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Hey guys sorry for late update.bzy schedule.there z another problem.

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Epi will be a little short as I have to end it till 50th epi ….. Plz comment…..and do tell me,,,,thnx

Swara is upset and curses herself for not trusting sanskar.she is brought back home and smiles seeing sanskar playing with her girl.(kavya)
Swara tries to talk to him but he ignores.she gets upset but doesn’t say anything
A month passes and swasan don’t talk to each other whereas raglak enjoy their upcoming time and enjoy playing with kavya as well.

Laksh hugs ragini from back and keeps his chin on her shoulder
Ragini:just some more days and u will have our baby in ur hands
Laksh smiles and kisses her neck
Ragini shuts her eyes and enjoys it.
Laksh turns her and sits on his knees
Laksh talks to his baby
Laksh:I lost u once but not this time,he kisses ragini’s belly and a tear escapes her eyes remembering her first child.laksh wraps his arms around her belly and she caresses his hair.

At night its raining heavily….

Swara plays with kavya.
AP:swara where z sanskar
Swara:he must be coming.its raining so….
AP:its already very late beta
Sujata:u should sleep now.
Swara:I will sleep once he comes back
Sujata:give kavya to me,I will handle her tonight,
AP:u play with granddaughter 🙂
Swara smiles and AP sujata leave
Swara is in verge of tears when sanskar enters home
She looks angrily at him
He goes to room silently
Swara stamps her foot and storms inside room.
Swara:what the hell do u want sanskar?
sanskar gives a questioning look
Swara:its been a month and it seems like we r not husband and wife,it feels like we r strangers.we have not spoken a word since one month.all bcz of my stupid mistake.I asked u sorry now what else should I do?its killing me from inside as u r so far from me.since one month I have been trying to seek it forgiveness but u dnt bother!!! Kill me but break ur silence.

She takes out all her frustration through her words and sits with a thud on bed and weeps
She feels a hand on her cheek.its her sanskar only.he cups her face and kisses on tears.swara shivers feeling his touch after so long
Sanskar:I am sorry for hurting u but I was in guilt myself for not understanding u and spending time with that kavita.wtever u thought abt her was right but I was wrong.u wanted some time and love from me but I was so involved in work….plz forgive me
Swara hugs him tight and both share a long hug after so long
Sanskar kisses her forehead.he moves his thumbs over her lips and swara gulps in nervousness.very soon sanskar pecks her lips.both have their eyes shut and breath heavily.unable to take it any longer sanskar captures her lips and she wraps her arms around him.he holds her by waist and presses it.swara moans in pain and he bites her lower lip.both while kissing lean on bed and sanskar keeps kissing her,she responds back with full force expressing how much they missed each other in this month.
After a kiss of almost 10 minutes they part away and pant.
Sanskar kisses her neck,swara smiles and nuzzles her nose with his nose.swara kisses his nose and blushes.
Sanskar:I love u
Swara:I love u too

Sanskar leans to kiss her again when they hear a scream.
Swasan get up with jerk and gets tensed
Swara shouts:ragini!!!

Next epi: Raining….. Hospital….roads jammed…. How will deliver happen??????? ragini…..??

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    OMG alia this was really gud loved today’s epi hav Been waiting for ur epi
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