swaragini hate to love(musical emotions)epi 36 SWASAN CONSUMMATION


ok guys its my last epi be4 exams….i will try to meet u soon…..

WARNING: the people who r 17+ can only read today’s epi and plz dont bash me…
i have read many novels and i used to be surprised as how could they write romance so deeply but its the demand.i never wrote as such in my ffs but as i read other ffs and it had been written to much extent so i thought to open it down as i am also a writer and its the demand….so guys enjoy it if u r ok and open minded and do comment…..its swasan romance

RECAP: rain masti….


sanskar puts swara down and locks the door.he comes close to her.swara was wearing a white churidar which has all become wet in rain and now her body is visible.
swara’s sentence echoes in sanskar’s mind ”TAKE MY VIRGINITY SANSKAR”
he moves closer to her and touches her cheek with his finger making swara shiver.he holds her by waist and pulls her closer.she bashes on his chest tightly.both san feel each other’s breath.their lips are an inch apart.they both are looking at each other’s lips with lust.soon sanskar and swara place their lips on each other and share a peck but its the lust of love which turned their soft passionate kiss into an intense passionate kiss.they locked their lips tightly and even tighten their embrace.
swara pulls his hair and he bits her lower lip.swara interwines her tongue with sanskar and he presses her waist tightly.both become short of breath and depart joining their foreheads.

swara shys and goes to window….sanskar comes and holds her from waist and puts his chin on her shoulder.
sanskar:i love u
swara:i know

they lie in the bed and romance. the thundering of clouds increases and the rain is on full swing. both keep romancing and become one forever…….. they smile and sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace……


in the middle of teh night laksh’s phone rings and ragini picks up without seeing the name as she is in sleep
person:laksh….i need more money…..dnt dare refuse me…cause if u do…u will pay for it….i will tell truth to ur lovely girl
ragini:who z this?
call cuts
she gets confused…
ragini:what the hell?may be wrong number……..
she looks at laksh sleeping and kisses his cheek.she rests her head on his shoulder and sleeps


swara wakes up smilingly and gives peck on sanskar’s cheek.she comes out after taking bath and sees her love staring at her with a smile
swara:what r u looking at?get up now…
sanskar:no…i have an important work
swara:what is it
he pulls her towards him and leans over her and drapes blanket over them
sanskar:thats ur answer baby…….

————————–AFTER TWO DAYS———–

all are enjoying breakfast when early in the morning they see raglak at the entrance
sanskar:lucly ragini….
all family members see them and get happy but ragini is tensed while laksh is with a smile.
family welcomes them
sujata:ur trip was of two weeks….why did u come back after 3 days??
laksh:we never went to manali
dp:where were u?
laksh:after the rain night ragini went unwell and we consulted doc
swara:what??oph my….r u ok ragini?
laksh:all is best bhabhi
swara:wht do u mean my devar ji
laksh:i mean to say u r gonna be….maasi ji…..
swara:oh massi….
swara shouts:what???
whole family is shaken at once
laksh:what r u not happy??
swara jumps in excitement and hugs lucky
swara:arrey duffer of crse we r happy…..ragini my sis is PREGNANT………
ap dp sujata ram bless them but ragini is lost in her own world……

sanskar whispers:swara when will u be pregnant
swara hits him
pari’s son:swara chachi when will u be pregnant??
all smile at this while swara blushes and sanskar grins
sanskar:he is just like his chachu
swara hugs him
ragini goes to her room…….

pari:what happened to her?
adarsh:may be because of shyness…..
whole family smiles and thinks to inform relatives and friends
laksh goes to see ragini…….

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Credit to: angel

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