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swara and sanskar are lost in each other.the passing people laugh to see them.kids giggle and run towards them.
1st:bhaiyya leave didi now
swasan come to senses
swara:oh sorry
sanskar:its ok i m sorry
swara:no sanskar is hould have seen u it was my istake
sanskar:no my mistake sorry
swara:i am sorry
kids keep watching them and bang their heads with their hands
kids:we are sorry

they laugh and swasan are embarrassed
they hear people talking that how nice couple it is.swara shys and sanskar smiles to see her
sanskar thinks:control urself dude
swara thinks:oh god so he is my mr.perfect….no no….but what if he really is…ahh,,,,how o i find out

sanskar:by the way what r u doing here??and thsi money collecting ??
swara:actually they all are orphans.they live in peace orphanage.i visit it on saturdays.it gives me peace and smile on my face comes when i m with them.orphanage needs help.a baby named kiera is ill and she needs money for her cancer operation.she is only 1 and half years old.kids want to arrange money soon so we were collecting it.
sanskar is moved to hear the story.
swara:but what r u doing here??
sanskar:actually u didnt come to college….so i….
sanskar:i thought that u might be ill or in any problem so i went to ur house but ….
swara smiles to see his concern
sanskar:i need to go…
swara:all of a sudden??
sanskar:yeah an important work actually
sanskar hugs kids and leaves
swara:whre did he go??

sanskar reaches office.he goes to dp
dp:u in office??
sanskar:i need some money bade papa
dp:how much??
sanskar:15 lacs
dp:but why??
sanskar:i will tell u later.i need money plz….
dp cuts cheque and gives to him
sanskar:love u bade papa.bye…
dp:bye beta


sheena wipes her tears as she sees ragini approaching
sheena:no nothing#
ragini:i know everything….f**k them
sheena:dont worry i m ok
ragini:hey listen u r my sis….remeber i and di along with bhai mom dad dada dadi dida bro love u…
sheena:neighbours are left
ragini makes a confusing face and both laugh
they hug and akash sees it,.he smiles

laksh is badmouthing about ragini.akash comes.
laksh:she is very mean
akash:no laksh.u r wrong.actually we are wrong
laksh:what do u mean??
akash:they are nice girls.they are emotional yet strong.they only fight with us just to protect themselves.u always insult her.u know why?bcz of ur ego and u think she insults u.she does right,as u need to know i hurts others.
laksh is shocked to hear this from akash.

samrat comes to ragini and sheena.
samrat:why r u both crying?
sheena:i just came to remeber all of urs love for me.
samrat:oh….u r so emotional
akira:and u r so flirt
ragini:hi akira
sheena:why r u so angry
akira:u know wht ur bro did??we were drinking tea and he saw a girl wearing short blue dress with naked belly.how cheap.he started to flirt and she kissed him on cheek.how disgusting
samrat smiles to see her jealousy while ragini and sheena too understand and widen their eyes by smiling at samrat.
samrat:so what??she was hot
akira murmurs:as if i m not hot
samrat:what??what did u say?
akira:clean ur ears to hear it.
samrat:ok….i will….but right now i need to go to meet that hottie
akira opens her mouth in shock and he leaves

ragini:do sth
akira:do i kill that girl??
sheena:do u love bhai?
akira:of crse dumbo
ragini:show him ur hotness
akira:but what do i do??
ragini tells a plan and sheena and akira smile


its night time.swara is walking on road as she is coming from a get together at her frined’s home and is on call
sumi:swara when will u come?
swara:ma…i am walking…no auto is here,…i will try to come soon
sumi:tel me if u will be able to come or else stay at ur frind’s hoime.its late
swara:ok ma…

some guys eye swara lustily.she ignores.they come to her and pass callous comments.swara slaps a man and tries to leave.but he holds her from back and hugs her.she screams at them to leave her but he picks her up and tries to take her away.swara shouts for help.
the guys tear swara’s sleeves and she still shouts.they take her to a corner and a guy comes over swara.just as he is about to get closer they guys receives a fatal blow on his face and sanskar makes a heroic entry.he fights with all the goons and shoos them

he sees swara sitting in a corner and weeping.he takes off his jacket and covers her.swara hugs him tightly

pal do pal ki kyun hai zindagi
is pyar ko hain diyan kafi nahin tau khuda se maang lun
mohlat ain ik nayi
rehna hai bus yahan ab dur tujh se jaana nahin
jo tu mera humdard hai jo tu mera humdard hai
suhana har dard hai jo tu mera humdard hai
plays in bg……

swara feels solace in his arms and sanskar pats her head.he makes her stand but she is still hugging him and her eyes are shut.he carries her towards his car and makes her sit.he drives towards his home while swara feels safe with him………..

hey guys many of u might be thinking that there are no raglak moments but lt me tell u that raglak story is from ”hate to love” while swasan story is from ”love to hate to love”……….u will see soon what a tragedy occurs in ragini’s life and how she gets support and how swasan love changes to hatred and thn again love…..stay tuned……….

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