Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 4)


Hi friends. Thanks for the comments. And as per as I said swalak will be introduced after 3 or in 4 episode.

The story starts with,

The flash back continues,

Next day Rahul finish sia last ritual. He is not even responding to anyone. Because he lost his life. Suddenly police comes and arrest Rahul for killing his own wife sia . All were shocked. In this time ragini was in meeting no one inform her about it. Police take Rahul to the court.

In court :

Rahul ‘ s lawyer : ask the police whether they were any evidences.
Procecuter : He says we have a photos which we submitted in the court. He shows that which is showing Rahul stabs sia ( actually it was taken when Rahul take the knife from sia body )
Rahul ‘ s lawyer : it is not enough to consider that Rahul stab sia.
Procecuter : Yeah I know that’s why I want to tell about the witness. When this happen this man was there.
Judge ask the witness to come to witness box.
Witness : He was very shivering about this. Anyone can say that he was scared.
Procecuter : Mr . Sanskaar can you tell what hhappened on that day. Yes guys it was sanskaar.
Sanskaar : He turns and see his father he reminiscing how his father ask him not to say favour to Rahul if you said then you will be in problem. He comes to his senses. He says yes I saw this man stab his wife with knife. Yes he killed his wife I saw it.
Judge : Rahul what you are going to tell about this. Rahul was not even saying anything he is lost in sia thought.
Judge : according to the evidences it is clear that Rahul has murdered his wife. So for this I gave him a death sentence.
Rahul was taken by police. When ragini came to know about all this she immediately came from their. But it was too late. But ragini go to Rahul and ask him about this.
Rahul : he started crying like a child. He says I want to help people but I didn’t think about that I just think about my ones pain not others. I was too selfish.
Ragini : no you are not selfish Rahul you are not selfish.
Rahul : Ragini you promise me that you will help people whoever wants your help and you should make a Rahul like me but not selfish like me. He should value people problem.
Ragini : I promise you that I will make a Rahul like you. I promise on our friendship.
After some days Rahul was dead.
Few days later
Ragini : because if you my Rahul died sanskaar maheshwari so you are going to be Rahul. This my revenge and this way I can also make my Rahul last wish fulfil.

Flashback ends.

Ragini : because of this I join your office and created a drama that I fall in love with you . You too fall for me. But to make you like Rahul I have made a plan that I why make mla son angry and when came to kill me you killed him.
Then as I thought you came out. I only ask the old man to come to you and tell his problem to you first you didn’t accept but later you accept. Then as per as my wish you also become a gangster like Rahul who lives for people. My revenge was completed. Saying this she turns

Sanskaar : I know I have been a fool in those days but now I realised my mistake I’m sorry ragini.he cries
Ragini : What sorry If your sorry give my Rahul life back. No. So bye. She starts to go but some iron like hand drag her. Yes it was sanskaar
Sanskaar : wife I think you have a amnesia. Wife do you think this is old sanskaar. No wife this is new sanskaar he will not request he will get whatever he want. Got it wife.
Ragini was shocked

The episode end at the shocked face of ragini and smiling face of sanskaar.

Guys one thing old sanskaar was always scared for everything because of his fear ragini lost his friend. So I think no confuse . Bye….

Credit to: unknown person

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