swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 21

Recap:sanskar comes to know about swara’s truth via ragini


Its been two days and sanskar didn’t talk to swara.ragini is in guilt.swara drops prem to school and goes to bar

Prem:Jiya…di has become very sad
Prem:Han and its all bcz of ur chachu
Prem:we should do sth
Jia:I will talk to Chachu and ask him to talk to didi
Jia:oho…i mean Chachi…
They smile and go to their class

Ragini goes to college
She enters library and takes a book and sits on table but is lost in her own world
Her friend comes and shakes her but she stands up and walks numbly to her class
She didn’t talk to laksh for two days.laksh finally breaks his silence
He pulls ragini into the play room and shakes her shoulders

Laksh:enough ragini…enough…what the hell do u think of yourself?u r not talking to me.fine.it was my mistake.ok.u have a right to be angry.fair enough but what have u done to urself?look at u…u r lost.u lost ur smile.u r not old ragini…why?
Ragini cries and hugs him
Laksh:what happened?
Ragini:my sister whom u cursed lost her love…
Ragini breaks the hug
Ragini:why??why does she always have to suffer…she did so much for us but people cant see it…she sacrificed her happiness,her wishes for us and even sacrificed her respect for us still she cant get what she wants…why God does this to her…why the hell is God so ungrateful to my sister?why?first time she became truly happy in her life by getting him but he…he also left her just due to a miserable reality of her life…is this love?I hate it…i dnt believe in love

She shouts and laksh is shocked seeing her state and hugs her tight
She cries
Laksh:what is the reality ragini
Ragini sees him
Ragini smiles
Ragini:I will show you and u will fail in your test too…
Ragini:yes your love test…when u will know the reality u will feel cheap and u will leave me so its better if we end up here…
Laksh:r u out of ur mind?
Laksh:just shut up or else I will slap u…show me what u want to…come on…
Ragini stands up
Ragini:fine…at evening come to my home…i will show u…
She leaves leaving laksh tensed

Sanskar:ji ma
Sujata:we came back yesterday so we didn’t get time to talk you u
Sanskar:about wt mom?
Sujata:about the girl..
Sanskar:which girl?
AP:stupid…sho stayed here…swara…
Sanskar becomes silent and expressionless
AP:how was the day with her?
Sujata:and night too
AP suju laugh while sanskar gives an unbelievable look
Jia comes
Jia:I will tell u…

Jia:u keep ur mouth shut…when elders are talking kids shouldn’t speak anything
Sujata:u r angry with him
Sanskar:I didn’t do anything…
Jia:mad person says himself that he is not mad…
Sanskar wide opens his mouth while AP sujata burst out into laughing

Pari comes
Pari:is this the way to talk to chachu?
Jia:he took great care of didi…her foot was bleeding and he bandaged it…I missed ma and didi sung me lullaby…her voice is melodious…chachu danced with her too…she is sooo nice…Chachu said he loves her

All jump in excitement while sanskar is embarrassed
Sanskar:stop it everyone…
All stop
Sanksar gets angry and turns to jia
But Jiya stamps her foot on his foot and leaves
Sanskar:aahh…ouch…jiya Ki bacchhi…
Ladies laugh

After some time sanskar goes to jia’s room and sits on bed
Jia:what is it?
Sanskar:can I know why my princess is angry on me?
Sanskar:what chachi?
Sanskar:Jia plz beta
Jia:no Chachu…how can u do this?she loves u so much…
Sanskar:even I love her but
Jia:then why did u leave her?u know…today she cane to take prem and her eyes were red as if she had cried a lot and she was so weak and pale…
Sanskar:what r u saying?
Jia:promise chachu
Sanskar becomes tensed
Sanskar kisses jia’s head and leaves

Its evening

Swarajb finishes her dance and heads to go but mr.malik stopes her and all people go
Swara:thnk u mr.malik…
Malik:why do u always say thnk u?
swara:sir…what else can I do for u?
Mr.malik:swaaraa…u r pretty,beautiful,dance and singing is awesome
Mr.malik:but u r bar dancer and u dnt know that people like u are not much respect and married too…
Swara:mr Malik its really late…i should go
Swara heads to leave and he holds her hand
Swara:what r u doing?
Mr.malik:asking u to pay my debts.
Swara:but wt way is it?
Mr.malik:its my way…
He tries to force swara but swara slaps him and he fumes
Malik:u slapped me…you moron…i will show u now…
Malik takes out a hunter and hits swara with it and asks her if she will repeat the mistake
Swara keeps shouting in pain
Malik:so all attitude gone??wait…

He is about to slap her again when a fatal blow hits his cheek
Swara is overwhelmed to see sanskar and hugs him and he too responds back
Sanskar is all out of control and starts beating him

Swara tries to stop him and at last she shouts to stop for her sake ans sanskar stops.
Sanskar:so that is why u were always helpful and grateful to her?is she ur pet that wtever u say she will do??no…never…she is mine and not anyone’s puppet
Swara listens this and gets happy..
Police takes Malik
Sanskar hugs swara
Sanskar:r u ok
Swara:dancer…i am a dancer…i wanted to tell me..this is my reality
Sanskar:make me part of ur reality
Swara:I cant destroy ur life
Sanskar:I love you…and I am sorry
Swara cries
Sanskar cups her face
Sanskar:I wasn’t angry on u that u r a dancer…i was angry as u didn’t bother to tell me that u r a dancer…i was angry as u thought I will leave u…i was angry that u thought u will lose me…i,was angry that u thought we will be separated…is this ur trust swara??
Both cry and hug each other

Swara:I m sorry…i love u
Sanskar:I love u…I cant lose u…i love u…

Raglak had seen all this and become teary eyed
Ragini:so…my di is dancer…happy?
Laksh:this is what u thought that I will leave you…
Ragini looks at him
Laksh:does this much u know abt me…
Ragini:I am sorry…
She hugs him and he smiles and hugs her back

Screen freezes on happy both couples ina

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