Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 1)

Hi friends. I was a big fan of swaragini ff. I really love every ff. It’s just awesome.

The story starts with,

A girl was running in the road. So many goons were chasing her. She runs more fast so that they can’t get her. But due to the stone in the road she falls down.
One of goons take her by catching her hair.
They take her to a big mansion where a man was standing facing his back.
When he hear the girl pleading sound he turns back.
He goes towards the girl who was tensed seeing him.
He suddenly slaps the goon who catches her hair till now.
He takes his gun and said ” How dare you to touch my wife like this” saying this he shoot the goon at mid of the head.

The girl was scared as well as became angry and shout “How dare you to call me your wife don’t think that I will marry you “.
The man : Do you think that you will not marry me. No it’s wrong you will. And I will make you mine. My love is true.
The girl : Love my foot. I don’t love you I just acted that i love you.
The man : Why?
The girl : to take my revenge
The man: What revenge?
The girl : yes. I’m very happy that I completed my revenge. Saying this she smiles.
The man : No it can’t be true you are lying. I know you love me. Don’t say it again. I’m really worried. So no more prank. I know you are playing prank on me right.
The girl : No it’s not prank. It’s true. I don’t love you I just hate you hate you hate you….. I just take my revenge that’s it.
The man : What revenge? And why?For what?

The girl : For the death of Rahul. My Rahul. Don’t say that you don’t know Rahul. I know about it and also about you.
The man : Rahul? How do you know about him?who are you? What is the relationship between you both?
The girl : You are asking who am I to him.Then right I will tell you she said something which is muted. Hearing this the man was shocked.

The episode ends on the shocked face of the man and the evil smile on the girl face.

Guys if you like it please tell me. And I’m not good in writing. Please do comments.

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  1. Is it raglak??

  2. Interesting. .. plz make it swasan

  3. yar suspense is killing me plz tell pairs

  4. Plzz make it swasan

  5. What a myatery

  6. Swasan haan but NYC revenge drama start….

  7. Interesting
    ragsan p

  8. Thanks. Next episode I will reveal the pairs.

  9. There are many swasan hatrd/revenge ffs
    plz make ragsan

  10. Is it Raglak

  11. plz swasan…..,.,,,.n very nice…..carry on……

  12. Awesome

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