swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 30 RAPED


Recap: Swara falls from roof.sanskar cares for her.ragini is angry at laksh.sanskar slaps tia


Swara opens her eyes and sanskar is overwhelmed.he instantly holds her hand.and caresses her hair
Sanskar:are u ok
Sanskar calls doc and he praises their love power
Laksh reaches hospital and mees ragini bit ragini avoids him.
Ragini:u r drunk
Ragini slaps him and cries

Ragini holds his collar
Ragini:why e u doing it?r u mad?u r killing urself?wts wrong laksh?
Laksh cups her face and hugs her
Laksh:I am sorry…
Ragini:promise me…u will never drink
He hugs her again.laksh tightens his hug
in a fear of losing her.

Doc:how did u fall?
Sanskar gets tensed and swara looks at him
Swara:I just slipped because of my carelessness
Sanskar is surprised
Doc:she is fine now.u may take her home.
Next day sanskar brings swara home and makes her lie on bed.
Swara:but couch
Sanskar:shut up swara…sleep here only
She smiles…

Days pass and sanskar keeps caring for swara.he feeds ger with his own hands.laksh tries to be normal and behaves well with ragini.both are happy but laksh is still not able to tell reality to ragini.he wants to confess truth and start a new life.

Swara is well cured and sanskar is also now normal with her.but still they haven’t confessed their feelings.

Swara gets up and changes her saree.sanskar comes out of washroom and sees her struggling to insert her pallu in skirt.sanskar coughs and swara screams
Swara:how shameless u r
Sanskar:I am ur husband and this is my room too
Swara gets speechless
Sanskar:u know well that ur arm still pains.then why r u struggling?
Swara shows him tongue
Sanskar moves closer to her.sanskar takes saree
Swara:what r u doing??

He keeps hand on her bare waist and swara shivers.
Sanskar inserts pallu in her skirt.and sets her saree.swara turns to him and he ups her chin.sanskar kisses her forehead.swara shys

AP coughs standing at the door
Swasan depart instantly
AP:beat if u wanna romance then at least shut the door
Both shy and sanskar scratches his head.

Sujata comes too
Sujata:its holi tomorrow
Swara:yes mom
Sujata:so come fast and lets start preparations

Preparations are on full swing.
Laksh calls ragini and invites her for holi party.
Next day at holi party all gather.
Sanskar meets swara’s family
Swara heads to go but sanskar stops her
Swara:what happened
Sanskar:its holi

He takes a plate of red colour
Swara:sanskar don’t u dare
Sanskar smiles only
Swara tries to run but raglak hold swara from both sides and she shouts and shuts her eyes
Sanskar fills her hairline with red colour
Swara surprisingly opens her eyes and raglak leave her hand
Sanskar:happy holi wife
Laksh:see bhabhi bhai loves u so much
Ragini giggles
Ragini:lets leave them alone
Raglak leave and sanskar moves closer to swara smiling sheepishly
Swara applies colour on sanskar’s face

Tia hugs sanskar from behind
Swara is shocked
Tia applies colour on sanskar’s face
Sanskar:what the hell r u doing here?
Tia apologizes to sanskar
Swara:just go away from here
Tia:plz …
She holds sanskar’s hand
Tia:sanskar we always stayed with each other.how can u forget our love???
Sanskar looks at swara who stamps her foot on tia’s foot.tia shouts and sanskar chuckles
Swara goes angrily with sanskar behind her
Tia:I will see u swara
Tia smirks and looks at raqesh standing at entrance
All enjoy holi

Raglak dance on the song BALAM PICHKARI

Swasan dance on the song MUJHE RANG DE

Ragini gets close to laksh during dance and he feels tensed.he wants to tell ragini what he tried to do but refrains
Raqesh sees ragini and smirks.
Ragini is talking with people and receives a letter in which it is written to meet at back house at evening.she smiles.

Ragini heads to go and walks but raqesh blocks her way
Ragini:what the hell r u doing here?
Raqesh:to teach u a lesson
Ragini:what do u mean??
Raqesh tries to hold her but ragini pushes him and runs from there.

Ragini runs and runs and reaches the out house.she hides in their and cries.its all dark.somebody comes in.ragini is scared.
Ragini:who is there??
Guy:u?u here
Ragini:no stay away
The guy comes over ragini and she keeps shouting
Ragini:nooo….laksh help me…
Ragini screams laksh’s name but no one I there except him…
Ragini:leave me raqesh plzzz….

But no use.ragini is far away from her family…

And yes SHE IS RAPED…..

Credit to: angel

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  1. Plz don’t make the story line this I beg u plz make it as a dream of laksh why r u making girls so weaker let her be strong and fight against that blo*dy raqesh

    1. U will see the reality soon

  2. What!!!! Ragini is raped. That is so sad. Angel there is a request. I know that u r a big Swasan fan but in this situation please show an emotional Raglak sçene also. Show Laksh’s care towards Ragini and make sure that Raquesh gets punished. Honestly speaking dear I love ur ff so please keep in mind what I said. THANK YOU AND KEEP SMILING DEAR

    1. Also make Sanskar know Tia’s true intensions. Love Swasan and Raglak scenes in all of your ffs

    2. Yes I will

  3. what? but is he really raqesh? or someone else?
    i have a doubt.
    update soon……

    1. It will be cleared soon

  4. OMG now what??

    1. U will know soon

  5. Why i think this second ff that ragini was raped then she will avoid lakhs.pls don’t do like this.pls write it ragini dream or something but not same story line pls….

    1. U will know it soon

  6. Awesome yaar…waiting for next part yaar

  7. Hei its a humble request can u post. the next one. I am always waiting for this ff. But u take so much time to post. Plz post next one ASAP. Yaar i was angry on u but now not any more. Love your ff plz post next one.

    1. Yes I will dear

  8. plzz dear dont show this.It is wrong.
    Plzz show it as laksh dream.

    1. U will know the reality soon

  9. Pls post asap . It is just a request to u for showing more Raglak

  10. feeling bad for ragu

  11. Please don’t make it Rape
    Show as molestation but not rape

  12. Plz make as a dream of laksh

  13. Wow! Angel? eagerly waiting for the next too know wht actually happened.

  14. Poor ragini and plz update next part soon

  15. I m totally shaken by dis…. y rape yaar. poor ragini. dis is second time wid ragini. m not feeling good. but I know u wud come wid something new….pls update next part soon pls

  16. awesome………..

  17. its not fair poor ragii

  18. Please update fast….ur ff is amazing but u take a lot of time in updating it……I am dieing to know what actually happened with Ragini as Raglak r my favourite. Plz plz plzzzzzzz update soon

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