swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 23 SAD+FIRST KISS


Hi guys thnk u for ur lvely comments…actually in epi 21 I by mislate worte my another ff…it wasn’t part of musical emotions so skip it…and meher my doll… actually jazz is a very old frnd who had been reading my #PR ffs from beginning and we used to talk via cmmmts and she just disappeared all of a sudden and I missed her that’s why?

Recap: Sangeet enjoyment and swara fumes to see Tia and sanskar’s closeness and hurts herself and faints in sanskar’s arms and all are shocked to see her act…


Ragini:swara wake up
Sanskar takes her to room
Laksh:bhai take this aid box
Swara wakes up
Sanskar:u all go and handle guests
All leave and sanskar starts wiping the blood from her feet.
He takes out glass pieces and swara winces in pain
Sanskar blows air and swara shuts her eyes
Sanskar bandages it.swara’s eyes are shut and sanskar calls her.she doesn’t respond and sanskar thinks she is asleep
He goes near her and looks at her angelic face
He caresses her hair and bends towards her.swara can feel his breath on his face and clutches at bed.he gives a peck on her lips and leaves

A tear escapes swara’s eye
Swara:if u still care for me then why r u hurting me sanskar?u know that it was ur mistake not mine…
She puts her arm on her eyes and cries
Sanskar goes to his room

Sanskar remebers swara’s slap and then his face blackening.he breaks a glass
Sanskar:u insulted me for the mistake which I just didn’t commit…why?how could u stoop so low?
Tia is standing at the door and smirks
She hugs sanky from behind

Tia:sanskar I will be with u always no matter what
Sanskar feels disturbed and asks her to leave.
Tia thinks:soon I will make u mine…i juts let u go close to swara for my bro…revenge is important…u will finish revenge with swara as per my wish and then I will get u for ur money…wait and watch sanskar maheshwari…

Ragini is sitting angrily on bed and laksh enters
Ragini:laksh just leave … I m not in a mood of talking right now
Laksh:but I want to talk…ok look it wasn’t bhai’s fault…
Ragini:I can understand that he wanted swara to get jealous but he should understand that didi is very much weak in case of love…she loves him dearly….and…
Laksh:and I love you
Ragini is shocked
Ragini:what??what did u say??
Laksh:I love you ragini
Ragini stands up

Laksh:ragini I know we had been fighting all the way through our college and even u had been insulting me but now we are gonna be relatives and I dnt know when I started to feel for u…i know u also love me…plz say yes

Ragini smiles and shy
Ragini heads to go but laksh holds her hand
Laksh pulls her towards him and she collides with his chest
Laksh caresses her hair


Laksh moves back and ragini moves towards him.they together fall on bed.soon their lips meet.its a soft kiss but then turns into a passionate one.laksh keeps his one hand on her waist and his other hand is behind her head through which he pulls her closer and kisses her hard.soon they depart and breath heavily.ragini looks at him and smiles.he smiles back and ragini runs from there.

Laksh stands and smirks.
Laksh:step 1 accomplished…
He laughs.

Ragini runs down and collides with somebody.she is shocked…

Credit to: angel

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