swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 27


Recap: Swasan marriage.laksh throws raqesh out of the house and he vows to take revenge.laksh comforts ragini.sanskar asks swara to sleep on couch.

I have posted miserable to happy life’s next part but due to many ffs it went to 5-6th page…here z the link


And many of u are waiting for swasan patch up.guys wait for few epis they will be normal.they still love each other and have shown care thousand times.they will accept it soon due to an unexpected twist and when truth will be revealed….

Today: Swara wakes up ans finds sanskar still sleeping.she comes out of washroom after bath.she dries her hair and water falls on sanskar”s face.
Sanskar in sleep:what the hell laksh?r u mad?
Swara turns to him confused
Sanskar:stop it
Swara dries her hair again and water falls on him
Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him with a shout “I will kill u laksh”
But to his surprise swara has fallen on him.her wet hairs are touching her face making her look even prettier.sanskar cant take his eyes off from her.he tucks the hair behind her ear.swara shivers.sanskar rolls her.he is on top of her.swara tries to stop him but he leans closer and closer,they r an inch apart and swara shuts her eyes.sanskar is about to kiss her when Uttara knocks at the door.
Both are startled and get up.
Uttara:bhabhi today is ur first rasoi…maa I calling.
Swara:m coming
Sanskar:what the hell was happening?
Swara:ask urself…u were coming close
Sanskar coughs and goes to change
Swara smiles:soon all will be fine…i know u love me.
She gets ready and goes down with sanskar.they perform pooja.
AP:go and prepare sth beta
Swara:ji maa…
Sanskar:lets see how all will like her food…
Dp:where z laksh?
sujata:he went to his friends house last night …

Ragini wakes up to find herself in laksh’s embrace (nothing happened guys!!)
Laksh wakes up and kisses her forehead
Ragini:I was so scared yesterday but u comforted me…thnk u
Laksh:I will always be there for u no matter what
Laksh:pakka promise
Ragini:I love you
Laksh:I love you too…
Dadi knocks ans calls ragini
Ragini is shocked and gets up
Ragini:daadi maa…laksh
Laksh pulls her
Laksh:its ok
Ragini:r u mad?get out of the room
Laksh:dadi us standing outside
Ragini:go through window
Ragini:dadi ma I will come within 15 mins
Dadi:come fast
Laksh:now rest for 15 mins
Ragini:no idiot…leave me and go…stand up.
She makes him stand and pushes him towards window
Laksh:what a respect for lover!!ok fine I am going
Ragini laughs
Laksh heads to go when ragini calls him
Laksh turns :what?
Ragini runs and kisses him on lips and encircles her arms around his neck.lalsh is shocked but reciprocates and both kiss passionately.ragini bites his lower lip.and laksh kisses her again.both become short of breath and depart.
Ragini whispers:go…
Laksh leaves in thoughts and ragini twirls in her room happy for her love life.

Swara prepares kheer and palao…
She pours in bowls and goes out to set dining table.all sit for breakfast.swara serves food.she sits herself too.
Dp:pray before starting
All shut their eyes and join hands and say a prayer before beginning.
Sanskar meanwhile mixes salt in swara’s kheer and mixes red chilli in her palao plate.all open eyes and begin eating and appreciate swara.swara is delighted.
Swara eats palao and feels spicy.extremely spicy.she is about to shout when Sanskar holds her hand under the table and smirks.he signs her no.
Swara understands that its his prank.
Swara starts sweating badly and her lips shiver.nobody notices and are enjoying.
Sanskar:take kheer
Swara hurriedly eats kheer and feels vomiting sensation as it contained salt.
Before she could do anything some people come at house
Sujata:mrs Sharma
All go to greet mr.and mrs Sharma in hall whereas swasan are in dining area.sanskar notices swara’s tears and her trembling lips

Sanskar gives her water.sanskar makes her eat kheer from his bowl.she feels a little better but still hugs him.sanskar reciprocates as she is shivering badly and tears are flowing from her eyes.
Swara tightens her grio on his collar and coughs…sasnakr pats her back and she feels relaxed.
Sanskar departs from her as family comes back.
AP:so glad they r ready to do deal with u
Ram:yes bhabhi…they missed the meeting.its good they came here.
Sujata:we should celebrate.
Dp:we will throw a party for the deal as well as swasan’s marriage.
Pari:great idea
Adarsh:I will do arrangements
Sujata:but before that….
She stands up and gives gift to swara for her first rasoi and so does AP and pari.they hug her.

Swara looks at sanskar
Swara:u give pain and u take it away..,dnt know wt u what.
Just then laksh enters
Sujata:beta eat sth
Laksh:no Chachi…i am not hungry
He goes to his room and falls on bed lost in thoughts
Laksh:what am I doing?ragini is not that bad as I thought and i am betraying her.but she insulted me so many times.how can I forget it?he stands up and is disturbed by his thoughts and paces around the room
Laksh:what the hell r u doing to me ragini…I can’t live u damn it…no…
He breaks the mirror and is angry….

Swara goes to her room.
Pari comes:tomorrow will be party…u have ur dresses right?
Swara:yes bhabhi
Pari:tell me if u want anything.
Swara calls her family and invites them for tomorrow party.

At night sanskar comes home and goes to his room
Sanskar sits on bed and swara comes in
Sanskar:oh hello…kindly take off these shoes
Swara is shocked
Swara obediently takes off his shoes and socks.
Sanskar:why didn’t u offense at it?
Swara:cause u r my husband
Swara:its ur right.
Sanskar pulls her towards himself
Sanskar:a husband has many more rights…let me complte it tonight
Swara:are u drunk??
Sanskar smirks
Sanskar:a little…
Swara tries to free herself
Sanskar:u know what I am not gonna give u any right…dnt expect anything.he pushes her and falls asleep
Swara stands up and sighs.she makes him sleep straight and caresses her hair,he holds her hand in sleep and she sits on floor and keeps her head on bed and falls asleep.

Next morning sanskar wakes up with a heavy head andis surprised to see swara.
He remembers what he said last night.he closes his eyes and feels exhausted
Sanskar:oh sleeeping beau….he stops.
Swara….swara…wake up.
Swara wakes up.
Swara:leave my hand
Sanskar notices it and instantly leaves it
Swara gets ready and goes down…
Sanskar goes to office.
Sujata:come on time for party…

Ragini calls laksh
Laksh:hi ragini
Ragini:where r u?
Laksh sleepy:at home
Ragini:lets go for shopping
Laksh irritated:no.
Ragini:but why?
Laksh:I am not interested.
Ragini:oh really?but I am…i m coming today ti ur house and I dnt have anything to wear so plz plz plz come with me na
Laksh:shut up ragini….i am not your servant…i am laksh maheshwari…be in ur limits….
He cuts the call in anger and ragini is shocked
Ragini:what happens to him?
She gets tensed

At evening sanskar along with dp Rp and adarsh comes home and they see their wives working at home for party
Adarsh:wow nice decorations
Pari:u said u will take care of it…but I had to…useless guy…
Adarsh holds her from waist
Adarsh:if I were useless we wouldn’t have git a kid.
Pari feels shy and hits him
Sujata pulls his ears
Sujata:romance in room
AP:shameless beta
They laugh
AP comes dressed first with dp to receive the guests and all others go to change,
Sanskar is wearing white pant shirt with back coat.ge is mesmerized to see swara in black saree with silver stones on it.her curly hairs are thrown at front and she is trying to ties the knot other deep back.

Sanskar unknowingly starts walking towards her and holds her dori surprising swara
Sanksar smoothly ties it while swara shuts her eyes as his touch drives him crazy….
Sanskar finishes his work.


Sanskar holds her from shoulders and kisses her neck.swara sighs.he puts his hands around her bare waist and caresses it.swara keeps hand and his face as he caresses her neck and bites it.swara lest out a scream.
He turns her around and looks at her lips
Sanskar:sorry swara…but dnt dare look so s*xy in front of me…i loose it…
Saying so he pulls her hair and kisses her lips passionately.he gets mad to taste her cherry lip gloss.
He caresses her hair and swara too pulls his hair.they move and move and fall on bed.sanskar bites her lower lip and sucks the blood.swara screams.
Sanskar presses her hands tightly and bites her neck and makes his tongue meet with his.
Swara feels pleasure but she pushes him and both breath heavily….
Swara:u r mad…
Sanskar shows her finger
Sanskar:never look pretty….i won’t have mercy next time…
He sets himself and his hair and swara spoiled while caressing it and leaves.swara too sets her hair saree and applies lip gloss again and heads to go down and smiles too….

Ragini enters home wearing a blue and balck gown with open straight hair with a puff at centre.laksh’s face hangs down seeing her beauty,ragini smirks.laksh extends his hand to receive her but she ignores him.and folds her arms.swasan comes there.
Pari:as all guests have come and they know that there are two reasons for this party.one is the deal and the other is marriage of my devar with swara…huge round of applause.

All clap and see swasan raglak on stairs.
Adarsh:enjoy the party and come to dance floor
Adarsh and pari step on dance floor
Ragini instantly:sanskar jeeju…will u dance with me
Sanskar smiles:sure
Laksh widens his mouth
Laksh extends hand towards swara
Laksh:bhabhi don’t say no plz
Swara smiles and they go to dance floor.
Sumi sees Akira and Sam dancing happily and is happy for them….
Sheena and akash are enjoying too…

Ragini and laksh look at each other and swara sanskar look at each other and all smile

Next epi: Swalak and ragsan simple dance.

Swasan and raglak romantic dance…..

Credit to: angel

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