Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 6)


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The episode starts with,

In swaragini mansion :

Swaragini are shocked to see so many people was there. They were dancing and coming like like a baarat. They were nearly more than 1000 people. After them a car comes with a fill speed and sanskaar get out from the car. He comes straight ly to swaragini. Ragini was shocked but also became angry that how he comes to know about me. In these years no one knows this.
Sanskaar : He says I told you na baby I will get you see what happened you think that I will never came to know about where you are. It’s wrong. My love is true.
Ragini : She become more angry. She says what drama is this.
Sanskaar : this is not drama baby. This is true see I know that you will be sad but what can do I have to say that first day itself I have won.
Ragini : Don’t think that you are win this is first day only. You have only 29 days. We will see who will win.
Sanskaar : Why to wait if you agree I will marry you today. See even guest are hear. Shall we. When ragini was about to tell something
Swara : Mr . Sanskaar don’t dare to speak like this. I will not spare you. You do whatever you want but you will never win.
Sanskaar : Hi saali . Cool down.ok. I don’t know why ragini didn’t tell me about my beautiful saali. I heard everything about you. We will see which will win love or hate. Bye by the way I forgot to tell you both good morning. Have a nice day.
Swaragini was irritated by this and went inside in anger.

After few hours they finished their breakfast. In the big hall ragini was sitting in the sofa lost in her thoughts. Swara comes and notices it . She sits near to her and says
Swara : di what are you thinking.
Ragini : I know very well about sanskaar he will surely do something.
Swara : Di I know this. I have also decided about this. I think you should get married to Karan.
Ragini : Are you mad he will not. I know he loves me but after knowing about sanskaar he will not marry me.
A voice came, How can you think yourself. Still I love you.
The man face is revealed he is Karan ( avinash sachdev)
Karan : I know everything ragini. Swara told me everything in phone. How could you think that I don’t marry you. I will.
Ragini : but

Karan : no but or what. We will marry in 10 days. This is confirmed. Tomorrow we will go for shopping. I will come with you. We will see who can stop this marriage. He hugs her she feels something strange. But forgot that.
Swara : What is this I help you but you forgot about me. This is not fair. She made cute face.
Ragini hugs her. Suddenly Swara phone rings she attends the call and says I will come .
Swara : Di I have one urgent meeting. So I will see you later you both carry on. Saying this she went .
Karan and ragini talks for sometime. In between Karan behaves weirdly. After sometime he goes.

In swaragini office :

She was working in her laptop . Suddenly someone comes in. She was shocked to see the person.
The episode ends with the shocked face of Swara. .

Guys in coming update you will come to know why Karan behave weirdly.

Credit to: unknown person

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