swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 5 NEW ENTRY+BEST SWARA

hey guys….i would like silent readers to comment too is there are any as i feel that u r not liking the plot…

recap: swasan 1st meeting,akira befriends ragini and laksh is angry at akira’s behaviour

new character:

samrat: swaragini’s brother.his role will be played by soumendra from sarojini


ragini gets a call
ragini:bhai….how r u…i mean where r u…
boy:just gonna enter the college
ragini:come soon
ragini:hey akira
akira:who is coming?
ragini:my bro
ragini:he is on his way…
just then a red coloured car enters pressing horn.
akira:oho….who is this dumbo
ragini:my bro

the car stops and a handsome guys wearing blue shirt with black pant and black waist coat gets out of car.he removes his goggles and smiles.all girls are looking at him
akira opens her mouth:wow….he is so handsome
ragini smiles seeing him and rushes
samrat too steps forward and ragini hugs him and he picks her up and spins
samrat;i missed u so much

ragini:i missed u too
samrat:of course everybody will miss me as i very special
ragini:not again bhai
they smile
ragini:come let me introduce u to my new friend
she takes him to akira

ragini:akira he is my bhaiyya….samrat…and she is akira
samrat smiles at her and says to himself:how pretty
akira is lost in him.samrat extends his hand and she happily places her hand in his.
he kisses her hand and says:nice meeting you…
she is shocked and winks at her and leaves

akira jumps and husg ragini
ragini:r u ok?
akira:he kissed my hand
ragini:oh…so u r also flat on bro now…huh…dnt know how he does this…
akira smilingly looks at her hand while ragini smiles at her

in break time swara leaves the class with her new friend piya and smiles:how sweet everyone is.
piya:i am still afraid of our seniors
swara thinks about sanskar:not all are bad
they reach hall and many boys surround them
sanskar tia and abhay watch from far
tia:lets see how she passes this

swara:what??why r u surrounding us?
piya holds swara’s hand
piya:arey swara they are seniors and time for ragging
a guy steps forward:start dancing
tia smiles and steps forward:so lets make it simple madam…at least sing
swara looks at sanskar behing tia
sanskar:leave it tia
tia is surprised:what happend sanskar.why r u behaving like this??
swara:i am ready….but what do i sing??

tia laughs….have u listened guys??she is ready to sing….do u even know about ‘s’ of singing?stupid loser girl….yeah u r loser….actually i wanted to make u sing a song that could decribe your personality but look at yourself….u r nothing bu loser cheap poor girl how will u decribe ur personality?
sanskar:this is too much…why r u saying this….leave her….lets go,,,,
swara holds from a guys hand:i will tell you who i am…

she starts singing

koi hero yahan koi zero yahan
koi star hai koi bekaar hai

all are lost in her voice

swara starst playing guitar and moves her head left and right and her hair flutter

koi hero yahan

(she points sanskar)

koi zero yahan

(she points tia)

koi star hai

(she pointa piya)

koi bekaar hai

(she points tia again)

main kaun hun tum se main kya kahun
hai sach tau ye doston
i am the best i am the best i am the best

(she points towards herself and jumps)

yes u r best

(her class raises voice)
piya claps

zindagi agar koi match ho
tau samjho tum mjhe tendulkar

(she stands in front of sanskar and he smiles)

saamne jo dushman ho agar
tau phir mujhko nazar nahin pherni

(she makes paper planes and throws at tia who is getting irritated.she asks sanskar for help and he smilingly shruggs his shoulders)

arey bahi wah kya larki hai
arey bahi wah kya bhadki hai
arey bahi wah yehi tau champion hai

(sanskar along with a group of his friends approaches swara by jumping and sungs these lines and he and his friends lift her by joining their hands and swara sits on it)

mera jo khel hai main tum se kya kahun
jo phainku bouncer tau sixer maar dun

(she takes a ball and throws at tia which hits her bum…and tia opens her mouth in shock while evrybody including sanskar laughs.tia gets angry on him)

main kaun hun tum se main kya kahun
hai sach tau ye doston….
i am the best i am the best i am the best

(she again jumps with all the students in hall with her and sanskar joins her and they hoot like kids)

sanskar and whole college shout: yes u r best….

and she falls in sanskar’s arms.both have broad smile on their faces….
tia sees this and fumes…
tia’s bro who had been watching this by hiding bhind pillar nods his nhead in disappointment…….

the song has been taken from movie ”phir bhi dil hai hindustani”….

i know many of u might be thinking that its not hate to love for swasan but trust me while the ff will progress u will see the tashan and will experience many shocks and twists……..

plzzzzzzzzz comment

the frist girl in ff pic(short hair) is tia….
in salwar suit is sheena
baby cut girl is akira
the guy is akash

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