Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 2)


Hi friends. I told you that I will reveal the pair. So the pairs are ragsan and swalak. After sometime swalak will be introduced. They are also the main pair. So I will make their entry something special. And one request guys please don’t ask me to change the pairs .

The episode starts with,

The man is our sanskaar.And the girl is ragini.
Sanskaar: What Rahul is your friend?
Ragini : Yes. Rahul is my friend not only my friend my soul mate my life. I know he is the head of the this Mumbai gangster. But you know what he was a Mba graduate and also first place in district level. The situation made him a murder. That to not for himself but for others. Many job offers were came for him but he made himself a gangster only for people .
Sanskaar : Ragini I don’t know about it. I just think him as a bad gangster so what
Ragini : So what you are scared that someone would do anything to you so you didn’t even help him . Am I right Mr. Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Not like that ragini you know na I’m afraid of everyone. That time I dont have that much courage. But now you know na I have become a gangster to help everyone.
Ragini : Yes. Sanskaar now you are a perfect man who can face anything. Right. But why you don’t do this before. It’s too late sanskaar and because of you I lost my Rahul. And one more thing sanskaar you know what I only made you a gangster without your knowledge.
Sanskaar : What you mean (with a shocked face)
Ragini : Yes I only made you like this to fulfil my Rahul last wish.

The episode ends with the sanskaar face which is full with shocked expression.

Guys please do comment. I will continue it based on your comments.

Credit to: unknown person

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  1. Superb story…..thnx for ragsan and dont change the pairs no matter what

  2. What a superrr twist rags u r awesome

  3. Awsm..bt plzz make it a bit longer

  4. Ragini called sanskar his bro in serial and real life too…they cant be pairs…haha ?

  5. rags is cool!!!

  6. Awesome. Plz Continue . Thanks for swalak and ragsan.

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