Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 11)


Hi friends. Thanks friends for your comments. I’m a girl. I will reveal my name in last epi.

The episode starts with,

Laksh : Swara please I’m sorry.
Swara : How can you hide such a big truth from me.
Laksh : Swara I think if you come to know about bhai you will leave me. I love you Swara please understand my situation. I love you from the core. I can’t even imagine my life without you.
Swara : You know what laksh trust is the most important thing in every relation. I love you laksh. I understand that I will leave you if I don’t love you bit I love you laksh. I will never think to leave you laksh. After my di you are my life.
Laksh : Swara sorry. And now I promise you that I will never hide anything from you.
He hugs Swara. And they cry happily.
Laksh : Swara I want to ask you something. He ask something and she says something which is muted. After that they both smiles and leaves from there.

At ragsan side :
Ragini gets a call and she smiles.
Sanskaar : What happened why are you smiling.
Ragini : they both went to house. So I have to leave. She leaves but sanskaar hold her waist. And says
Sanskaar : where are you going baby. Come we will go together what say.
Ragini : I accept laksh because he loves my Swara a lot. And don’t think anything. And dare to do anything with my Swara.
Sanskaar : Don’t think too much. Swara is my like my sis. I’m not telling this to impress you. OK.
Sanskaar mens comes there with cars.
Sanskaar carries and takes her to the car and place her in the car and sits with her by keeping his hand in her hip. She tries to remove it but can’t. She was happy inside but didn’t show it.
They enter the swaragini mansion. And sees laksh and Swara was fighting.
Ragsan : What happened why you both were fighting.
Swara : Di I said that we will keep all functions and marriage in our house but he says that he wants to keep in his house. Again they started fighting.
Ragini : just stop it. We will keep your marriage here. That’s final.ok
Sanskaar : No I want marriage to happen in my house. Now ragsan start fighting.
Swara shouts now you both stop it. You two play a game in this who wins then the marriage will take place in their house. What say.
Ragsan : ok but what game
Swara : carom.
They both ragsan play the game and sanskaar wins by cheating.
Ragini : this is cheating.
Swalaksan : No . And says Sanskaar only wins the game.
Ragini : Swara why are taking his side.
Swara : Di I’m not supporting him I’m supporting truth. Now go and pack the bag. We have to leave. Laksh come and help me.

Ragini goes angrily.
Swalaksan laughs seeing her
Sanskaar comes to swara and ask her
Sanskaar : Why you supported me. I know that laksh support me because he is my Bro. But why you.
Swara : Because you are my jiju.
Sanskaar : What
Swalak smiles seeing each other
Fb starts
Laksh : Swara I know you get angry but please help me in this. I Want your di to became my bhabi. You don’t know how my Bro loves your sis.
Swara : I know it laksh. I will help you.
Laksh was shocked .
Swara : You know what I was angry on your Bro because of Rahul bhai matter. But when I see him. I came to know about his good quality. I also know that your browser loves my sis a lot. What to do I think my di doesn’t like him. But I was again wrong. My di loves your Bro a lot. In fact I hear her in sleeping she says
Ragini : I loves sanskaar i can’t hurt him. But i has to do this otherwise his life will become hell.
Swara : hearing this I came to know that she is hiding something. But if I ask her she will not say that. So what I bring karan who loves di from college days. I think she will not accept this and I can ask her about why she doesn’t want to marry. And she will burst out. But to my suprise she accepted this. My plan backfires. On that day onwards I was thinking how to cancel this marriage. But now di cancel her marriage. I was happy for this and when I came to know that jiju is your Bro I was happy but I was sad that you hide this truth from me. If you tell this before I would have join with you.
Laksh : jiju
Swara : if your brother marry my sis then he will be jiju right.
Laksh : ok Swara now we both will go to them. He tries to leave Swara hold his hand and says
Swara : are you mad. Let them spend some time together. Come we go to house. I will call di and her that we both leave to the house.
Swara calls ragini and tells that we both leave to the house. You come safely di bye.
Fb ends.
Sanskaar smiles and hugs Swara happily. And says thanks Swara. Now onwards you are my sis. Tell me If this lucky did anything wrong I will beat him ok. Laksh makes a pout face while swasan was laughing seeing this.
Sanskaar : I have to find the reason which is not letting her to express her love.
Swara : Not I but we.
Sanskaar : ok. Oh I forgot that today is holi I’m I right. He smiles mischievously.
Her in ragini’s room
She thinks why god why are you doing this with me. How can I live with him for four days. It si hard to control my feelings towards him when he us nears to me. Someone calls her and she attends the call and was shocked hearing something. She fights in the phone. At last she says I will come to you after four days. I want nothing bad happens in my sis marriage. Ok. She cuts the call and cries. After 30 minutes she hear Swara calling her and packs the bag and goes to take bath. When she comes out in white colour kurthi. While drying her her she sees out and says
Ragini : oh no today is holi. He tells me that if he apply colour first to me then I have to kiss him. I have to be careful.
She comes down and sanskaar smiles mischievously which shows clearly that he was waiting for the moment.
Swara : Laksh I forgot that today is holi. How will u enjoy holi.
Sanskaar : Don’t worry Swara I have already arranged for holi in my house. After we reached their. We can play holi by applying colours on each other. He says this all by seeing ragini. Swalak understand the meaning and smiles at ragsan.

The episode ends with the smiling faces of swalaksan and tensed face of ragini.

Precap : Holi special.

Credit to: unknown person

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