Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 3)


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The story starts with,

At big mansion:

Ragini : Now I’m happy that u make my Rahul last fulfil. You know what I just hate you for what you have done with Rahul. She is crying reminiscing her moments with Rahul.

Flashback starts,

In school:

It is the first day of school after the summer holidays. Some boys of 5 standard who are old students were making fun of students who ever is entering the class. Suddenly one girl entered the class. She was so cute and also new to thus school. She was angry seeing the boys. The boys ask her to come here. She goes with an angry face in front of them. While the other old students were tensed that what they will do to her. When one boy ask her to do something she doesn’t even do that. When the gang leader come front and was about to touch her someone from back hold his hand. Yes it was our Rahul and the girl was ragini.
Rahul : how dare you to touch my ragini. I will kill you if you try to come near her. Saying this he beat all the guys.

Teacher suddenly came. So they go to their bench.
Teacher : Today it was your first day of 5 standard. And I want to introduce new students. They are ragini and Rahul. Teacher ask to introduce themselves. Ragini tells about Rahul and Rahul tells about ragini. They say that they were good friends. Everyone were amused seeing their friendship. After the class the boys who tease ragini comes their and said sorry for that. Even ragini and Rahul have forgive them and become friends. Like this ragini and rahul friendship become big when they grow up. Everyone think that they are lovers even their parents but two people’s never think about them like that. They are ragini sister and Rahul ‘s lover sia.
After their college over ragini and rahul decide to work in other company. Ragini was rich were Rahul was from a middle class family. So ragini decides to work with Rahul to give him company so no one knows ragini background. One day, Rahul kills one man accidentally when he was about to save the girl from them. Police arrest him. After that everyone came to him to tell their problem. By helping people he became a a big gangster who is right for good people who is bad for wrong people. Even after knowing about the situation sia marries Rahul with help of ragini.
All is well till when one day comes. That is a bad day for Rahul,sia and ragini life.
When ragini went for a business meeting.

That day Rahul went to temple along with sia. When they entered the temple along with their bodyguards. Some people who is hiding in temple started shooting them. After a big violence there were a silent. We can see that Rahul killed all the people who comes to kill him. Suddenly he see that sia fall down. He then see that sia was stabbed by someone. He removes the knife from sia stomach. He ask sia to see him. She opens her eyes and says that I said to you na before anything happens to you I will die. I love you Rahul you are my life. I want to tell you something. I was so happy when I get you and ragini in my life. I love you Rahul I love you very much. She smiles. Before her smile vanishes her life ends. Rahul shouts sia open your eyes please sia open your eyes. He shouts more loudly sia….

The episodes ends with the smile face of sia and crying face of Rahul

Guys you can imagine Rahul and sia as Aditya redij and natasha sharma. I will reveal how will Rahul death happens and how sanskaar is related to it in next update. OK.

Credit to: unknown person

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