swaragini hate to love(musical emotions) 43


RECAP: swara pregnant….raglak consummation


raglak wake up.laksh kisses her forehead.ragini comes out after taking bath.she dries her hair.laksh hugs her from behind and kisses her neck.
laksh:thnk u for forgiving me
ragini:i love u
laksh:i love u too
ragini:never leave me
laksh:i promise
he pecks her lips and both hug


swara is continuously eating snacks
ragini:slow down shona…
swara:i am so tensed u duffer….marriage is hanging on ourheads and my clothes….damn what if they dnt fit me,,,and bhai??he is coming today and i have not ready yet….and that sanskar is not picking my phone
ragini keeps her hand on forehead
ragini:this girl is gonna kill me….sanskar jeeju…plz pick up phone if u wanna stay alive or her mood swings will kill u
laksh comes from behind
swara shouts:laksh…
laksh stops at his place and recites hanuman chalisa
ragini:u r gone now hubby
swara walks towards him
swara:what kind of brother u got??and tell me why he keeps phone??to not attend the call….and the call of whom??her wife…pregnant wife,,,,that idiot had become so irresponsible but u??cant u give him some sense?but how will u do it??u r senseless urself who phone was switcjed off and i had been trying both of urs num for last 2 hours….

swara says all this in one breath while laksh pops out his eyes
laksh:wanna say sth else or is it over?
swara shows her angry eyes to him
sujata comes running
suajata:drink this water chori…
ap:God!!swara’s mood swings are really dangerous
swara:what r u doing at home by the way
laksh:thank God u asked finally….i forgot an important file so just came to take it
swara shows him finger
swara:dare u not leave to office without me!!!i have a business to deal with ur bro
laksh bows before swara
laksh:whatever my bhabhi wishes
swara:its my demand….
ragini:sanskar jeeju is gone now
ap:but in this state??why u going
swara:to deal with busy maheshwari
laksh:lets go now
swara:let me change
laksh:but i will be late
swara:couldnt u tell me before
laksh:u dont let anybody speak once u open ur mouth
swara:ragini see what he is saying
ragini:sshhh,,,,not a word now
swara:good…now i will be back within 10 mins
laksh smiles:ok my maa….


laksh sleeps on stairs while rest of teh family knows swara will take time during pregnancy and will show her mood swings ragini finally brings swara and she shouts laksh’s name who gets up with a jerk
swara:thsi is ur working time mr laksh….and u r sleeping
laksh:u took so long…are these ur 10 mins??
swara:dnt quarrel with me and lets go
ragini kisses laksh’s cheek and he smiles.
laksh leaves with swara

they reach swasan office and swara gets shocked to see sanskar talking freely with a girl.The girl’s hand touches with sanskar’s as they discuss about a project
swara yells:sanskar maheshwari
laksh shuts his ears
laksh:all the best mere bro
sanskar gets shocked to see swara in office
sanskar:God plz control her mood swings or she will snatch my respect in front of whole staff
swara comes closer to him
swara:what do u do in office?time pass??or do u keep sleeping?which idiot gave u best businessman award??
swara:shut up
laksh keeps finger on his lips
swara:tell me,,,,does a businessman keep his phone off all teh time??i was calling u for 2 hours…this laksh also did same…u dont bother to call me…and u should start eating almonds,,,u forgot?bhai and akikra are coming today….but no,,,work work and only work…nothing else…u even dont care abt ur sweet pretty pregnant wife who go so tensed as u were not picking up phone
laksh murmurs:and she ate three chips packet in tension
swara:i heard it laksh….keep ur mouth shut
she continues
swara:u dnt care for u child…he was crying papa where r u,,,plz call mama….plz come home,…mama is missing u but u….idiot duffer…and who is this girl?why is she being so free with u?
sanskar:my pa…
swara:couldnt u keep a male assistant ??do u think i am stupid??
sanskar:no acually
swara:sshhh!!!u come home then i will take ur class….right now am going to fetch bhai and akira from airport and dnt u forget that tomorrow is sheena and akash’s haldi
sanskar nods and looks at hin staff who are staring at swasan with their open mouths
swara shouts at them
swara:what is ur problem??havent u seen a romance between coupem before?
swara hits him on foot and he winces in pain
swara:duffer…now come
laksh:bhai…all the best for tonight
sanskar sighs:my office people …. what will they think now

swara brings akira and sam home
ragini keeps playing with their kid and remembers her child and a tear escapes her face
laksh are at home now
laksh kisses her eye and doesnt let the tear roll down.
she smiles and he assures her that everything will be fine
sam:we really need to rest…swara brought everyone here
sumi:we should go
dp:its late…plz stay here all of u
all agree…sanskar comes
swara:its late na bade papa…give this sense to somebody else too….
swara:yes…dont know which idiot aksed him to become so successful
ram coughs
laksh:it was cahchu,…
ram:swara beta…do i look idiot
swara bites her tingue
swara:no papa….actually…
sanskar grins
sanskar:and there is another idiot who gave me best business man award and title
dp:sanskar….u think i am an idiot
sanskar:ur daughter in law thinks
dp laughs and swara as well
sanskar’s jaw drops
sanskar:always free with bahu

swara gives dead look to sanskar and goes in room
she sits on bed and reads book
sanskar:u angry?
sanskar:but why?
swara:cause u dnt love me anymore
sanskar sits on bed
sanskar:who said that
swara:u r no more romantic and have become workaholic…u remain in office more and less at home and i know u care for me too but soon u will not love me
sanskar laughs
swara:because i am becoming fat….see my stomach
sanskar laughs loudly and kisses her belly
sanskar:its my baby no 2 inside
sanskar:first is u…
he pulls her cheeks
sanskar:and i love u so much
sanskar :yeah
swara:but ur phone should……
before she could complete her words sanskar places his lips on hers and kissed her passionately
they kiss for a while and depart at the short of breath
they join their heads and smile
swara:what was the need to say all that idiot thing in front of papa and bade papa
sanskar:i was kidding
swara pulls his nose
swara:u naughty

sujata shouts:i have called doc
akira:bring water
sanskar:what the noise?
swara:go and check
sanskar goes out and comes back
sanskar:vo…ragini…she fainted
swara gets tensed and gets up with jerk
sanskar holds her hand and they go towards ragini’s room
doc comes and checks her.she becomes conscious
laksh:is she ok?
doc smiles:congrats miss ragini…
ragini:mrs laksh maheshwari
laksh and family smiles
doc:mrs laksh maheshwari…..u r pregnant
all are stunned and happy
ragalk couldnt believe and hug
swara:i am gonna become maa and maasi as well….yippie
swara jumps and all shout:swara!!!
swara makes oops face:sorry
sumi:how did i give birth to this silly girl
shekhar whispers:after our suhagraat
sumi blushes

ragalk hug each other
laksh:i am so happy
swasan hug too
swara:all is gonna be good now

NEXT EPI: swaragini ka torture

guys now the upcoming track shows sumi will turn negative.i dnt know why r they not happy with sumi’s pregnancy juSt because of her age??come on guys grow up…they united after 20 years…and child is a God’s gift u cant deny it….its a sin….u should be happy that God gave u a chance again to become parents…after all some those people also exist who dont have children…thEy tried to abort it just because of stupid society??
oh plz …. people keep blabbering unnecessarily …God has given two earS…listen from one and throw out from another…….
society wont say sth when people keep producing kids for money or juSt to get a son….but speak aimlessly Just to spoil other’s happiness of their old age….respect God’s wish….u cant fight with Him….He is the creator….He gives life and only He has the right to take it….
let the child come peacefully in the world with his/her original parent’s name………


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Credit to: angel

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