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RECAP: rape reason revealed


laksh reaches back to home to start a new life.after two days its their marriage.swara helps ragini to live a life again.meanwhile tia tries to come close to sanskar and swara gets angry.
ragini notices the spice between swasan.

its raglak’s marriage and laksh decides to confess his crime on phone to ragini.
swara gets ragini dressed in a beautiful pink and golden lehnga…..swara notices tia through window….she stands by window…ragini gets laksh’s call and she gets romantic while laksh pleads to listen to him.
ragini:ok baba speak
as laksh is abt to say sth swara shouts tia’s name and ragini gets shocked and drops phone from her hand.ragini goes to check while her voice mail gets open due to the falling of phone….laksh continues to speak and accepts his crime and cries
laksh:plz forgive me….its up to u if u want to marry me or not….if u have forgiven me then come to mandap if u will not come then i will understand that i am not forgiven….
he cuts call but his message is recorded?
ragini sees swara shouting at tia who was about to kiss sanskar.swara goes and slaps her hand.sanskar is shocked.
swara argues with tia
tia:soon u will pay swara
swara:go to hell
tia leaves
sanskar:are u mad?
swara:what was the need to go close to her
sanskar:if u r not available the what can i do?
swara and ragini are taken aback
swara sighs:ragini its ur marriage lets go…
ragini decides to solve the problem as soon as possible

laksh is desperately waiting for ragini in mandap and ragini comes making him happy but she herself is still oblivious of the truth and laksh thinks he has been forgiven.
ragini looks at him with smile and raglak are married.they take blessings.
ragini is sitting on bed and waits for laksh’s arrival.
laksh enters room and sits by ragini and lifts her veil.he hugs her.ragini hugs back.
laksh:thank u ragini…thank u so much…
ragini:no laksh…thnk u…so much happened but u still accepted me…..
laksh:but it was all my mistake
ragini thinks as if laksh feels he couldnt save her from raqesh.she keeps hand on his lips
ragini:laksh no more old talks….forget what happened….
laksh smiles and leans closer.ragini is a littel tensed and turns away her face.
laksh smiles:u want some time right??
ragini nods
laksh:i will wait for whole life
ragini smiles


ragini:laksh….till then can we solve swara and sanskar’s problem?
laksh:bhai bhabhi??
she tells him everything and laksh is tensed
laksh:tia is the problem…but bhai never loved her….he told me that his true love is swara and he was about to propose her….
ragini:really??but she didnt tell me anything abt proposal
laksh:but bhai said she rejected him
ragini:what teh hell??swara said she loved him and she was also about to express her feeling on valentines day
laksh:even bhai was to express his feelings on valentines day
ragini:swara said he rejected her
laksh:then why did they agree for marriage?
ragini:all our questions can be answered by only one person

they sleep in each other’s embrace and wake up early next morning….ragini does her first rasoi perfectly and notices swasan angry with each other.she signs laksh who gives her a reassuring look.
swara gifts honeymoon tickets of manali to raglak.they smile and leave but not for manali.they reside in a hotel in kolkota only and visit swasan’s college and inquire what happened between them.
they came to know how sanskar was asked to make swara fall in love with him for 50000rs. but he refused and fell in love with her in reality but he alreasy and tia as his girlfriend.when swara came to know that he had girlfriend and was using her too she slapped him on valentine day and swara asked some men to blacken sanskar’s face.
listening to the story raglak are hell shocked but dnt believe that their siblings ca do this
ragini:what the hell
laksh:my bro…his face blackened???
he clutches his fist
ragini:didi cant do this…i know
laksh:tia…lets go
both drive hurriedly to tia’s home who is surpised to see them
tia:u went to honeymoon right??what r u doing here???
laksh is really angry for his brither’s insult and grabs tia’s neck and chokes her
laksh:tell us what u did to my bro on valentine day??what happened between bhai bhabhi??it was all ur prank right??tell us truth…
tia pleads to leave her and laksh does when ragini says him.

tia tells thr truth how she lied to swara abt bet and betrayal and how she asked some men to blacken sanskar’s face.raglak are enraged and call swasan to tia’s home.
swara:but what r u doing there??u were supposed to go on honeymoon
laskh:stop questioning and come here…
two eyes are watching this at tia’s home….
swasan reach there.
ragini:are u confessing ur crime or should i choke u this time???
sanskar:what crime?
laksh shouts:speak up damn it
tia confesses her mistake and swasan are shocked and sanskar is damn enraged….
he slaps her tight across her face making her fall down and her lips bleed.sanskar picks ehr up and chokes her neck and pins her to wall.tia has tears in her eyes and she is breathless.
swara:sanskar she will die.plz leave her
sanskar immediately leaves her
sanskar:and u were behind my money thats why u wanted me to leave swara…i hate u
sanskar is about to hit her again but swara holds his hand.both have an eyelock and sanskar remembers how he made swara sleep on couch,how he mixed chilli and salt in her food,how she fell from roof just because of him but she was always calm and never said anything against him……

they are interrepted by a voice
person:i wont leave u…..

next epi: swasan guilty and romance……….raqesh meets ragini…….

Credit to: angel

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