Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 7)

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The story starts with,

In swaragini office :

Swara : What a surprise. I’m very happy to see you lucky.
Yes guys it is laksh.
Laksh : How are you shona.
Swara : Fine laksh. You come at right time only. After 10 days my sister marriage was going to be conducted.
Laksh : You have sister ah. You don’t even tell me this. I’m angry on you. We friends from college in London. Then why don’t you tell me this.
Swara : Sorry baba. You know what and says everything about ragini and sanskaar.
Laksh : OK. I forgive you now. They talk for 4 hours. Then laksh says that he have to go to hotel.
Swara : Why hotel laksh. Come with me and stay at my house till want. Don’t tell anyone about this my marriage. ok.
Laksh : ok. Swara I don’t tell anyone but I will stay in hotel I don’t want to disturb you.
Swara make a angry face. So laksh accept to come.

In sanskaar mansion :

Sanskaar phone rings. He received the call. He became so angry .
Sanskaar : he says that I want every details about that person. How can he decide to marry my ragini after knowing about me.
Again sanskaar phone rings. He attends the call.
The person : Hello sanskaar. I think you forget about me.
Sanskaar : How will forget about Mr . Sharma.
Sharma : Wow that’s good . By the way I came to know about your lover is going to marry someone.
Sanskaar : Don’t even try to know about her. I know you want to take revenge from her. I will kill you.
Sharma : Very good. But what to do u want to kill her. To take my revenge from her. She did bad to me. So she have to die.
Sanskaar : Again I’m telling don’t even think like that. Even in your dreams. If you do anything I swear I will cut you into peaces. He cut the phone in anger. He thinks to himself I should tell him about this. He will definitely protect ragini. He calls someone and tells him whatever happens now. He ask him to take of her. I’m in peace that you will be with her. And also protect Swara. I know Swara don’t like me but I have to take care also because she is my saali. He says I know she is angry on me. But I can see her she was a baby at one meeting I can say that she is a angry business women but by seeing her I think she is perfect for you. I also know that you love her. Why don’t you confess it to her.
The person on the other side : Yeah you were right I love her but what to do. If she comes to know about me. Then she will definitely kill me. Well I think to cut the call I have some work. Bye.
The person face is showed he is our laksh.

In night :

At some dark place. One man is speaking with a person . He says I know how what to do don’t worry. I will kill her at any cost.

The screen ends with the person black face and the sleeping face of swaragini and sanlak.

Wait for the suprise. You want to know about sharma why he wants to kill ragini and what his problem with ragini. And who is this person and who was the girl the person talks on the phone. Keep on reading. Bye.

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