n starts throwing at him

San:ahh, ehhh, ooh guyz stop ehhh(rags throws cushion on his face)

Soon all starts fighting with cushions n starts throwing at eoo

Swa:watch out lado


San: i will not leave u all n starts throwing

Lak:swara u r laughing na u r gone

San: u will not lwt me live in peace na

Swarag:never ever

N four throws at eo n when they got tired they goes to fresh n up n after that all goes to swarag rooms n talks for sometime n dozed off talking ?

To b continued…..

Precap: tarag at coffee

Guyz i knw u all wnt some ragsan romance not fight but frnds their love story will not start yet n sanky is just jealous of tarun as a frnd only… Swalak love story is on the way n about ragsan soon it will start but with whom its a twist so stay tuned. N i hope guyz u will enjoy today chappy do comnts guyz n tc keep smiling


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