swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 33 RAPE REASON REVEALED!!!!


RECAP: ragini fights for justice and raglak’s marriage is decided.laksh is the actual culprit of ragini.


laksh cries and goes to the outhouse where he raped ragini.
he reminisces the holi day when he is playing holi wit ragini and she smashes colour on her and she too fills his face with color and play in water.laksh is mesmerized at her beauty and he pulls her closer.both are lost and share a hard lip kiss.laksh makes this kiss a real passionate kiss and tries to romance but ragini feels it wrong and pushes him.
ragini:are u mad?what r u doing?its not right before marriage.
laksh gives an angry look and moves away but ragini holds his hand
ragini:i am sorry
laksh doesnt say anything.ragini smiles and cups his face and gives a peck on his lips
ragini:i dnt want to lose you laksh.i really love u and trust you.and i know that ur love for me is true.

laksh gets tensed
ragini:promise me taht u will never ever betray me…u will always maintain the relation between us…promise me….
laksh doesnt say anything and just hugs her and gives a kiss on her forehead and cites a work and leaves from there.ragini gets confused at his behavious and goes to enjoy swara.

laksh goes to a room and takes out alcohol bottles and starts drinking madly.
laksh thinks:he loves me madly and what did i do???i got close to her in an intention to take revenge.how could i forget those insults???those slaps???her misbehaviour???i wanted to break her ego and teach her lesson thats why i…i kissed her…i touched so sensuously…..how could i???but i did….but….i never knew i will fall in love with her and now i am….why ragini why???u are making me feel guilty….i cant stay away from u anymore….i wanna tell u my truth but i fear i will lose u…i fear that u will leave me….i love u….i love u ….
he shouts with full force ”I LOVE U RAGINI”

he stands up and starts roaming in inebriated condition
he sees ragini running towards outhouse and he goes after her.raqesh sees laksh and runs from there.laksh enters and ragini is scared.
he comes to know that its ragini.

ragini keeps shouting to stay away from her and he feels he will lose her so he moves closer to her and expresses his love ”i love you”
he holds her tightly and rapes her in a fear of losing her and moreover in an inebriated state….

he rapes her and ragini falls unconscious.he again drinks and leaves her midnight.he falls in the corner of the road.next morning he wakes up and finds himself in a bad condition with a heavy head,he doesnt remember what happened and manages to get home.he doesnnt find anyone and moves to his room and gets shower but notices an ear ring stuck to his shirt.he doenst bother and keeps it aside.he comes out of washroom and is shocked to see nail marks and scratches on his body.he doesnt remember anything and tries to remember when he gets to know that ragini is missing.

he spent a month taking care of ragini and didnt realise to think abt that night.when ragini got fine and accused raqesh he instantly got him and beat him to a pop but raqesh denied the accusation and told him taht he went after ragini but saw him going into outhouse so he came back.laksh is shocked to hear that he went to outhouse….he tries to remember the night and concludes that he was badly drunk.he reminisces ear ring and then scratches and nail marks on his body.he remebrs everything and is distraught to know that he was the one who raped her love………..

he gave 50 lacs to raqesh to accept the crime and raqesh did so……
fb ends………

laksh stands up and wipes his tears.he spreads petrol all over the outhouse and sets it on fire.
laksh:i know whatever i did to u was wrong ragini but i wanna end my past here only and i promise to give u the best life.plzzzzzzz forgive me plz……..
he goes out……….

next epi: Raglak marriage and tia’s truth out!!!!

Credit to: angel

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  1. awesome loved it.. you just nailed it…

    1. Thnx a lot

  2. Oh my god wat to say

    1. Sindhu rm 2hy are u not posting your ff ALL ALONE RAGINI

    2. Hehe….thnx

  3. Angel it was awesome and I am waiting for your next update..

    1. Thnx will post soon

  4. Awesome…

  5. Its really good

  6. as usual awesome dear

    1. Thnk u ammu

  7. Awesome ep dear. The revealation is truly very nice. Poor raglak. I couldnt wait to see next ep cuz the precap is amazing 🙂

    1. Nice to see u here too….thnx…love u

  8. awesome……hope ragini after knowing the truth doesnt leave laksh…..update next asap…..waiting to know the reaction of sanskar after tia’s truth…..

    1. Will post soon…thnx

  9. Thank God that Truth is finally revealed otherwise my head would have burst because of the suspense yaar. You always make me speechless. Thanks for a wonderful update. Love you.

    1. Aww thnk u sweety love u 2

  10. yes laksh loves her but he has no right to hide the truth from her.
    he has to confess it and bear the punishment.
    ragini suffered a lot. running from the truth gives him nothing but fear and guilt.

    1. Will confess soon dear

  11. Dear nandy all alone ragini kabse khatam jogai… And even she started another one and that is also over… I think u didnt know it

  12. Awesome but laksh did a wrong he should confess it to ragini

    1. Thnk u….will do it soon

    1. Thnx priya

  13. awsome episode….. glad to know about precap…. when tia’s truth come out swasan’s love bcmoe intensive n clera away their misundrstndng….. but what hpn whe laksh’s truth come out…..

    1. thnx a lot…..ssshhhh abhi n bta skti?

  14. Nice.i like swasan part

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