Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 10)

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The episode starts with,

Next day. Our two couples were sleeping.

At swalak side :

Swara Wales up and sees laksh sleeping and remember what happened yesterday and says
Swara : I’m very lucky to have u. You are so good and your love is true that I think am l right for your love.
Laksh : Don’t think like this baby. You know what I’m very lucky to have you. You love your sis this much means then you will definitely love me a lot. For your sis you have take care of the business and became a big business women. I’m proud to be your husband.
Swara was in tears. She hugs him and ask him
Swara : Don’t leave me alone if I do a mistake. I can’t live without you. I will definitely die
Laksh shouts not to tall like this I can’t live without you. They hug each other. And laksh thinks how to tell her about bhai and me.
After sometime they decide to go out through the back door which is connected back to the a room.

At ragsan side:

Sanskaar wakes up first and smiles seeing ragini. He comes to ragini side and thinks about their last night and thinks why ragini is not admitting that she loves me. I know she want to take revenge but I know she also love me. She is hiding something I have to know about it before it becomes late.
He goes to search how to go out. Ragini wakes up
Ragini : I know sanskaar you love me so much and l too love you . But I don’t want tell you I don’t want to make your life hell. I low that whom they were. They are sharma ‘ s men. They will kill me. Yeah I know sanskaar that you are protecting me from him. But how long I don’t want anything happens to you. My time has come and I have to leave this world but only after find a good person for my shona. Then I will surrender myself to sharma. How stupid I’m to do that yesterday I have to control myself from being away from you.
Sanskaar came and ask her to come with him and they left from there .
Our ragsan and swalak swaragini each other. Swaragini hugs and laksh hug sanskaar and laksh : Bhai how are you fine na
Swaragini turn being shocked and sanskaar stares at laksh angrily.
Then laksh tells everything from how he came here and loves Swara and sanlak being brothers.
Swaragini stands their being shocked.
Ragini turns to swara to speak and saw the sindoor and mangalsutra and became shocked. Swara tells everything. Sanskaar hugs laksh and said congrats lucky.
Swara was seeing laksh angrily. And after some time she ask Swara
Ragini : Do you want to spend your lifetime with laksh. Say Yes or no
Swara : yes di. But I will marry with your permission only.
Ragini : O want your happiness only . I don’t want anything. And laksh will you keep my Swara happy.
Laksh : Happly says I will.
Ragini : I don’t want your family details. I only want your love for my sis. So my decision is
Sanlak Swara are eager to hear what she wants to say.
Ragini : Swalak marriage in two days.
Three of them are happy. But Swara was sad because he didn’t tell her about sanskaar.
Then karan came and was about to hug ragini but Swara stops him and slaps him hard. He was shocked .
Swara : How dare you. Why are you going to touch my di.
Karan : What is this Swara I’m her would be.
Swara : No. And what would be then tell me why you run away leaving my sis life danger.
Karan : Swara I think ragini as a girl and takes her away after a minutes I came to know about it.
Sanlak was laughing turning their heads other side when he tells while story. Suddenly they hear a slap sound and was shocked to see ragini slapping karan
Ragini : How dare lf I marry you means you have to take care of me and my sis. You said that you take some girl mistakenly. If you take me also i will slap you. You thing I will leave my sis and come with you no you was wrong you prove that you can’t take care of my sis. So the marriage is cancelled. I want a husband who takes care of my sis like his sis. Do you understand get out from here. He goes and sanlakswa was happy. Swalak was about to hug but Swara becomes angry and goes from there. Ragini smiles and ask him to pacify her. He goes. Sanskaar smiles

The episode ends with the faces of ragsan swalak

Guys sorry for my late update and also for the romance on the last update . I think I wrote it very bad I can’t able to read that epi it is killing me like hell. I will reduce romantic scenes and more love scene which show love .

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  1. good to see karan getting slapped. why is ragini on suicide mission though. i hope sanskar steps in at takes care of that sharma and marries ragini in the end.

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    A writer should write in all ways

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