swaragini ( hate to love ) story of two twins (episode 2)

Maheshwari mainson:
A big gate with two eagles made on it open and in parking around eight car are there and all are of same colour that’s black

In kitchen there are annpurna and sujata ..annpurna is durga Prasad wife n sujata is ramprasad wife
Both brothers run factories but dp runs a textile mill whereas ram runs a raw materials factory
They both have two sons sanskar maheswari of ram and laksh maheshwari of dp they have a daughter uttara and dp elder son adarsh runs factory with dp but sanskar the reserved guy of the family wants to run his own business so in a very young age he runs chain of hotels and ya laksh is a spoil brat a csinova type guy who help his dad but only in reducing his bank balance .
Laksh’s room :
A big frame of laksh and wall designed in blue and purple prints …we see around so there are clothes roughly thrown on table ..what a messy room it is ..whot kind of guy he is …a loud music …actually in his family he calls such noise a music ..
A rock music sound and a guy using dryer to make his hair style he wore blue shirt and black jeans he wear his watch and uses different branded deo and wear his gold bracelet on which it is written lucky..and after getting ready they come down

Sanskar’s room :
( we call it a perfect professional room .. study table ,a library attached , bed as if someone never sleep and we can see a lot of trophies of businessman of the year at the near table) A handsome boy with a proud look standing in front of mirror getting ready he is wearing a white shirt and black pant ..he takes out black tie from his collection of tie and wear it ,then rolex watch from his collection of watches and wear it then black professional shoes and a blackcoat .( a perfect two piece)
He comes down
Dinning table All having breakfast

Dp: laksh yesterday night you went to club and you had a fight there you did a loss of 50000 if we have money it doesn’t mean you should waste it .
Laksh : sorry dad but actually it was not my fault I went to save my frn other wise some spoil brats would have killed him
Ap: laksh thn u n ur frn shuld avoid such places
Laksh: sorry mom I ll take care in future
Sanskar : moreover you should be responsible now start coming to office
Laksh: bhaiiii you so young I must say you should also join me to these parties you should try to meet new frnzz so that soon I can meet my bhabhi or else a girl who will marry you will sing only one song mei kea krun ram muje Buddha mill gya .

Sanskar: I am happy with my behaviour you take care of urself . otherwise u definatly gonaa get scoldings from ur wife if she ll see ur long frn list .
All had break fast and leave dp in his car ram in his and laksh with sanskar to hotel….. as these days he is flirtin with sanskar’s P.A
come fast lucky i had a lot of work
laksh :bhai ur wife will die without romance….
sanskar : dont wrry abt me .. i m more romantic than u ..thats d reason girls are at back of me and you at back of them
he join his hands and says chal mere bhai ..
uttara’s room

a simple pretty room and she is a very sober girl and inner beauty matters for her ( uttara: sannaya irani)
she is princess of her thoughts ..

prercap : a heated conversation in middle of road ..

sry for late update ..comments required for futhur amendments

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