swaragini hate to love(musical emotions) 44


RECAP: swara ka torture.ragini pregnant


ragini is resting as well now as further 5 months pass and now ragini is 5 months pregnant nd swara is 8 months pregnant

Swara shouts from her room:badi ma…badi maa
ap runs to her room
ap:what happened swara?
swara:badi maa….ur duffer son is again not picking up my phone….what the hell is his problem
swara throws the phone in anger
ap:no beta nothing like that
swara:badi maa….i want to eat golas…if he doesnt bring i will kill him
ap keeps hand on her forehead
ap:why always sanskar calls out to his death


ragini is continuosuly calling laksh but he is not picking up and she is getting furious.


sanskar shakes hand with his client mr gupta
sanskar:thnk u for finalising the deal
gupta:ur welcome….my daughter will discuss the rest of the problems with u

client goes and sanlak sit with employees
laksh:let me explain u next step
laksh gets up from seat and goes towards board and drawas some sketches with marker
PA comes running inside
pa:laksh sir u have got 27 missed calls
laksh concentrating on his work as well
laksh:call back and put the phone on speaker
she calls back and a roar is heard
RAGINI:laksh maheshwari were u dead
laksh turns back in shock and drops the marker.sanskar laughs.
ragini:i had been calling u for last 2 hours …. where the hell r u roaming??
all employees laugh
laksh:ragini my respect
ragini:i will kill all of ur respect today….open ur ears and listen to me
rag:shut up and listen to me….u made me pregnant…all ur fault and now u r running from work
ragini shouts:QUIET LAKSH….and listen if u dont bring pani puri for me within half an hour then dont show me ur face again
laksh:that is why u gave me 27 missed calls??

sanskar laughs and drink water
ragini:i gave 27 missed calls to u but swara gave 40 missed calls to ur bro
sanskar spills out the water
pa hands over mob to him
sanskar calls back swara but her mob is coming as switched off
sanskar:shit she is not picking up
ragini:cause she broke her m0b in anger
laksh:u r dead now
ragini:u both are dead….bring ice cream for di and pani puri for me right away
sanskar’s phone rings
sanskar:yeah ok u come home
laksh:who was it…
sanskar:kavita gupta
sanskar:lets go home
ragini:listen to me
laksh:baby m bringing ur pani puri plz forgive us now
he cuts call
sanlak head to leave
all employees altogether:sirs….all the best
sanlak look at each other embarrassed

they rush home where sanlak see their family members giving them a death glare
sanskar:plzz….already we have to bear the anger of ur bahus
laksh:yes now u guys dont start
laksh:chachi u look beautiful….so much glow
she touches her face and smiles
ram:laksh…there z a limit to lie
sujata gives him a death glare
laksh keeps hand on sujata’s shoulder
laksh:by the way chachi now a days this glow is on bhabhi’s and ragini’s face
sujata:yes cause they r pregnant
laksh looks at sujata
laksh:r u too??
sujata shys and husg ap in shness while ram shouts
ram:have u gone mad?
sanlak laugh and ram runs behind laksh
laksh:sorry sorry….ragini….
both rush to their rooms

sujata:yeah yeah both of u go and jiji let us prepare food for sanskar’s guest
sanskar enters room and calls out lovingly
swara takes off her eyes from her book and looks at him
she takes pillows and starts throwing towards him
swara:where the hell were u?
swara feels pain and winces and sanskar rushes to her
sanskar:swara u ok
swara;yeah m fine
she jerks off his hand
swara:but m angry with u
sanskar kisses her on her cheek
sanskar:sorry….was busy in a veryyyy important meeting…..i have got a huge contract
swara:i am happy for u
sanskar:thats why u were beating me?
swara kisses him on cheeks
both join forehead and laugh
swara:i wanna go downstairs….m tired
sanskar:my guest is coming i will make meet her….then will take u down…u eat ice cream

laksh goes into room
ragini:pani puri
laksh sits on bed annoyed and hands over pani puri to her
ragini starts eating like kid
she looks at him
ragini:why r u angry?
laksh:all u know is about eatables….i came in and u shouted pani puri as if u married pani puri and me??as if i dont exist
ragini smiles and places her lips on his
laksh gets shocked but responds
he sucks her lower lip
both fall apart due to alck of oxygen
ragini cups his face
ragini:nothing in my life is more important than u
laksh husg her and smiles
sujata comes in and shouts.raglak get alert
sujata:at least shut the door if u want to romance
sujata:wo…food is ready for ur guest…car has come and sanskar has gone to receive her
sujata leaves
ragini:that kavita
ragini:why would i be?
laksh:and why will u not be?
ragini encircles her arms around his neck
ragini:cause u r all mine
laksh holds her waist and nuzzles his nose with hers
laksh;all urs
ragini:now lets go downstairs….guests is w8ng

kavita enters house and collides with sanskar and is about to fall when sanskar holds her in time by waist.her arms are wrapped around his neck and she is lost into his eyes
kavita thinks:damn he is so handsome and look at his eyes!!so intense….
sanskar:r u ok?
kavita is still lost
sanskar makes her stand
sanskar:r u ok?
kavita:i was ok be4 but not now?
sanskar:why?r u hurt?
kavita laughs:nothing….m kavita gupta
sanskar:m sanskar maheshwari
both go in and family greets her
15 mins pass and kavita is still lost in sanskar
ragini:oh no….di must be sitting alone in room
sanskar:yeah she wanted to come down
pari:let me bring her
pari goes and brings swara down
sanskar goes to her and holds her hand.kavita wonders who she is
sanskar makes her sit carefully and kisses her forehead surprising kavita
kavita:she….i mean show is she?
sanskar:let me give an intro….swara she is daughter of my client mr gupta..kavita gupta…and miss kavita…she is swara….swara sanskar maheshwari….my wife….my life….my love…my everything

kavita was hell shocked!!!!!!

next epi: kavita tries to keep sanskar away from swara.swara gets sad as sanskar is not able to give her time.

previous few epis were all about raglak….ragini’s rape and laksh’s truth then their consummation…let it be a little swasan now and raglak as well

ok m tired now……its a pretty long epi plz comment

Credit to: angel

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