Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 8)


Hi friends. Thanks friends. And I don’t want avinash sachdev to play the role of karan. So i i introduce karan as ( neil in kumkum bhagya) please sorry for the change.

The story starts with,

Next day.
In swaragini mansion :

Swaragini get ready and come to the hall waiting for Karan. Laksh also came from his room. He also get ready because Swara told him about shopping and ask him to come.
Swara : Di where is this Karan. We are getting late.
Karan : I’m hear Swara. Shall we move.
They went for a mall. They go to ladies section to select dress first for swaragini. Swara takes laksh with her so that Karan and ragini can have sometime. Laksh tries to go but Swara stops him. Laksh thinks I cannot supposed to live ragini alone. Suddenly something flash in his mind. He smiles. He think to himself how can you forgot that. Now no problem.

At Karan and rags side :

Karan is showing some sarees to her. But ragini is thinking something. At last they select sarees now karan goes to short dress section. He select some. But ragini doesn’t like it because it is too short. Karan ask ragini to try this and show him. Ragini tries to tell but Karan ask her to go. Ragini goes to changing room. One man tells karan that someone is calling. He goes. Someone knocks the door. Ragini thinks that is Karan and opens the door. She turns back. The person locks the door. He touches ragini hip. She tells him thinking him to be karan and says don’t think something. I don’t love you. I just marry you for Swara wish. She turns and shocked to see sanskaar. She tries to speak but sanskaar hold her waist tightly.
Sanskaar : So you love me. Right baby.
Ragini : Who said. I don’t love you. She tries hard to move but asusual cannot.
Sanskaar : You only told now you don’t love him. It means you live me .
Ragini : No. When she tries to speak he kisses her lips hardly. She tries to push him but can’t.
After sometime he leaves her.
Sanskaar : He ask her to wear the this type of dress in front of him only. I only have the right to see. OK. She gets angry. She tells him not even try to do this again.
Sanskaar : Tomorrow is holi right. I will apply colours first to you. If I win you have to give me a kiss. OK.
Ragini : No
Sanskaar : Afraid to lose ah
Ragini : Not even in my dreams we will see.
She tries to move but he block her way. He makes her more angry.
Ragini : Now what are doing.
Sanskaar : do you want to go in this dress out. Change and go
Ragini : how can I change you go out.
Sanskaar: I don’t have any objection you can change in front of me. He smiles mischievously.
Ragini : She shouts sanskaar
He goes.

At swalak side :

Laksh : Swara take this. It will suit you. He handed a red saree with gold works. She goes to change.
She ask laksh to come in. He goes inside the room. He was stunned to see her. She is looking hot as well as beautiful. She ask how it is. He slowly move towards her. She steps back finally she hit the back mirror. She breayys heavily. He makes her turn back and ties the knot. He says in her ears you are looking hot in this. He kisses her on her shoulder. She shivers. He goes out. She thinks when he comes near me I don’t tell anything when he kiss my shoulder I don’t shout at him why? Am I love him. No first I have to think about di. She comes out she sees karan and thinks if he is here where is di. I have to check whether di is fine or not.

Swara sees ragini and her tensed face and ask if everything is fine or not. Laksh also thinks bhai I know you did something. An he smiles. Ragini says everything but not the kiss.
Swara : Di don’t worry I will make security for us. No one can enter our house. We will see how he will come. Sanskaar was there talking with the owner of that mall. While speaking he sees ragini and smiles where ragini was irritated. Karan comes there he holds ragini . Swara shouts at him for leaving ragini she says whatever happens. Karan ask sorry and says someone come to me and tells that someone is waiting for me. When I go there no one is there. Swara : Who is that
Ragini : I know who is that and sees sanskaar.
Karan : I won’t leave him. He was about to go but ragini stops him by holding hands. Seeing this sanskaar became angry.

Suddenly so many people started shooting sanskaar shoots them. By seeing this everyone starts running. Because of this Karan from their by holding a girl hand thinking she is ragini. They try to shoot ragini but laksh shoots them. By shooting his bullet was over. He was fighting whole two men come and hold swaragini. Laksh sees this and hit the men who was holding Swara. While the other men holding ragini by neck was shooter three times ( because he holds ragini by neck ). Laksh can’t protect swaragini seeing this sanskaar ask swalak to he will come with ragini. Swara first didn’t accept but later she accepts but on one condition that sanskaar should not marry ragini taking this as chance. Sanskaar said ok meri saali now please go. Swalak runs from their. After sometime sanskaar bullet was also over. He will fight but now ragini is important so he holds her hand and runs from their

At swalak side.

They were running. And enters into the dress shop which they came before and hides in the changing room. The owner closes the shop because of this fight and unknowingly that swalak was inside . They were hugging each other. She thinks the owner as goons and becomes afraid. Laksh knows this and hug her tightly indicating that he was there.

At ragsan side.

They first go to the baby shop and hides behind the pillar they were so close. Sanskaar smiles seeing ragini who is now hiding her face in his chest. The goons came near them. Sanskaar thinks seeing something. He again hold ragini hands and runs in front of them. They see ragsan and started chasing them. Sanskaar takes baby oil and started pouring all oil. They run near to the enterence the goons who was following them steps on the oil and falls down. Soon ragsan closes the door and shatter and runs. They at last enter into the super market when the security guard was to close turns another side to take lock in nick if the time ragsan enters into the shop. The security guard closes the shop. He goes from there and still ragsan was holding their hands.

At karan side.

He was still running. At last stops and says that Ragini No Fear when karan is here saying this he turns to kiss her but was shocked to see girl. She ask who is ragini oh you already booked someone ah it’s ok but you have to give me extra charges ok. She was about to come near him but he runs away.

The story ends with the shocked face of karan and hugging face of swalak and ragsan who was holding each other hands.

Guys now you know why I changedthe karan character. Bye. But please comment whether it is good or not. And sorry for not updating yesterday.

Credit to: unknown person

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