swaragini hate to love(musical emotions) epi 40


hey guys sorry i am very busy….
thnk u for all of ur immense love…its my 40th epi….cant believe it…

hey riya…i am so sorry but i wnt write ff on pr…i am gonna write that titled ff for swasan….readers of pr are very few…u liked teh intor thnk u for that…i am gonna portray swasan in that ff once i end this ff….u may read here….thnx…


ragini sits tensedly…
laksh:dont worry everything will be fine
ragini:how can everything be fine?didnt u see they fought so badly
laksh:u know how much they love each other….they will sort it out soon
just then they hear a breaking sound
they rush outside.swara has broken a vase
swara shouts: yes yes…now i am fool
sanskar:yes u r and u know wt its my mistake that i married u
swara:no its my mistake that i trusted u…just go back to that lizard
ragini:what r u saying?
laksh:bhai…bhabhi…calm down
swara stamps her foot and goes to room
sanskar:go to hell…
he too leaves
ragini holds laksh’s hand and takes him outside while family is amused.

laksh:where r u going?
ragini:police station
laksh:but why
ragini:we should know who bailed those bastards
laksh:yeah ok
raglak go to police station and are shocked to know that they r still in jail
ragini:i think sb played a prank on them
laksh:lets go home and clear the confusion
ragini:give me ur phone
laksh:where z urs?
ragini:at home
laksh calls swasan
swara:what is it?
ragini:di sb fooled u both…tia and her bro are still in jail
sanskar:how u knwo?
laksh:cause we r in police station
swara:laksh r u with ragini?
laksh:yes bhabhi
swara:thank God
ragini:what happened
sanskar:finally u both r together to talk to each other….we were just pretending to fight
raglak are shocked
laksh:but why
swara:for u both….u guys needed some space and time…now finally u got it…ragini be cool minded and think for once….laksh is actually sorry for what he did….u guys love each other and u guys need each other….ragini think once didnt u ever find truthfulness in his eyes?did u not feel his true love for even a single second?how can u forget all the moments with him?how can u forget that he helped ur di to unite with sanskar?how can u forget his love ragini??
sanskar:people commit mistakes in life and learn from it….i ahev also committed mistakes but u and laksh made me realize how wrong i was….ur sis forgave me too….
swara:i know ragini ur pain is very big but u cant suffer whole life like this….give him a chance if u wanna stay happy….
sanskar:bye guys….
they cut call

swasan sigh
sanskar pulls swara to him
sanskar:what a lecture mrs maheshwari
swara:thank u so much…i hope all goes good now
sanskar pecks her forehead:dont worry….
they hug

ragini is in tears
laksh feels pain in his heart
ragini:lets go home
they sit in car.laksh is drinving silently and ragini is just looking outside the window.suddenly ragini shouts
laksh applies break and looks at her in shock
laksh:what happened?
ragini:pani puri!!
laksh opens his mouth
ragini:see the stall there
laksh:seriously ragini?
ragini:laksh plz
laksh looks at her happy and cute face and feels happy
laksh:ok but i have to take a turn…its on the other end of road
ragini:no i will go right now by crossing road….i cant wait
laksh:no ragini looks at the traffic….its dangerous
ragini:nothing will happen
she gets out of car while laksh shouts for her
laksh:ragini stop
ragini runs and doesnt see the truck speedily coming towards her but it is noticed by laksh

laksh shouts her name and pushes ragini who falls aside hurting her belly and laksh is hit and fallen away by the truck and falls down in a pool of blood……..

Credit to: angel

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