swaragini hate to love (musical emotions) 48


Swasan recognize the voice and its of ragini….

Swara shouts her name and both go out
They reach ragini’s room and are shocked to see ragini shouting in pain
Swara:oh no….baby
Swara:she z having labour pain
Sanskar:its raining heavily….
Sujata:lets take her to hospital
Ragini keeps shouting and laksh holds her hand

Sanskar dp and ram go out and are shocked to hear on tv about weather conditions.Roads are completely blocked due to heavy rain
They go in and tell family.all panic
Swara:what do we do maa?
Sujata:try to call doctor

Ragini winces badly and tears flow from her eyes
Swara holds her hand
Swara:ragini m with u….yr child’s maasi is here as well….we r swaragini who can fight with any problem together….i promise that nothing will happen to this child….u r a strong girl….and be strong for ur baby….

SWARAGINI plays in bg….

Doc picks up call
Adarsh:doctor….m adarsh maheshwari….wr have got a problem….ragini has got labour pain and roads r blocked we cant bring her to hospital ….wt do we do?
Doc:who z with u?
Adarsh:whole family
Adarsh puts the phone on speaker as doc says
Doc:ragini calm down….u need to relax….or else ur child will panic as well
Doc asks tagini to breath in and out….she feels a bit relaxed
Swara:doctor my sis is in much pain,….wt do we do
Doc:its impossible to come there and even u cant bring her here
AP:then wt do we do??
Doc:mrs sanskar maheshwari…..u have to deliver ur sister’s baby now
Swara z shocked
Swara:no how can I?
Ragini holds swara’s hand
Ragini :I trust u didi….remember the swaragini power???plz take me put of my pain like u have done since my childhood….plz didi
Swara gets teary eyed and agrees

Doc:send the boys outside
Laksh:can I stay??
Swara AP sujata pari ragini in union: No!!
All take him out
Doc guides swara as she panics
Swara goes to bring warm water first
Sanskar holds her
Sanskar cups her face and kisses her forehead
Sanskar:I know u can do it….u have gone through it….ur sis trusts u and we all r dependent on u now….save our second child…
Swara smiles with pride to have such husband and kisses him on cheek
Swara:I will do it….ask laksh to bring warm water fast
Swara rushes into room and changes ragini’s clothes
She shouts on laksh to bring water and he comes and puts water aside
Swara:go and bring towel
Laksh runs outside and ragini curses him while other ladies laugh

Pari covers ragini with a sheet.laksh runs inside to handover towel and falls down
Swara:wt happened
Laksh:bhabhi my knee…..i fell….its paining….
Ragini:come here
Laksh sits beside her
Laksh:yes jaan
Ragini holds his collar angrily and shakes him
Ragini:u r feeling pain???seriously???m dying of pain here just because of u and u….
She screams and laksh gets scared and runs out

AP and sujata hold her hand and swara pushes the baby as directed by doctor….

Finally after a struggle of half hour baby is delivered
Ragini falls unconscious as swara gives her injection.they clean ragini and give bath to baby and make baby wear clothes.

Outside males are tensed but get relieved as swara comes out holding baby
Swara:its a girl
Laksh cries
Swara:hold her
Laksh:first bhai will hold her
Sanskar is surprised
Laksh:I heard ur talk with bhabhi…she z ur second daughter …. And she came into this world because of bhabhi so u have the first right
Sanskar gets teary eyed and holds the baby and kisses her forehead
Laksh then holds her and tears of joy keep escaping his eyes

After sometime ragini gets conscious and sees the baby and cries as well

Whole family is relieved and thanks swara
Laksh kisses ragini’s forehead
Laksh:thnk u for giving me such a gift
Ragini smiles and hugs swara
Swara:thnk u for trusting me
Ragini:u won
Swara:we won
Swaragini: SWARAGINI won….
Both smile and give hi five….

Next epi: LAST EPISODE…..

Guys I am gonna write another ff very soon….must read it….

It will be swasan(love behind lust and revenge)….

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