swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 22 SWASAN SANGEET


recap: swasan raglak love scene.swasan challenge to fight each other.swara makes faces and doesnt wanna apply mehndi.


ap:beta forward ur hand
sujata:why beta?
swara:not so easily
sumi:but why?
swara:i am so special girl….why do i marry this guy
sanskar:excuse me?

sanskar:u wont get a life partner like me…and u r lucky to have me….all girls die for me but still i chose u
sanskar:now apply mehndi

swara stands up and ragini asks her to sit to apply mehndi
swara nods no and starts singing

o na na na na
na ji na na

mehndi mehndi na mjhko lagana
mjhe saajan k ghar nahin jana

(swara waves no to everyone.keeps mehndi away and points to sanskar that she wont marry him)

chahe kuch bhi kahe dil diwana
dil ki bataun mein mjhe nahin ana
oh na na na
na ji na na
mehndi mehdni na mjhko lagana
mjhe saajan k ghar nahin jana

(she keeps hand on her heart and twirls and again says to sanky that she wont marry him and shows him finger)

sanky holds her finger and starts singing

le jayenge le jayenge
dilwale dulhaniya le jayen ge

(sanky holds her wrist and twirls her)

reh jayen ge reh jayen ge
ghar wale dekhte reh jayen ge

(he points out towards swara’s family and sumi pats his face)


ye galliyan ye chobara
yahan ana na dobara ab hum tau hue pardesi
k tera yahan koi nahin
k tera yahan koi nahin

(sumi hugs swara and kisses her forehead.swara gets emotional)


ye kali kali ankhen
ye gore gore gaal
ye teekhi teekhi nazren
ye hirni jese chaal
dekha jo tjhe jaanam
hua hai bura haal

(sanskar holds sumi’s hands and winks at her.sumi shy and starts walking.he praises her and bends in front of her on his knees.swara smiles to see this)

laksh comes

bachna e haseeno lo main a gya
husn ka ashiq husn ka dushma
apni ada hai yaron se juda
bachna e haseeno lo main a gya

(laksh enters and slides dwon from straircase.he twirls annapurna and kisses sujata’s cheek and passes flying kiss to ragini.she smiles)

swara comes to ragini:

chup chup khare ho zarur koi bat
pehli mulaqat hai ye pehli mulaqat hai
pehli mulaqat hai ye pehli mulaqat hai

(swara hits ragini with her elbow and she shys.swara teases her and twirls her and ragini falls in laksh’s arms)


dil walaun dil mera sunne ko bekara hai
kaho naa pyar hai
kaho na pyar hai
kaho na pyar hai
kaho na pyar hai

(laksh straightens ragini and moves around her and pulls her by waist.she is stunned by his action and words)

tia comes and sanskar smirks at swara

sanskar welcomes tia

kitna haseen chehra kitni pyari ankhen
kitni pyari ankhen hai
ankhaun se chalakta pya
kitna haseen chehra
kitni pyari ankhen

(sanskar holds her hand and twirls her and dances slowly.swara fumes and tear escapes her eye and ragini notices this and signs pari)


lo chali main apne devar ki baraat le ke
lo chali main
na band baja na hi barati
khushiyon ki saugat le k
lo chali main

(pari holds sanskar’s arm and he keeps hand on her shoulders and both enjoy)


aap ke ane se ghar mein kitni raunak hai
aap ko dekhen kabhi
apne ghar ko dekhen hum

(ap goes towards swara and caresses her hair and gives her side hug)


aap k ane se ghar mein kitni raunak hai
aap ko dekhen kabhi apne ghar ko dekhen hum

(dp also caresses her face and she touches his feet and hugs him)

adarsh :

hum khush hue hum khush hue
hum khush hue…..

(he too blesses swara)


kal jisne janam yahan paya
kal jisko jhoole mein jhulaya
nazdeek sulaya

(ram pats sanky’s shoulder and acts like sleeping on his shoulder)


godi mein sulaya, kandhe pe bithaya

(adarsh does a baby sign by his hands and picks his son on his shoulder)


jise chalna sikhaya

(starts walking)


kya ye wahi ladka hai…hoo….kya ye wahi ladka hai

(dp gives questioning look to sanky)


kal tak jo nanhi si lalli thi
komal si juhi ki kali thi

(shekhar goes towards swara and hugs her)

dada ji:

woh tautli boli
arey kitni bhali thi
wo jis ki seema bas
ghar se gali thi

(dadi ji makes cute daces and dance with swara.swara kisses his cheek)


kya ye wahi ladki hai/….hoo….kya ye wahi ladki hai

(shekhar folds his arms across his chest and gives questioning look to swara)

dadi and dida:

han ye wohi ladki hai….ho…bahu aapke ghar ki hai

(they nod in yes and make swara stand beside sanskar)

all clap

tia laughs and all look at her


husn ke….lakhaun rang
kaun sa rang den…….hooooo
aag hai….ye badan
kaun sa rang den……..hoooo…

(tia comes near sanskar and waves by holding his arm.all look shockingly at her.she rests her head on his shoulder and keeps his hand on her waist and swara fumes and tightens her fist)


gore rang pe na itna guman kar……
gore rang pe na itna guman kar….
gora rang tau din mein dhal jaye ga….
gore rang pe na itna guman kar….

(sujata pulls tia and hits her with her waist.sujata takes a broomstick and starts running behind tia and she tries to save her)

all giggle and laugh


ruk ja….ruk ja…
ruk ja oh jane wali ruk ja
main tau rahi teri manzil ka
nazraun mein tere bura sahi
admi bura nahin main dil ka
ruk ja….

(sanskar goes near sujata and makes her stand aside and folds hands in front of tia not to go.he holds her hand and spins with her and holds her from shoulders and ends up bending on his knees and spreading his arms in front of tia)

all think that he wants to jealous swara.

swara breaks a glass shocking everyone.the smile at tia’s face vanishes.

swara’s eyes are red and watery.


neend jab toote gi tau hosh mein aon gi main
kaun hai kesa hai wo sab ko batlaun gi main
sari dunya k aage qissa ye aam kr k
jaon gi is mehfil se usko badnam kr k
usne dil toda mera uska dil tod dun gi
wo na smjhe k usko aise chod dun gi

maine us bewafa ko pooja hai
maine toh pyar sirf pyar kiya
do jahan ko bhula k maine toh
apne dilbar pe jaan nisar kiya

(swara moves her hand in front of her eyes.and spread her arms indicating people.she points towards sanskar and touches his chest as an indication that he had hurt her.she joins her hands showing that she worshipped love.she gets teary eyed and holds ragini’s shoulder and starts moving back and collides with sanskar and turns around.)

both look into each other’s eyes

there was a 1 minute silence.

swara again:

kabhi sochti hun jo main beeti batein
barsta hai ankhaun se pani
deewani main deewani saajan ki deewani
deewani main deewani saajan ki deewani
deewani main hoooooooo
saajan ki deewani…….
deewani main deewaaaaaaaani
saajan ki deewani…..

(she looks at sanskat and shuts her eyes and tears flow.she throws her shoes aside and steps on the glass pieces.she starts spinning madly over them shocking everyone.she keeps twirling and spins her head scattering her hair and blood is continuously flowing from her feet.)

song ends.

sanskar shouts: swara
he goes to her and she faints in his arms with tears in her eyes and blood on her feet

all are shocked ………….

i feel its boring as its full of songs but what to do its a musical ff….hope u like ….plz comment…actually i m writing this epi again as the previous one i had written of another ff by mistake….plllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment…..it took 2 hours to write this….kindly comment

Credit to: angel

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    1. Hi ishu…thnk u so much and I m really sorry…i try my best to upload asap but my tests are being taken and next month are my final exams of class 11 so very busy schedule sweety…but I will try to upload asap? don’t be sad

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    1. Hi sakshi…actually last epi was posted by mistake of my another ff…swaragini miserable to happy life

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