swaragini hate to love (MUSICAL EMOTIONS) epi 12 SANSKAR’S FACE BLACKENED


recap: ~ akeena’s dance on meherbaan hua and eyelock at the end
~ samira’s dance on ang laga de and kiss on cheek
~swasan dance on zehenaseeb and kiss on forehead.swara sleeps on his chest
~raglak dance on haye rama and very close.about to kiss


ragini and laksh are about to kiss when she pushes him away and both are shocked as to what they were about to do.
laksh:i am…
ragini:shut up just shut up
laksh:but at least listen to me for once
ragini:i just dnt want to hear anything from u….u r the most cheap person i have ever seen
laksh:it wasnt all my mistake…it was just a dance
ragini:i was trying to help u only and u….
laksh:shut up ragini…its both of our fault….dnt get hyper just chill
ragini gets furious
ragini:u r disgusting cheap guy…i have never seen anybody like u before…u r worst than i thought….i mean…dnt u care about girl’s respect?

ragini:stop shouting….
ragini leaves
laksh:everytime u insult me and i bear it but u have crossed all limits….soon i will teach u such a lesson that u will remember it

ragini goes to sheena
sheena and akash break the eyelock
sheena/;what happened?
akash:where is laksh
ragini:in hell
sheena notices ragini’s angry mood and signs akash to go
akash leaves to laksh
ragini tells everything to sheena who pacifies ragini and they sleep in the college

laksh is angry
laksh:u know what its better to stay away from her…i dnt wanna see her face again
akash:ok chill sleep now
both sleep

samrat keeps finger on her lips
samrat:sshhh….now tell me were u jealous?
akira nods in yes
akira:bcz …
akira:because i … i love u
samrat smiles:i love u too
samrat;i love u too…
akira hugs him tightly
akira:i thought u like hot girls and …
samrat:the day when i first saw u i fell in love with u…
akira:love at first sight…how cute….
they both hug again

swara wakes up and sees herslef in sanskar’s arms and smiles
sanskar too wakes up and both have eyelock
both are close and are about to kiss when ap voice disturbs them
sanskar gets up fast
ap enters room

ap:sanskar what r u doing here?
sanskar:actually i ,…i came to check on swara
ap:how cute
swara:good morning badi ma
ap;good morning beta….come down for pooja after getting fresh
she leaves
swara:why?dnt u believe in God
sanskar:of course i do…but pooja in my mom’s voice??hilarious
swara:sanskar…doesnt badi ma know to sing?
sansakr:no…and mom likes singing and she compltes her happiness by singing in pooja and its unbearable…at least for me….so i put cotton in my ears
swara laughs
sanskar:u look beautiful when u smile

swara shys
swara:ok go i have to change
sanskar leaves and swara changes and gets dresses in prineeta’s yellow saree
she looks mesmerizing
she comes down

all are present for pooja.she sees cotton in sanskar’s ears and goes near him
sanskar:what happened?
she takes out cotton
sanskar:swara no…u also put in ur ears…all are gonna freak after hearing mom’s bhajan
swara smiles at his chidishness
swara goes to sujata
swara:auntie…may i sing?

sujata:sure beta
sanskar is surprised
swara signs sanskar to listen carefully
he folds his arms and gets ready to listen her
swara starst pooja and sings bhajan in her melodious voice and pleases everyone

she ends.all praise her.they do breakfast and go to college
all are shocked to see sanskar with swara and swara in saree
students comment that how nice they are looking
swara thinks about her moments with sanskar and his care and smiles
sanskar too thinks about tehir moments her cuteness he smile and smiles too
swara thinks:i love u sanskar
sanskar thinks:i love u swara and i will tell this to u today….

after some time
tia hears sanskar talking to laksh
sanskar:yes lucky i m sure i really love swara
tia is shocked
sanskar:i will tell this to her
he cuts call and leaves
tia:oh no…i have to do sth…i cant let go of sanskar’s property i have to fulfill my plan of swara’s destruction at any cost and i wanted to use sanskar for this…i have to make him against swara at any cost but how??
abhay comes from behind

abhay:let me tell u
tia:bhai…what to do?
abhay tells about an evil plana and tia smirks

swara is in her locker room when sanskar comes
swara:what are u doing here?its girl’s locker…what if someone sees u?
sanskar keeps a hand on her mouth and pins her to locker
sanskar:how much u speak
he moves her hand.both look into each other’s eyes


Sanskar caresses swara’s face and she shuts her eyes
swara holds his shirt tightly and both share a slight LIP KISS.
swara opens her eyes
sanskar:swara…i …
swara:what sanskar
sanskar:i have to tell u sth…my feelings
swara:then say it plz
sanskar:no…not here…come in college hall after 10 minutes…i will tell in front of everyone
swara smiles and he leaves.swara is ecstatic and comes out of locker room where tia is waiting for her with her friends….

she hears tia’s talks and is shocked out of her wits….

she is distraught and goes to the hall where sanskar comes and presents her flowers and bends on knees
sanskar:i love u swara
all students gather there
swara eyes him angrily and he stands up when he sees tears in her eyes
sanskar:what happened?
swara SLAPS him hard on his face and he is shocked.all other studenst are hell shocked as they knew how much sanskar cares for his respect and nobody dared to do this to him

swara:how dare u…u played with my feelings….my emotions…tia ur girl….and u….u kissed me sanskar…u were so close to me…how could u do this??
sanskar is not able to get anything
swara:u will pay for this….
she runs from there

piya:how could u try to play with her respect….what a cheap act…
piya goes behind swara
tia comes and sanskar asks what was swara talking about?
tia:actually she came to know that u and me had a relation thats why she did this…i apologized to her but she didnt listen and …i told u before she is like this but u didnt listen….
she acts to cry….
sanskar:how the hell can she slap me like this in front of everyoine just due to this reason?

a boy steps forward
boy:u r stud of this college but it doesnt mean u play with girl’s respect…
anothere boy steps forward:yes he is right…u should be punished so that u never do it again…u ahve a girlfriend and u tried to play with a girl’s virginity…
sanskar was about to say sth when the first boy throws BLACK COLOR on his face shocking everyone and sanskar too is taken aback…he crushes the flowers in his hands….


Credit to: angel

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