swaragini ( hate to love ) story of two twins (episode 1)

hey frnz i am kaly.. yet i was reading all ff so i decided to write one
my story have same characters but a different concept it will start with a hate story to a love story but definately there will be reasons and you people can suggest me …

gadodia mansion:
shekhar gadodia a known senior advocate of the city and sumi gadodia running a ngo
morning rays falls sumi gets up ..
making breakfast ready
sumi: shekhar please come early
shekhar :ok darling ..but jst tell me where are my two princess
sumi: ohh thy r ur princess and ur love have spoiled them ..they are yet not awake
dadi: no problm let them take there beauty sleep haha
sumi: you all have made these girls so lazy wot will they do after marrige …( she shout swara n ragini get up or else u ll again be late for your college )
swara room:
all blue and her large potrait with her guitar (let me tell you she is indepndnt ..law student who love to play guitar but ya she is a chubby girl who only belive in frnz but no love but one more quality she speaks alot ..)
swara : o shit its 10 she gets ready with pink shirt and blue rugged jeans and black coat in her hand
ragini room :
a pink wall with hand made paintings made by ragini a sweet room with white and red roses grown in her balcony …
she is already awake n getting ready … she love to dance and is law student ..(being twin sisters swara and ragini have different behaviour ragini speaks less and is reserved kinda girl … she is beautiful and love her sister and love to grown flowers )
she wear a beautiful white top with black jeans and a bracelet which says loveurslf in her right hand and a rolex watch in left she took her coat)
both sisters come downstairs huggs shekhar and takes his blessings ….
shekhar goes sumi give them breakfast
swara : maa we ll be late as i have a presntn so ragini will wait with me so please dont get worried
sumi:ok but take care and dont b too late
swarag : dont worry maa love you bie
swara brings d car and both went to college
( swarag have a car of white colour and they always go togethr to college and swara love to drive )

recap : a big mansion …some bright and elegant faces …two boyss with handsome looks
do comment if u like thn i ll write in future and please do give your suggestions

Credit to: kaly


    • Jyoti

      Swasan pls… Swalak are now bhabhi and devar so for me they won’t suit very much now…it’s just a suggestion pls don’t feel hurt ha

  1. anu

    Plz make it swasan
    Swalak r OK for me but ragsan doesn’t look gud together they look like bro nd sis sry for hurting ragsan fans feeling but swasan r made for each other

  2. kaly

    guys thanx for your comments …m glad u people are liking my theme …but as there are more votes to swasan n raglak so i ll wait for few more as next prt is intro about guys and thn i ll crry on .. u cn write ur suggestns freely without any sorry …i ll love to connect my story with ur thoughts

  3. atiya

    i wil not waste my energy by telling make it swalak as i knw der majority of swasan is more so u have to make swasan :’-(

  4. Crazygirl

    I’m a silent reader but I love Swalak and Ragsan because for me Swasan looks like brother and Sister so I don’t like Raglak and Swasan. For me it’s forever Swalak and Ragsan❤️

  5. riya

    Swasan… Actually v can’t see swara with any one else except sanskar… So plz make it swasan…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.