swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 29


recap:swasan and raglak sizzling dance.


raglak spent some quality time with each other while swasan avoid contact.all guests go.
swasan in room
sanskar:i wanted to talk to u
swara:i am listening
sansakr:laksh and ragini love each other
swara:i know
sanskar:from when?
swara:akira told me on the wedding day
sanskar:u didnt tell me
swara:u didnt ask me
sanskar:u have no problem with their relation
swara:not at all
swara:yes mr.maheshwari…though laksh is ur bro but he is far better than
sanskar gives and angry look while swara smirks
she sleeps on couch and sanskar dose off on bed

ragini keeps thinking about her dance and time with laksh and writes her feelings in her diary
laksh keeps drinking and reminisces his moments with ragini and all her insult.he screams and breaks bottle and sleeps on floor

next day ap asks swara to fetch clothes from roof.swara nods.sanskar who was standing upstairs hears it and a prank flashes in his mind.he goes on roof before swara and looses the cloth rope and sets it on height so that swara is not able to reach it.he smiles.

swara comes on roof and tries to reach clothes but she notices sanskar sitting on side by chair acting to read newspaper
sanskar:its fun to sit on roof
swara makes faces at him
swara jumps to get clothes but unreachable
sanskar:i will buy you complan tomorrow
swara fumes:no thank you
sanskar:as u wish
swara shouts:u have no manners.if u cant respect ur ife at least care about a girl
sanskar:damn my wife
swara mimicks him:damn my wife!!!u will understand my importance when i will go away from you.
sanskar:go go

sujata shouts:swara bring clothes
swara:ok mom….oho what do i do?
swara sees a stool and gets happy
sanskar:u think u can reach?
swara:at least i will try…
she shows her tongue to him
swara stands on stool but cant make up to the clothes
swara:damn it
she tries to jump on stool to catch clothes but her feet stumble.she tries to maintain balance.she jumps with full force and in no time poor swara loses her balance and falls from roof’s wall leaving a loud scream behind.

sanskar hears the scream and is shocked to see swara missing
he runs towards the wall and looks down to find swara in a pool of blood.he is shocked and shouts SWARAA…

he madly runs down and falls from stairs.all are shocked to see his state.his frhead starts bleeding and his foot twists.ram holds him
ra:what happened to u?
sanskar fumbles:sw….swara….fell….
sanskar in pain runs outside and all follow him.they are shocked to find swara unconscious with her head bleeding badly.sanskar tries to wake her up and shouts at adarsh to get car
they drive to hospital
sanskar:doc tear my wife
doc:yes she has to be operated and u please go with nurse and bandage your wounds
sanskar:i dnt care about myself just treat my wife.
doc:but sir….
sanskar holds his collar angrily:i said treat my wife….nothing should happen to her or else u r dead.
his eyes are red with anger and doc gets afraid.he silently goes to operate swara
swara’s family also comes there
sumi:how did this happen?
sujata:we have no idea
sanskar reminisces his prank and feels guilty and angry on himself

ragini cries ad calls laksh
laksh wakes up with a heavy head
ragini:where r u?
laksh:why?whts the problem?
ragini:wow…here ur bhabhi is fighting for life and death and u r asking me the problem?
laksh:what do u mean
ragini:come to city hospital soon
she disconnects the call
shekhar:sanskar plz dress ur wounds
sanskar:i am not going anywhere till swara gets fine
doc comes and tells that swara is in state of shock and is still unconscious right now.she can listen and ur message can reach her mind.this is the only way she can get conscious.if not in futher 12 hours then we cant save her.all are taken aback and sumi cries.

sanskar:no no…she cant do this
he storms inside swara’s room and sits by her holding her hand
sanskar:swara…listen to me …i knwo i had always been a jerk to u but u know what was happening between us….u said taht i will knwo ur importance when u will go away from me…i have known it…plz dont leave me…i….i cant live without you…i love you ….i really do…we will forget whatever happened between us but plz come back to me and forgive me plz….he cries miserably…

ragini was standing shocked at door and wonders what happened between them.tiya too isstanding with her enraged and steps in and releases swara’s hand from his
tia:what r u doing:r u mad?u love me na….then let this blo*dy swara move away from our lives
let this cheap betrayer die and go to hell

the moment tia finished her lines she received a tight slap on her face by sanskar and then it was swara who opens her eyes.

sanskar:dont u dare say anything against my swara.i know what happening between us but it doesmt mean that i dont love her.i love her and cant lose her.just go away
tia:but sanskar….
sanskar shouts:get lost…..
tia leaves and sanskar turns to find a semi conscious smiling swara……….

next epi:sanskar’s care and disaster on holi

Credit to: angel

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