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Hey riya my fav Jodi is of course “SwaSan” ??

RECAP: swasan tell truth to raglak.raglak accident.


Ragini winces in pain whole laksh is semi conscious and is bleeding.all he could hear were ragini’s screams.he crawled towards ragini and held her hand.ragini was crying.people stopped a car and placed them in it and called from ragini’s mobile.
Swara:yes ragini
Person:mam ur family members have met with a severe accident.they r being taken to hospital
Swara is shocked.
Sujata:what happened?
Swara has tears in her eyes
Sanskar cups her face
Sanskar:what happened??
AP:say clearly
Whole family was shocked and rushed to hospital

They were shattered to see the state of their children
Doc:she was pregnant
Doc:she was hurt on her belly….we are sorry…but the child is no more
Family is taken aback
All cry
Sanskar:and ragini?
Doc:she still doesn’t know about her child…its better if u guys tell her
Sujata:doctor….our laksh?
Doc:he is really very critical…
AP:u have to save my son
Doc:we can only try
Ram:what do u mean??
Doc:I mean…only prayers can save him
AP faints
She is shifted to a room where sujata dp and ram are with her
Swara and sumi go to ragini followed by doc

Dpc:how r u feeling ragini?
Ragini:I am ok doc
Sumi cries
Ragini:maa why r u crying??
Doc:plz tell her
Ragini:di…what happened?
Swara cries and puts her hand on ragini’s belly
Ragini looks at her belly and feels it light
Ragini:my baby….doctor why cant i feel my child?
Swara gets stern
Swara:ragini….u remebrr when u came to know about laksh’s betrayal u said that u wanna kill this child and u even prayed to God to fulfill ur wish…
Ragini:Han….but…i….i was in anger….abd why r u saying this?
Swara laughs with a broken heart
Swara:God listened to u…
Swara:yr child is dead ragu….ur prayer had been heard
Ragini is shocked and scattered
Ragini:no…no…u r joking
Sumi caresses her face
Sumi:no ragini….no…
Ragini shouts:noooooo…..my baby…God..,.why??nahin….doctor plz give me my child back…
Ragini screams badly and hugs sumi
She takes out all her pain and gets numb

Nurse comes rushing
Nurse:doctor….plz come fast…the patient in ICU is hardly breathing….his pulse is dropping….
Swara stands up in shock while doc rushes out
She shouts “Laksh”
She rushes outside and ragini departs from sumi forgetting her recent paon and asks sumi who tells her about critical condition of laksh
Ragini is horrified and broken
Ragini:maa…plz ask doc to save him plzz…
Sumi:yes…nothing will happen to him…dont worry beta…
Ragini gets worried

Doc is trying to cure laksh but he is very serious.Doc comes out of ICU hopelessly
Sanskar:where is my bro?
Doc:I am so sorry mr sanskar maheshwari….ur bro has moved into coma…
SwaSan are shocked.Sujata sits with a thud on chair.Sanskar cries and collapses on floor while swara hugs and consoles him but she too is in tears.
Annapurna is also told about it and she rushes to ragini
AP sits in ragini’s feet
Ragini is shocked
Ragini:maa what r u doing?
AP:save my laksh….he loves u madly…doc has lost his hope…my son has gone into coma
Ragini is taken aback
AP:plz save him…only ur love can save my child…
Ragini looks on and reminisces all her moments with laksh….
AP keeps pleading and ragini finally shouts his name “Laksh”!!!….

She rushes to laksh’s room in a dishevelled state and sits on a chair beside him.she cries and looks at him
She reminisces her rape and sgits ger eyes in pain
Ragini:how do I forgive u….u raped me…u married me…u started our life with a lie…u should have at least thought to tell me for once…why did u give pain to me?now see what happened….
She cries and feels pain in her head…
She faints
Doc comes and asks nurse to take her into her room
Swara:no doctor….dont separate the love birds plz…
Doc nods and places a bed for ragini beside laksh…
Doc:ragini is fine but weak…she may get discharged tomorrow
Swara:thank u

The day passes and ragini goes home with AP sujata ram dp sumi and shekhar
Swasan r in hospital only for laksh
Ragini rests in her room
She prays for laksh

The day passes again and ragini is all lost in laksh and her child

The third day maid comes in ragini’s roon
Ragini:what happened?
Maid:ur mobile has been repaired
Ragini takes it and starts checking her mob.she opens her voice mail and sees few mails.she opens the last one and sees the date of her marriage and wonders whose is it?she opens it and is shocked to hear laksh’s voice confessing everything to her.she cries and thinks how wrong she was about him.he was guilty a long time ago and wanted to start afresh but she misunderstood him.she curses herself and runs out of her room
All see her rushing out
But she doesn’t listen and runs to hospital
Ragini enters laksh’s room and holds his hand and cries badly
Ragini:I forgive u laksh….i forgive u….plz come back to me…see ur ragini is here…yes ur ragini…i am urs only…only urs….i love u laksh….plz come back to…
She holds his face and keeps her head on his and cries badly
After 10 minutes of her crying she notices movement in laksh’s body and shouts for doc
Doc checks him immediately and is stunned and announces that its a miracle that lakhs is fine now….
Ragini:no its our love which cured him
Laksh looks at her and smiles hearing it.
Doc:I think u guys need some privacy
Ragini sits by laksh’s side
Laksh:I am sorry
Ragini keeps her finger on his lips
Ragini:sshh….don’t say it…just tell me that u love me
Laksh:I love u ragini
Ragini smiles
Ragini:I love u laksh…
She kisses his hand and keeps her head on his shoulder and both shut her eyes

TU HI HAI ASHIQUI plays in bg…

Whole family sees it and rejoices with tears in their eyes…

Credit to: angel

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