Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 12)


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The story starts with,

They reached sanskaar mansion :
Ragini was very tensed seeing the decoration.
Ragini : Swara you play holi. I’m not in the mood to celebrate. I’m having head ache also.
Swara : Di it’s not fair. Please give me company. I’m new here. You should help me because you are not new here.
Ragini angrily sees her. Sanlak smiles while Swara sees her with a cute face.
Sanskaar : Swara don’t compel her she was afraid of colours.
Ragini was angry. But she says ok. I agree I’m afraid. Ok.
Sanskaar makes her more angry. She thinks the challenge is about that he should apply colour on me first. If Swara applies colour then he will loose the challenge. Oh god for this I have think a lot.
She says ok I will play. But you should apply first on me. OK.
Swara : ok di.
She goes to take colours. Sanskaar messaged her about the challenge but mot about the kiss. She to sees that and message laksh to come inside the house. He follows her.
Here ragini was searching for her. She sees sanskaar coming there. And she runs from their. He too follows her.

Inside the house.

Laksh : Why did you call me inside Swara.
Swara : See this laksh and shows him the message which sanskaar send her. And also sees the another message from sanskaar in that he ask swalak to go to terrace.
They goes their and sees that place was decorated wonderfully with flowers and balloons.
Laksh : that is my brother how he decorated the terrace. It’s nice na.
Swara : Because he is my jiju. Not your bhai. Ok
Laksh : oh oh. I see you know what your jiju ask me to give a promotion.
Swara thinks what he was saying. At last she gets to know what he was saying. And runs behind him. They were roaming whole house. He catches her and pins her to wall. They were lost in each other. Slowly they kiss. It was not long but it is enough to show that how much they love each other. They broke the kiss. Laksh carries her and takes her down.

Here at ragsan
Ragini was running. And sanskaar follows her. They were almost running the whole house. She runs back side of the house and sees sanskaar was searching for her. Due to the crowd she can’t see sanskaar. When she sees their he was not their. Suddenly someone from back catch her waist and pulls her toward him. Yes he was our Sanskaar. Ragini was about to say bit in the nick if time he applies colours on her face by his cheeks and the red colour in his head apply correctly on her head which looks like she is married. They doesn’t see that. Ragini was standing their shocked by widening her eyes. He ask her.
Sanskaar : Baby where is my kiss.
She looks at him and thinks what to do. She tries to leave secretly but he tightly pulls her towards him. She shouts snake snake. He leaves her and searches for snake and realises that she cheats. And started to search for her. He comes where ragini was drinking bhaang thinking water. He tries to stop her but it’s too late. She smiles ad dances innocently.

Laksh takes swara by looking into her eyes . He thinks something and comes to the pool and puts her in the colour water. She sits their in shock. While he was laughing. She tries to stand but can’t . She ask for help. He gives her hand she was about stand but he leaves the hand. He laughs seeing her. And she shouts if you not let me out of this then I will tell my jiju. He will beat you and I will make you work as my assistant what say. She smiles. He thinks like what she says and how will sanskaar beat him and became Swara assistant. He thinks oh god I will get beat from my Bro but can’t became her assistant she will surely show me the hell.
Laksh helps her to get out. And she angrily goes to see ragsan while laksh was asking sorry. They see ragini and wad shocked because of the bhaang she was dancing with everyone and sanskaar was seen he has his hand in the head sitting in the chair with body full of colours like a sad person thinking something . They goes to him and ask about that. Sanskaar says
Fb starts
Ragini after drinking bhaang was behaving like a child. She ask me to catch her and runs here and their. She wantedly runs from one place and stands in front of the colour pool. I unknowingly tries to catch her and slipped while I was about to catch her hand. I came out of pool with great difficulty but poured all colours on me. I can’t able to control and shouts at her. She was sad and tears were in her eyes. So I ask her sorry . She ask him to do sit ups. He says no. She started crying like a lost baby. He ask to keep quite and do setups in front of everyone. She ask him to sing. He says I don’t know how to sing. She was about to cry but I sign the bodyguards to start the music. And I act like singing. She too believes. And goes to dance.
Fb ends.
Swalak can’t control their laugh and laughs loudly. Sanskaar was angry seeing them laughing. He only knows the pain. Ragini comes their. And seeing her Sanskaar runs from their. Swalak laughs loudly seeing him. They hold their stomach as they can’t see him like this ( Seriously a gangster never had a punishment like this . It is really a funny scene )
Ragini don’t know what to do. She ask where is sanskaar to swalak. They see sanskaar showing him not to tell by actions but they tell her showing hands towards him. She sees him and ask him
Ragini : Sanskaar why are you their come we will play. Come. She goes towards him and he starts running from their thinking I only ask a kiss but she is showing me hell. I can’t take this anymore and runs and comes near the swimming pool and stands their and sees ragini coming towards him. Due to lose of the control she slips on him and he too loss control and they both fell into to the pool.

The story ends with the faces of four persons.
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