swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 32 REAL CULPRIT??

RECAP: sad days for ragini.laksh helps ragini cry her heart out


ragini keeps crying for hours and finally she gets tired and rests in laksh’s arms.
family comes in and sees laksh caressing ragini’s hair.laksh sits on floor and holds her hands and sleeps by he side.
shekhar:what is he doing?
swara:he loves he
all are shocked
sujata:what r u saying?
sanskar:its true.,…they both love each other
adarsh:from when?
sheena:they were in same college,tehy used to fighht a lot
akash:but it cahnged into love during swara bhabhi and sanskar bhai;s marriage
dadi:but now she has been raped….laksh will not accept her
dp:he will
dp:i promise he will marry ragini…dnt wry
shekhar folds his hands in front of dp as a thank u
swara smiles and hugs sanskar surprising him but he hugs back

ragini wakes up after 3 hours and finds laksh by her side.she smiles and caresses his hair.he gets up isntantly and hugs her
laksh:u ok?
family members come there and ragini apologizes to everyone for hurting them
sumi hugs her and cries
ragini:maa dnt cry its time to punish the culprit,….ur daughter is not weak
all get relieved
sanskar:so was it
sam clenches his fist tightly.
sam:he is dead
he heads to go when laksh stops him
laksh:akira needs you…i will go
laksh leaves to inquire raqesh
ragini holds akira’s hands and makes her sit
ragini:thank u for making my bro a father….sorry i didnt react before but akira kissed her forehead and smiles
sam hugged ragini
ap sujata pari blessed her
adarsh too kissed her forehead and sanskar hugged her tight.
ragini:swara di…i know u ahve an yrge to hug me
swara has tears in her eyes she rushes and husg ragini and both cry
swara:i misses my lado
ragini:i am back….
both smile
ragini reminisces the fight between swasan and thinks taht i have to sort out my problem to solve di and jiju’s issues.laksh comes home after sometimes.family inquires but he asks them to leave the matter on him.
ragini goes to laksh’s room and sees him holding his head.her eys fall on table on which an ear ring is placed.she gets confused
ragini:laksh what is it doing with u?
ragini:cause its mine
laksh is shocked
ragini:did u get it from raqesh??laksh i was wearing this at holi party….it must have got stuck at his shirt when he……
the words stuck in her mouth and laksh hugged her
laksh:yes i got it from his place only
ragini:it can be used as a proof
laksh:i said na leave that up to me….u go and rest

2 days pass and police arrests raqesh as ragini filed a complaint against him
police brings raqesh home
inspector dev:mam…he is ur culprit…do whatever u like….then will take him to police station so that he suffers there
ragini goes near him and slaps him.
ragini holds his collar and shakes him badly.tears flow from her eyes
swara calls out ragini’s name and eyes her to be firm
ragini gets determined and takes off her slipper and beats him badly.raqesh winces in pain.
he accepts his crime and police goes with him
family is relieved and happy

ram:now we want to fulfill our promise
dp:urs and laksh’s alliance
laksh smiles while ragini is tensed
all are shockedswara:why?
ragini:i am not pure anymore…i cant let him ruin his life….dont force ur decision on him
laksh comes and holds her tightly
laksh:i love you…this is what mtteres….i promised u that i will stay by ur side no matter what then why the hell r u saying this~??we will marry u got it?
ragini has tears in her eyes and she hugs him and all are delighted to see their love

sujata:and one more thing
sujata:akira is pregnant and we want to hear the same news from swara too…
swara’s face color gets pale and sanskar lowers his head
ragini notices this while all others agree with sujata
swara wipes a tear from corner of her eyes and sanskar sees this
swara:excuse me
dadi:aww she is shying
ragini shows a fake smile

after 3 days at night raqesh is seen waiting for someone
a car arrives and its LAKSH.
laksh steps out of the car and hands over a bag to him
laksh:here r ur 1crore rupees.now get lost and never come back
raqesh takes bag
raqesh:talk politely as u have used me….i dnt get one thing why did u do this to the girl u loved?
laksh:get lost raqesh
raqesh:fine fine…
raqesh leaves

laksh holds his head and sits on road and tears flow from his eyes….
laksh shouts:yes i did it….i am ur culprit ragini….i raped you…i did this….
he screams and shouts at that deserted place………



Credit to: angel


  1. Arohi :)

    OMG what a suspense Laksh is the culprit!!! You literally nailed it!! please ost as soon as possible!!!!

  2. Ritu

    No I am not because I have strong doubt on laksh now please unite swasan Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Sree

    I had a feeling like this but why did laksh do it. Oh God u r making me restless so plz try to post nxt soon. BTW thanks for the revealation and this ep cuz i loved to see strong rags:) . Love u angel and tc. 🙂 🙂

  4. Ruhani

    I had a faint idea that it was laksh who actually raped her.. Hw could he do this to her in the name of revenge.. Y did he force on her… Eew its disgusting..

  5. Unbelievable stupidity crossed all the boundaries. Rakesh is far better than laksh according to me. Laksh should be punished badly

  6. Diya

    I knew it that Laksh will be behind all this as you said that the culprit name will be shocking and only Laksh’s name could be shocking. However, the episode was fab. Now I am just waiting to know why Laksh did this. Hope u will update soon. Love ur ff and keep smiling dear.

    • Rain

      Whoa that was unexpected. But pls pls don’t make Laksh the villain. The serial had already shown too much of Laksh being evil and I don’t like Laksh in that avatar. Pls yaar don’t make Laksh as a bad person.

  7. Aami

    just i guess earliar tht laksh is the culprit but i think it is my stupid thought…… but now i am shocked……. n y he is doing it..?? i think it not for revnge??? thn y??? IS he is in drunken state….????
    what happn nxt……. if ragini n every one knows about it……
    omg angel u make me restless…..

  8. namratha


  9. How can any person for to this extent for revenge!!!! Even beast is better than this bl**dy laksh…… I hope ragini doesn’t get to know the truth…. otherwise she will be broken…..

  10. Amy

    Yuk why is he crazy how can he …i hope ragini know true colour of laksh before marriage.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.