swaragini hate to love(musical emotions) 39


RECAP: Ragini reacts over the truth.swasan decide to unite them.


Ragini makes breakfast and swara joins her.swara stealthily takes oil bottle and hands over to sanskar.she winks at him and sanskar hurriedly spreads oil on stairs.Sanskar shouts for laksh and he comes out.
Sanskar:laksh…i need to talk to u…come down
Laksh:yes bhai
Lakah descends the stairs but slips and screams.
Swaragini hear the scream and rush out.ragini runs to him and cups his face
Ragini:are u ok?
Both have an eyelock.then ragini remembers the night and backs off.
Ragini:he is already fallen much…doesnt matter if he falls again
Saying so she leaves but turns to look at him.
Swasan smile but laksh is sad.sanskar tries to help him but laksh says he is fine and is going to rest.laksh goes.
Sanskar:I will check him
He goes but slips too and sits on stair while swara laughs madly
Sanskar:arey yar!!! The plan backfired
Swara:oh my God…its so funny
Sanskar:u ND yr stupid plan
Swara:oh hello….i am a mastermind….at least we came to know that ragini still cares for him and really loves him.
Sanskar:but u dnt care abt me
Swara pouts while sanskar shows fake anger.swara goes near him and pecks him on lips surprising him.
Sanskar:not bad mrs maheshwari
Swara smiles and helps him into room.


All r having breakfast
Swara receives a call and is shocked
Swara:what ??but how?no…
She cuts call
Dp:what happened beta?
Swara:that Tia!!she and her bro have been bailed
Swara cries
Ragini:but how z this possible?
Laksh:who could have done this??
Swara:who could have done this except sanskar
Sanskar is shocked
Sanskar:what the hell r u saying?
Swara:u used to love her…how could u see her in this state??
sanskar:just shut up swara!!how can u blame me?
Ragini:di plz stop
Swara cries
Swara:no ragini!!u know its him only
Sanskar:I cant believe this swara…marriage is based on trust respect and love…if u dnt trust me how can u respect me..and when there z no respect there z no love!!it means u dnf love me
Swara:I have always loved u but dnt forger ur first love is tia
Ap:no u r wrong beta…if he had been in love with Tia then he would have married her but he loved u so he married you
Swara:then why did he bail Tia and her bro?they will kill me
Sanskar:I am ready to die for u as I love you but u cant die for me
Swara:I have always proved my love mr.sanskar but you…
Sanskar:oh plz swara!! Throughout I had always supported and helped u though I and u had a fight ….yes I tried to hurt u so much just because of one mistake…u cant mistrust me now
Ragini:di jiju is right….he had always been with u…he loves you so much…he did only one mistake…he is a human too…why cant u forgive him?
Sujata:ragini then why dnt u forgive our laksh?
Ragini gets numb!!
SwaSan look at ragini
Swara:keep ur advice with u ragini if u cant fulfill it then I dnt need it
Sanskar:dnt u dare talk to her like this
Swara:she is my sis I can do wtever I want….who the hell r u to stop me?
Sanskar:am I nothing to u?
Swara:if Tia is sth to u then I am nothing

There is a dead silence

Sanskar:a decision has to be taken
Sanskar goes to his room.
Swara goes too
All leave the place sadly.
Raglak are left behind with sad faces
Laksh:how can they?
Ragini:this shouldn’t have happened
They look shocked and helpless at each other…

Sanskar is standing angrily in the room.swara enters angrily and shuts the door.Sanskar turns towards her.
Swara:show ur anger to sb else
Swara smiles broadly:because I am made only for ur love
Sanskar smiles and swara tuns to him and both share a tight hig
Sanskar:it was so tough
Swara:but we did it
Sanskar:did u see their faces?
Swara:yes now our fight will unite them
Sanskar:fake fight
Sanskar pulls her by waist
Sanskar:I hate to fight u
Swara: Me too but we have to do it for them…
Sanskar:now for uniting us raglak will shake hands.
Swara:yes…and thanks to our family…tehy acted well
Sanskar smiles

FB SHOWS swasan asking family to take part in their fake fight act to unite raglak and they agree,FB ENDS.

Swasan hug each other and think abt next step.

Missed me??sorry for being irregular.I am not getting time.I have become lazy in Ramadan and moreover I had met with accident yesterday!!God my body is paining….
Love u all?
See us soon

Credit to: angel

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  1. Nice episode… Now how is ur health?????And what about Piya Rangrezz ffs??????R u not interested about Piya Rangrezz ffs????Plz tell me…

    1. hi riya….the writer of intenseful lovestolry has been cured…..it was nirali’s ff so its upto her that she will write or not…i was just writing on her behalf….now she is back so i have no right to write her story….and abt my ff….i have ended all my ffs of piya rangrezz….some want me to write more but its tough….i will try to write an os….means one shot….but managing another ff along with 2 ffs in ramadan and housework and studies is really hectic………thnx,…..

  2. more raglak scenes please,

    1. already had given full raglak scenes in previous few epi so i added swasan scenes in this epi

  3. wah,wat a great episode

  4. Purvi

    Continue soon……

  5. Awesome dear and waiting for next episode

  6. Megha123

    Awsm epi & take care of u r health

  7. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Take care DEAR
    Waiting for the next one….

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  9. plzz give equal space to both swasan and raglak

  10. plzz give equal space to both swasan and raglak may be more raglak scene bcoz now day swasan track is going on swaragini

    1. my previous few epis were all at raglak so i added swasan scees…..i am nt going with the ontrack of swaragini…thnk u

  11. Omg r u ok dr? Take rest n don’t use the phne until u r completely fine… Anyways superb epi.. Swasan planning wad awesome.. They wud unite raglak for sure.. Missed u..

    1. thnk u for teh concern ruhani…..so sweet

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  13. Abirsha

    awesome dr……i loved this epi a lot….take care dr

  14. Niku

    Awsome …..update next asap

  15. Akshata

    what happened to you? how are you now? take care. happy ramadan 🙂
    awesome update

    1. met with accident….i am better.thnk u

  16. Soujanya

    awesome plan…………..

  17. Omg, I hope you’re feeling better now. Get well soon ??. But loved this episode, it’s nice to see Ragini still caring for Laksh. And Swara and Sanskar’s plans are interesting to read. Thanks for the update xx

  18. Really missed u a lot yaaaaar…jst loved dis episode…eagerly watng for nxt episode…love ragini.

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    How r u now?? R u fine?? Get well soon?
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    Love u????

  20. Then start ur another ff I mean the new ff it’s name is”SherDha(SUSPENSE+HATE+REVENGE+FIGHT+LOVE)… Plz start this ff….. Now if u have any problem then after Ramadan u can update it…… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update it it’s intro was just awsm…..

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