swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 24 SUMMARY


Hey guys…here z a summary of my ff

Hi Mona here z a short summary so that u can understand the story

Swasan are introduced as jolly people in a college in kolkota.while raglak study in a college in Mumbai.swara is elder to ragini.akash is laksh frnd who tries to rag ragini and sheena(ragini frnd but like sister) due to her behenji look but gets shocked when ragini gives hot performance in short dress and insults him.their tashan begins when they daily play pranks but ragini defeats laksh everytime and laksh being egoistic is hurt.samrat(ragini’s bro enters college) and falls in love with laksh’s frnd Akira.both confess their love along with akash and Sheena on a rainy day in college where ragini slaps laksh as he was about to kiss her.he got enraged.
Tia is sanky’s girlfriend who is just after his money but sanskar meets swara and both share and enjoy happy moments where he saves her from goons and they also enjoy dance.tia has a bro who has a motive to hurt swara and Tia wants to help her bro and get sanky as well.the day swasan go to express their love Tia talks to her fendz how sanky fooled swara to fall for him just to win money and he also has a girlfriend.swara in rage slaps college’s most wanted boy in front of everyone and shouts at his betrayal and leaves crying.sanskar who is unable to understand anything gets his face blackened by tia’s men for betraying a girl but they blame swara and sanskar thinks it was swara’s plan.both separate but dnt forget insult and betrayal.
A professor of ragini is interested in her and wants her at any cost.
College finishes.raglak get a bit normal as laksh hurt himself in farewell party and ragini helps him.
Swaragini and sanlak part ways but destiny strikes when maheshwari family asks swara’s hand for sanskar as they had already met her and knew that they were frndz.swasan agreed for their families.
Laksh is coming close to ragini and had kissed her in the last epi cause he wants revenge of his every insult by hook or by crook.
Swasan are engaged and still want each other badly as they love each other immensily but their ego is a hurdle and they are unaware of the prank played by Tia.sanskar keeps teasing swara as he gets close to Tia and Tia wants her bro’s revenge from swara and sanky as well.

Now soon swasan will enter into a relation where they will keep hurting each other but will get back to normal when a tsunami will strike ragini’s life…
Lets see what happens…

Plzzz keep reading and commenting…

Credit to: angel

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