swaragini hate to love(musical emotions) 38

Hi guys!!! Missed me???I am back….guys few more epis to go and then I will be back with another ff …. Must read it… Its first epi’s name will be SWASAN FF ‘I have found you’ ……

I saw my poll in comments….well majority is authority….i will try to make all of u majority?


Ragini knows the truth!!!


Whole family is shocked to know the truth!!!
Ragini is numb
Laksh:I know I did mistake….whatever I did was in inebriated state.i tried to tell u but…
I am sorry….but I promise that my feelings for u are real….I really love u rag….
Before he could complete his sentence he got a tight slap from RAGINI!!!
Ragini showed him finger:don’t!!don’t u dare to take my name from ur disgusting mouth…i cant believe my ears that it was u…..i loved u so much but what did u do??was this ur love??
Laksh sits on his knees
Laksh:I am sorry….
He cries bitterly…
Sanskar holds laksh’s collar and makes him stand.he shakes him
Sanskar:laksh!!what the hell r u talking?
He cups his face and grinds his teeth…
Sanskar:tell the truth….tell everyone that my bro cant do this….speak up laksh….
Laksh folds his hands
Laksh:I am sorry bhai….i….i….
Sanskar pushes him and he falls on floor

Ragini:I was so happy to get h but u spoiled my happiness….ur feelings and ur love…fake….everything fake!!
She shouts!!
Ragini:I hate you….i hate you…
She grabs a base and throws on laksh and it hits his head
AP and sujata feel pain but they know he did wrong
Ragini keeps shouting!!and keeps picking things and hits laksh
Swara grabs ragini.
Swara:stop it….u r hurting the child….stop ragini
Ragini stops…
Ragini:child!!no…no….its not a pure child!!its the sign of a sin!! I will never ever become the mother of rapist’s child!!I will kill it….i will kill it….

All are shocked
Ragini heads to but laksh grabs her feet
Laksh:no plz…punish me not the child.
Ragini:leave me…leave me
Laksh:ragini I am ur criminal!!punish me..,dnt kill the innocent….
Ragini tries to move and laksh is being dragged..,
Laksh begs but ragini is unmoved….
Ragini holds his collar and makes him stand and slaps him again
Ragini:what was my fault??
She slaps him again
Ragini:why did u do this?
She slaps him again
Ragini:didn’t u love me?
She slaps him again
Ragini:why the hell did u befriend me?
She slaps him again
Ragini:why did u come close to me?

A slap again
She keeps shouting and crying and hits him on chest continuously
She feels dizzy and laksh tries to hold her but she pushes him
Ragini faints.Adarsh picks her up and takes her to room followed by swara and parineeta…

Laksh folds his hands in front of dp who tells him that he is ashamed to be his father…
He goes
He then stands in front of ram.
Ram:if I will slap u ….i will get dirty myself…
He leaves
Sujata cries and pats his face and leaves
AP keeps crying and extends her hands to him but then moves back…
She leaves from there too….
Sanskar:I don’t believe this….
He goes from there too….
Laksh cries badly

Doc examines ragini and warns ger to be careful as it may affect the child
Ragini:its better if it dies
Swara:shut up ragini….its not the fault of this child ….
Ragini:no di…i won’t let this child come in the world..its a punishment for that bastard….
Ragini joins her head and looks up
Ragini:bhagwan ji!!kill this child and listen to me if u really exist!!


Laksh hears it and curses himself….

FEW DAYS PASS and all try to take care of ragini but they totally ignore laksh…
Swara notices ragini’s sadness and thinks sth….she decides to take sanskar’s help
Sanskar:so much happened!!u still….
Swara:yes sanskar…they both really love each other….i have seen regret in laksh’s eyes and truthfulness when he was confessing evrythng….their happiness is with each other….
Swara:sanskar….its because of love only
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar:how much u know mrs.maheshwari
He grabs her by waist
Swara:its because I am mad after u mr.maheshwari

Sanskar:I will do whatever u say.
Sanskar:yes madam….ur wish is my command….i love u
Swara:I love u too….

Both hug each other and sanskar kisses her forehead

Swara:so mission Raglak reunion
Sanskar:starts now!!!

Both smile…..?

sorry guys….it was really emotional and sad and might be boring….but lets see what happens next!!


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