swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 26 SWASAN MARRIAGE


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Sanskar and swara were frndz at start and fell for each other.when they decided to confess feelings in college that day swara came to know that sanskar already has a girlfriend named tia and Tia told her that sanky faked to love her just to win a bet.in rage swara slapped sanky and left him.as per tia’s plan some boys blacken sanky’s face and blame swara for this which enrages sanskar and both apart but they love each other madly and want to be together.

Ragini and laksh had always been fighting as on the first day laksh tried to rage ragini and her sister like friend Sheena seeing them as behenji but he was shocked to see hot and s*xy ragini dancing on baby doll.she insulted him and both always had fights.a professor was after ragini.raglak grew close during their dance and when laksh got hurt.

Now swasan marriage has been decided by the family as maheshwaris had met swara when she was sanky’s friend.both are marrying for their families.both are angry at the betrayal.sanskar being egoistic tries his best to hate swara but cant.swara is weak in love and cries for sanky.

Laksh is actually betraying ragini as he wants revenge for his every insult but somewhere he is guilty.and don’t worry guys soon swasan will reunite…,promise…

Recap: Kiss and emotions…


Early in the morning Akira comes running in maheshwari mansion
All get happy to see her
Laksh hugs her
Laksh:finally u came back
Akira:as I promised…how could I miss my wedding

AP:beta are all ur lessons finished now?
Akira:yes aunty….finally all my dancing lessons are over
Laksh:huh!!!the bride came only on her wedding…wish u had also performed all other rituals
Akira:u remember Na ….my family and sam’s family said that its no problem whether or not other functions are attended but marriage is obviously compulsory.so I came for my marriage.where is Sam?
Dp:in the garden
Akira runs in garden

Swara gets up and touches her lips and thinks about last night
Swara thinks:today is my wedding.i never thought that I will marry like this.yes I love u a lot but u betrayed me.I wish we could have sorted out our problems.but ur ego…just a slap and u are behaving like this.
Sanskar wakes up and reminisces his last night kiss with swara
He thinks:the more I try to stay away from u the more I am attracted to u.its because I love u but I wanna hate u.how do I forget wt u did to me?u insulted me so badly.i dnt wanna hurt u but u have to face the tortures.
Swara thinks:I love u dearly but cant fight u back.i m not that strong sanskar.i will bear ur hate and torture in a hope that one day everything will be fine between us.

Akira goes and hugs Sam.
Sam:I thought u even wnt come for marriage
Akira hits him
Akira:how can u say that
He hugs her.
Sam:I love u
Akira:I love u too

Wedding preparations are on full swing.
Ragini gets dressed in orange and golden lehnga and her hair are open with curls at end
Laksh is dressed in red sherwani.

Akira wears pink and golden wedding dress with heavy jewellery and Sam is dressed in navy blue sherwani with red turban

Swara wears reg and golden lehnga with heavy jewellery and sanskar wears white sherwani with red turban.

Sheena wears sky blue lehnga and akash wears maroon kurta.

Grooms come down and take their place in mandap
Pandit:call the brides
Ragini and Sheena bring swara and Akira down
Sanskar and Sam are mesmerized to see their brides
They sit and pandit recites mantra.
Sumi:ragini beta go and bring flowers
Ragini goes to bring flowers and passes through corridor when a hand grabs her tightly and pulls her closer,
Ragini is shocked to find raqesh.
Raqesh keeps his one hand on her bare waist and pulls her closer.
Ragini:what the hell r u doing?
Raqesh:relax baby….
Ragini pushes him:u r my teacher how the hell can u think abt this?
Raqesh:but I love u
Ragini is hell shocked
Ragini tries to go but he pulls her and pins her to wall.ragini tries to shout but he keeps hand on her mouth and kisses her neck,ragini is shocked and tears escape her eyes.

Just then raqesh is pulled back by laksh and slapped hard
Ragini hugs laksh
Laksh is in rage and punches him hard
Lalsh shouts shut up
All hear the voice and wonder wts happening
Laksh drags raqesh downstairs and throws him from stairs.
All are shocked.

Dp:laksh is this the way to behave with guests?
Akira:he is our professor
Laksh:this cheap professor was misbehaving with ragini and was about to kiss her,
All are hell shocked
Swara hugs ragini

Shekhar slaps raqesh
Raqesh:don’t insult me like this or else u will pay
Ragini comes forward and slaps him hard
Ragini:get out…
Raqesh:gine miss ragini….i am insulted badly….now u guys will seee what I do to take revenge….miss ragini….u will pay…
He smirks and leaves….

Lucky holds ragini’s hand and she smiles,
Pandit finishes akira’s and sam’s marriage.
Swara and sanskar look at each other and stand up.
While standing swara’s foot sticks in her lehnga and she gets sprain.
Swara shouts:aahhh….
Sujata:wt happened?
Swara:my foot twisted
Dp:should we call doc?
Swara:no I m fine….
She tries to stand but feels pain in walking.

Sanskar picks her up in his arms
All smile and swara is lost in him.
Pari:what a love!!
Sanskar takes pheras
Sanskar:i am blank now…dnt know wt is right or wrong….
Swara:i have full faith that soon we will be one.
Both think this and finsh their pheras.
Sanskar fills her mang and some vermillion falls on her nose
Swara is about to wipe it.
AP:no swara….dnt wipe it,,,
Sujata:its a good sign…it shows that how much love a bride will get in her family and by her husband
Swara looks at sanskar
He then dorns mangalsutra around her neck

Marriage is complete
They take elders blessings
Swara is still feeling pain in her foot but bears it
All guests wish them and leave
Dp:shekhar…thnk u for marrying her in our mansion
They smile
Swara cries while bidding then good bye
Ragini is still upset with wt happened and laksh notices it…he thinks to talk to her at night

AP sujata and pari go to arrange their .room.
Dp and ram go to study room.
Adarsh teases sanskar and goes to attend call
Swara and sanskar are left alone in hall
Tia comes and hugs sanskar
Sanskar:i m sorry but i had to do this for my family
Tia:its ok but u still love me right?
Sanskar looks at swara
Tia:u promised that nothing will change between us…look no one is around lets take pheras only
Swara is shocked
Tia grabs his hand and sanskar looks on helplessly as he wants to be away from her and his hurting swara mission has been started

Tia takes him to mandap and is about to take pheras when swara shouts in pain
Sanskar turns to find her sitting on floor holding her foot
He runs to her
Sanskar: R u ok?is it hurting?let me bring balm for u…
Tia is enraged and sanskar goes from there
Tia goes to swara who smiles at her
Tia:why did u do this?
Swara:he is mime only
Tia:he hates u
Swara:now he will love me
Tia:never…he loves me only
Swara:if it was true then he wouldn’t have come back to me on a normal shout…he would have completed his oheras with u
Tia is shut now
Swara:i am telling u to stay away from him.or else consequences will be really bad…
Tia:u will lose swara….dnt forget i m his gf
Swara:i assure u that soon he will fall in love again..,actually he loves me but ego is a problem….soon it will be sovled too and we have a lot of time for that…u know…whole life
Tia glares at her angrily
Sanskar brings tube and applies on her foot.she looks at him lovingly.

AP:now u both go…room is ready
Pari:no no…first swara u go
Sujata:then Sanskar will come…and i want a grandchild soon…understood?
Swara and sanskar blush

Swara goes to her room
Sujata:oh Tia madam…its late now…go home.
Tia:its late now…how can i go alone?sanskar plz drop me home
Sujata holds her heart in shock
Sujata:thei chipkali will give me heart attack
Sujata:oh miss firecracker….today is my son’s suhaagraat….my daughter in law is waiting for him.
Tia makes face
Laksh comes:i am going out…i will drop u
Sujata:laksh drop her to palcw from where she never comes back here
Tia gives death glare to sujata and leaves….

Swara is sitting in room.she sits on dressing table and looks at herself in mirror
Swara:congratulations madam…u r married now….plz God finish mine and sanskar’s problems soon.
Just then sanskar enters room

Swara shys to see him
He comes and stands behind her.swara is about to take off her jewellery but sanskar holds her hand
Sanskar:let me help
Sanskar takes off her dupatta.he then removes her ear rings and kisses her earlobes.swara shuts her eyes.
He then removes her bangles and kisses her wrists and hands.
He then removes her mang tika and kisses her forehead.he removes her nose pin and kisses the tip of her nose

Finally he takes off her necklace and kisses her neck.
Swara clutches at his shirt
Swara:sanskar…wts this?
Sanskar:i want to forget everything swara….i wanna be your forever and want to make u mine forever.
Swara is overwhelmed and hugs him
Swara:i love u sanskar….i love u
Sanskar:i love u swara i love u so much

They depart and swara is about to kiss him
Sanskar:swara….why r u dreaming so fast?

Swara comes to senses and realises that it was a dream.she is still sitting at the chair with all her jewellery and sanskar is still out.

Laksh drops Tia home and goes to meet ragini
He climbs the pipe upto ragini’s room and peeps through window and sees her crying
He knocks at window ans ragini is startled to see him.he gets in annd sits on bed with her
He gives her a side hug.she leans her head on his shoulder and he holds her another hand.
Laksh:he is gone….relax
Ragini sits straight
Ragini:laksh only u have this right on me….he tried to kiss me….u know I wanted to shout but his grip was strong and he shut my mouth.he romanced my neck with his rough lips.he kissed my neck.yuk!!!how could he….i can still feel that digusting touch of his lips on my neck.she says while crying and just then laksh kisses her neck applying a brake to her tongue.
She looks at him.
Laksh puts his one hand on her face and kisses her neck again,both lie down and laksh continuously romances her neck.
Ragini breathes heavily and clutches at he bed sheet.she encircles her arms around him,


He stops and looks at ragini
Laksh:his touch is gone ragini…its ur laksh’s touch now,…
Ragini hugs him tightly and both sleep in each others embrace.

Sanskar enters room.
Swara:are u in real here?
Sanskar:were u imagining me?
Swara coughs
Sanskar:fine…change and sleep
Swara sighs:his cold behaviour
Sanskar changes and so does swara
Swara is about to lie on bed but sanskar stops her
Sanskar:sleep on couch
Sanskar:I told u abt my tortures so bear it…i wnt allow u to sleep on couch.,,go and sleep there only…
Swara:I wnt be able to sleep there
Sanskar:then sleep on floor,washroom or hell but not on bed….he lies on bed with his back to swara and clutches his fist and shuts his eyes as he feels bad to hurt her.
Swara lies on sofa with silent tears in her eyes

Recap:another prank….

Credit to: angel

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