swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 16


Recap:sanskar slaps swara.ragini bandages laksh.raqesh has bad eye on ragini

Sanskar holds swara’s arm tightly and takes her to his farmhouse.
Swara is still inebriated
Swara:leave me alone u donkey monkey
Sanskar picks her up and takes her inside
She gets off his arms
Swara:wow…what a big big farmhouse…
She turns to sanskar
Swara:night…farmhouse…u…me…whats the plan
Swara:u kisses me too…
Swara:wanna rape me now?
Sanskar is shocked
Sanskar:what the hell r u saying?
Swara:then why…u brought me here?
Sanskar smirks:to murder u

He holds a knife and runs behind her
Sanskar:u insulted me…so I should kill u
Swara:mama…no plz dnt kill me…i m even not married…i cant die like this…what will u do without me
Sanskar stops
Sanskar:u said Na that u love me…if I will die then how can u live?
Sanskar pushes her
Sanskar:I hate u
Sanskar:shut up swara
Swara:ur ego is kost important to u and u dnt spare the person who plays with it…but u didn’t say anything to me…u still protect me…why?
Sanskar is shut now
Swara comes closer to him limping and falls in his arms
Both have an eye lock

Swara:why?why did u betray me?why?I love u so much but u…u and ur….
She falls asleep.
Sanskar:no swara u betrayed me…how could u allow my face to be blackened that too in front if whole college just bcz u thought Tia is my gf…no swara,..it wasn’t fair…u insulted me badly…i wnt forgive u never…

Ragini thinks about laksh
Ragini calls akash
Akash:hi rago.
Ragini:akash…laksh was injured…how is he now
Akashl looks at sleeping laksh
Akash:he is fine…
Akash:so u r going back tomorrow
Akash:we too…
Ragini:yeah…Family is in Kolkata so time to go as college is over now…
Akash:Kolkata.,.we also live in Kolkata
Ragini:but…akira said she is going to banglore
Akash:Akira is from banglore but now her family is shifting to Kolkata…me and lajsh are from kolkata
Ragini:wow…so u and Sheena got chance huh
Akash:and u too.
Akash:no nothing…see u
Ragini:ok bye

Laksh os in ragini’s thoughts and looks at his hand
Laksh:u r so complicated ragini,..

Raqesh also thinks abt ragini
Raqesh:I think I should also shift to Kolkata…ragini…u have to be mine by hook or by crook if not forever then…(villain)
He guffaws

Swara wakes up with a heavy head ache
She looks around and stands in front of mirror
Sanskar enters but he is facing her back.swara doesn’t know he is behind.she keeps looking at herself with scattered hair,naked shoulder dress above her knee and is shocked.he eyes are swollen and she starts crying loudly
Swara:noooo….its not me…I m not this…
She breaks mirror and collapses on floor
Sanskar is shocked

He calls piya who arrives hurriedly and swara is still crying.she takes swara from there and swara is unaware of what happened.
Sanskar:hate her…but hopes she is fine…

Ragini comes back home with Sheena and whole family is so happy at their arrival
Sheena:swara di?
Sumi:she is resting…she came an hour ago with piya…she wasn’t fine
Ragini:what happened?
Shekhar:nothing to worry…she just got tired of her party
Dadi:and good news is that today a groom and his family is coming to see shona
Sheena:how exciting…
Ragini:who r they?
Samrat comes from behind
Samrat:forgot me Han?
Sumi hugs him
Sumi:my son…
Sam:I just heard of a relation…
Dida:shona’s marriage
Ragini:we will have two marriages…cool

Sheena coughs and Sam runs
Sumi:what happened to him?
Ragini:ur son has become majnu…he is in love
All are happy and wish that swara’s alliance gets fixed

At evening they come
Swara thinks about sanskar and cries
Sheena:come didi…they r calling u
Swara goes out and she is shocked to see sanskar and his family

Sujata:dnt be shocked…
Sumi:actually they called us and told that they liked u when u first went to their home..they were just waiting for ur college to be over then they could ask for ur hand.,,
Dp:u guys are friends…and I,hope u wmt have any problem
Swasan look at each other

Ram:take time to think…we r here till night
All laugh
Sujata:call ur bro too…he has not come yet
Adarsh:let me call.
Just then laksh enters with akash greeting everyone aloud
Ragini is shocked to see him
Laksh and akash:u??
Ragini and Sheena:u??

Shekhat:u know each other?
Sheena:they r college friends
Pari:what a coincidence
Laksh thinks:God…even a single day cant be left without seeing her face
Ragini thinks:as I I die to see his face.
Laksh thinks:u should die as all girls die and u r like them
Ragini:u couldn’t recognize me..i m not like other butterfly girls who roam around u
Laksh thinks:oh really?
Ragini thinks:oh yes
Boths how eyes to each other

Sheena:ragini…r these ur eyes or bullet?seems like u r gonna shoot laksh
Ragini:I will shoot him someday
Akash:why r u widening ur eyes…look like carom’s gothiyan
Laksh presses his neck and hits him

Laksh and swara talk,to each other and find each other very friendly and nice.same happened with ragini and sanskar
AP:so what have u thought beta?
Swasan think a lot
Sanskar thinks:I have to marry u for my family…but I wnt give u any happiness
Swara:I have to go with my family’s decision…but I camtexpect anything from him nor he should expect
Ram:is it yes?

Swasan together:yes….

Credit to: angel

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