Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 13)


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At ragsan side.

They both slip into the pool and sanskaar holds her from waist and sees her eyes. She was looking at him with love. Sanskaar thinks not to take advantage of her situation and was about leave. But she hold him and kiss him with full love. He was shocked as well as happy. He too joins the kiss. He takes her in arms and comes to his room. Ask her to change the dress. But she ask him to take her near the bathroom he takes and places her in front of the bathroom. She goes and after few minutes he calls her but no response to it. He again ask her. No response. So he broke the door and sees her sleeping their without taking bath. He smiles and takes her and places her near the shower. She wakes up by water. She said
Ragini : why my head is paining like hell.
Sanskaar : because you had a bhaang not water.
Ragini : What oh I see that’s why I was feeling a head ache. She then only noticed their position. And shouts want are you doing in my room. And that to in my bathroom. She started scoring him. He can’t take it more. And sees her lips which is like a rose and kiss her. She was shocked by his action. She beats him. He continued it for few minutes. Then broke it. She again was about to start scolding but he again again kiss her . She is hell shocked. He leaves her and ask her not to talk otherwise I will repeat it again. Do you get it. She nods like a child. They both comes out from bathroom. She starts shivering. He see this and ask her to change her dress. She says that I can’t because it is not my room.
Sanskaar : Oh I see but you said this is your room before few minutes.
Ragini : vo…actually. ….leave it. Now I will go.
Sanskaar : ok. And smiles at her.
Ragini was thinking why he didn’t do anything. Oh god why I’m thinking like this. I’m happy that nothing happened. She was about to run but sanskaar ask her not to run because he did want he wants. She was shocked by opening her mouth. She sk him how can you do this when I was not in my sense. He says that I didn’t do anything. You are the one whom did it. She can’t digest the fact. She turns runs out.

At swalak side :

After ragini leaves. They laugh seeing each other. They apply colours on each other and hugs happily. They both talk a lot about it. They do some romance. But in limits.
At the next day.
The four goes to mall for marriage shopping. Swalak went inside first ragini was abut to go but sanskaar stops her and as her
Sanskaar : Don’t you know that they are going to marry leave them alone for sometime.
Ragini : ok. I will go alone not will with you.
She turns to go buy her phone rings and she sees something and sees sanskaar who was seeing her with a mischievous smile on his lip. She turns towards him and was about to say something bit remembers what he done to her when she shouts at him. And angrily stands beside him. He put his hand on her hip and takes her to dress shop and buys a red with gold colour leganga and ask her to try this and show to him. She angrily goes to changing room and comes out wearing it.
He was stunned to see her. And ask the sales man to pack this. She comes out and they go for men’s section. He ask her take sherwani for him. She angrily goes and selects a gold with sandal colour sherwani. They both come out. Ragini sees someone and was shocked. She excuse herself and goes restroom and calls someone and shouts what are you doing.
The person : Stay away from him otherwise he will die. Ok
Ragini : I’m warning you not to do anything to sanskaar. Ok
The person : it’s up to you. You have to be away from him. Ok.
The call cuts ragini cries and after few minutes she wash her face and comes out.

At swalak side :

They first entered into the dress shop . Swara was trying all dresses but laksh says no to everything. She becomes frustrated and ask him why he was not even selecting anything.
Laksh : Swara this is our marriage. I want you to look like my princess. Everything should be perfect. This is our marriage. I will selects your dress and you will select my dress. Ok.
Swara was happy. And they at last selects a red dress which is really awesome. Then they go to every shop like slipper shop, cosmetics shop,jewel shop etc. They were really happy. They both were enjoying each other company a lot. They want to freeze this moment. They again go to the dress shop to buy tops and shorts for her. When she go to change room . Laksh comes their. And closes the door and sees Swara in a white shirt top which is upto her hip. Her hip is visible. And a blue shorts. She is looking hot. He kisses her and touches her face which makes her shiver. And they hug each other. They come to the reality. They comes to ragsan . They eat food. They sit in like swaragini on one side sanlak on other side . Ragsan and swalak was opposite to each other. In middle swalak sees ragini who obeys sanskaar . Swalak thinks something is wrong. Sanskaar keeps his leg on ragini’s. Ragini became angry can’t tolerate more and hits his foot . He shouts in pain.
The episode ends with sanskaar shouting face.

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