Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 16)

Hi friends i kmow that everyone want to know the past so I’m going to reveal you that
let Gaurav sharma be Gaurav khanna and he is not a bad character

the episode starts with ,

Swara: YES. Gaurav Sharma is my di ki fiance.

the flashback starts,

Di and Rahul Bhai was studing MBA in XYX college.It was a very big college. When they entered the college their seniors were raging the new comers.
One senior asked a girl to kiss his friend. the girl pleads the senior but he ask her to do or he will make her kiss all the students. Suddenly the senior was slapped by Ragini. Everyone was shocked when again Ragini was about to slap the senior another man comes from back and made her turn by seeing ragini he was stunned and he was about to touch ragini face when rahul hits him but he was seeing only ragini while rahul was beating him. Then after sometimes ragini make Rahul cool and was about to took him when the senior who got beatings tells
Senior: Wow .What a beauty ?
Rahul : Dont dare to talk to her like this to her.
Senior: Or what will you do. Do you know whom your talking is. The great Gaurav Sharma Son of MLA Sharma.
Rahul was about to say something but Ragini stops him and said
Ragini : Whatever you are dont try to come near us. ok
Gaurav : Hey you beautyful.I like you baby and Now onwards you are my lover.I LOVE YOU BABY.He gives a flying kiss to her.
Rahul and ragini was shocked.

Raul: Dont you dare to come near my ragu.
Gaurav: What baby your name is Ragu . Anyways i will call u as baby. Ok bye baby.
He was always behind my di.but Rahul bhai will not let him near di.
after that di ad bhai completed their college . Then bhai becomes don but Gaurav was not bothered about it he still loves di.
After Bhai’s death he daily follow all my di activities.

But one day di said that she was loving gaurav and want to marry him. My parents ask is it true and she wants to marry him but di didn’t said anything.
and after 2 days she was engaged to him grandly.

Flashback ends.

Swara : Then di told us to go to london next day. We asked her the reason but she didn’t tell us and urge us to go.Till now she didn’t even tell me about it when i asked her about it
Sanskaar : It means she is hiding something from us.And we have to find it.
Laksh : but how bhai?
Sanskaar : Don’t know but we should think about it.

The screen freezes on swalaksan face.

Sorry guys for being late. I really sorry for this short and boring episode. I will try to be regular and for long update.

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