Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 5)


Hi friends. I’m back with new epi. I think you will enjoy it.

In sanskaar mansion:

Ragini was shocked she didn’t except this from sanskaar. She tries hard to go but he didn’t let her move even a single inch.
Sanskaar : Don’t do that baby you will be hurt.
Ragini : Sanskaar leave me. I don’t love you.
Sanskaar : how many times I should tell you that I love. I don’t care if you love me or not. So better start to love me otherwise it will become a problem for you. Saying this he tries to kiss her but she pushed him.

Ragini : Don’t dare to touch me. And what you say that I should start to love you. No way even if you are the last person in this world also I will never love you ok.
Sanskaar : But what to do baby you are mine. Only and only mine forever.
Ragini : She was angry on him. Suddenly she think of something says ok. If you love me then let me go. No one should follow me. If your love is true then make me feel that how much you love me that to within 30 days. OK. What you say
Sanskaar : OK baby. Be ready to become mine. If I won then you have to marry me in the same day ok. But I will miss you so I …
Ragini : So what
Sanskaar suddenly kiss her. She was just frustrated. So she left. Sanskaar smiles.

In a very big mansion,

A girl was sleeping peacefully. She wakes up by the bell ringing sound. She see the day
The girl : oh no I have slept. By waiting for this day I slept late yesterday. So what I’m late.
Because of the bell ringing sound she thinks oh I know who us that. She was running from staircase happily. She opens the door and gets emotional seeing the person. She hugs the person and says
The girl : didi I miss you much di. She was crying like a child.

Tha another girl : I know Swara. Even I missed you so much. She also cries. Swara you know na without you I’m incomplete. Don’t worry Swara now swaragini become one again.
Yes guys the girl is Swara and the another girl is ragini.
Swara : Come inside di. They both go inside ragini by seeing her house after so many days she become emotional. She remembers her moment with Rahul,sia,and Swara. She has tears in her eyes. Swara see this
Swara : di I know that what you are thinking. You are missing Rahul and sia. Am I right.( guys I told you that sia and Swara only know about ragini and rahul friendship and also abut Rahul,sia death rags promise everything because ragini loves her sister equal to raj ). Di you even I was waiting for this day. I know you will do it. See di you have achieved your goal.
Ragini : Yeah Swara you are right. I’m sorry because of me you have manage everything alone from these years. And good you have managed every thing and become a big business women. I’m so proud of you.
Swara : Di I don’t say sorry I did it only for my Rahul baiya. ( Guys Swara call Rahul as his brother even she loves Rahul a lot. And when sia death , Rahul death happen she was not there. She was in London with her parents. And one more thing swaragini parents were died in a bomb blast one year ago. So swara wad handling the business when ragini was with sanskaar). And di you know what because of your teaching I have become a big business women. I’m eagerly waiting for you di. As per as your promise you have done everything that to on Rahul baiya death day.

They were talking for a long time. Ragini tells everything about sanskaar and also her challenge.

Swara : di don’t worry I will be with you. He can’t even come near to you.
Ragini : Swara I know but I only want you to be careful. He can do anything so just be careful. I can’t tolerate if anything happens to you. Saying this hug Swara and cries.

After a while they slept hugging each other.

Here in sanskaar mansion,

Sanskaar : He ordered his mens to collect all details about her and her family. I need to know everything about her. He thinks that now I have to call him only he can help me in this. I will surely get my ragini back. He calls someone and ask him to come soon
Sanskaar mens : Sir here they are. He gives every details about swaragini.
Sanskaar : He was shocked to know abut Swara he thinks how ragini can do this to me. She even didn’t said about her sister and her family background. I know what you have gone through ragini.
But whateveryou do I can’t hate you I love you from the core. And I will also prove my love. He smiles evilly thinking about ragini .

Next day

In Swaragini mansion

Both wake up hearing music sound.
Swara : Di who is playing this music at this time that too so loudly.
Ragini : Swara that too in front of our house. She says by seeing from window. OK . Come we will see who is it.
They both go down and shocked to see someone.

The episode ends with the shocked face of swaragini

Credit to: unknown person

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