swaragini hate to love (musical emotions) 45


hi guys!!! m aila….means angel….
yep my real name is aila and i know u gusy must be hell angry but wt to do???
i am going to college at 6a.m and return at 2:30p.m and after 15 mins that is at 2:45p.m i leave for my academy and come back at 9p.m??????????
its really hectic….forgive me……
here we go

kavita gets hell angry and thinks to keep distance between sanskar and swara
kavita:i accept ur deal
sanskar is surprised and all r hell happy
laksh:if u want to take time u can
ragini hits him
ragini:is it important to speak?why u missing such golden chance?
laksh:ok ok sorry
all smile
kavita:i dnt need time to think,,,,i do wt i decide and i have decided to make u mine
swasan are taken aback

kavita smirks:i mean make u my partner,,,,
they smile
kavita:i should leave
swara signs sanskar
sanskar:oh….should i drop u
kavita smiles
kavita:of crse
kavita moves towards stairs and turns around and fumes to see swara hugging sanskar and giving him peck on cheek for victory

laksh:learn sth from ur sister
ragini pulls his cheeks
ragini:meri jaan
ragini puts finger on his lips and looks here and there
laksh:what r u seeing?
ragini pecks his cheek

laksh is surprised
laksh:what for?
laksh smiles and both hug

next morning sanskar gives kiss on swara’s forehead and leaves for office with laksh….
kavita greets sanskar and hugs him
laksh coughs
laksh:bhai….wt if bhabhi knows
sanskar:kavita is modern and open minded and a colleague only….
laksh:be careful
sanskar:dnt wrry
kavita begins the meeting and clients give presentations…
sanskar explains project
kavita sees sanskar’s phone vibrating….
she sees swara calling him
she silently picks mobile and goes out

kavita:hello!!!whoever u r,,,,r u senseless??
kavita:i am kavita,,,,sanskar’s frnd and right now he is busy with me in meeting….and dont u know calls r not allowed during meeting?dont u dar call again
she cuts call and smirks
swara feels sad but then composes herself thinking abt sanskar’s meeting and prays for him
to her luck sanky impresses clients…..

laksh gets ragini’s call
laksh:oh God
kavita:what happened?
laksh:ragini iscalling
kavita:then pick it up

kavita:laksh ur first priority is family and ragini is pregnant,,,needs u….sanky and i will handle u go
laksh thansk her and leaves for home
kavita thinks:we will all be alone now sanskar dear

laksh reaches home and swara thinsk its sanskar but gets sad to see laksh alone
laksh hugs ragini and swara
swara:laksh where is sanskar?
laksh:he is with kavita
ragini:why didnt he come back
laksh:its a huge project so it needs a lot of hardwork
ragini:all hard work my jeeju will do and wt will u do??rest??
laksh:arey!!! i came back only for u and u r scolding me
ragini:u should have helped them in project
laksh:kavita only said me to come to u as u r pregnant
swara is surprised
ragini smiles

laksh picks her in his arms and swara smiles
laksh:i will tell u how to say sorry
ragini shys and both go into room
swara:how can kavita be so double faced??may be m mistaken….anyways sanskar where r u?

swara tries calling sanskar but his phone is switched off.she keeps waiting and feels restless.finally she doses off without eating anything.ragini notices it.sanskar come back and kisses swara’s forehead
ragini knocks
ragini:jeeju…wanna eat sth?
sanskar:no i ate with kavita
ragini feels sad
ragini:actually didi,,,,
sanskar:can we talk tomorrow?m very tired
ragini:yeah ok

she leaves sadly

sanskar leaves early without meeting swara and again swara gets restless.kavita keeps sanskar busy in work


kavita:sanskar….lets go out for dinner
she smiles
as usual swara keeps waiting for sanskar….
ap:beta u know he come slate
swara:its ok ma i will wait again….u know na….i eat with him only
sujata:what a love!!!
she hits ram
sujata:learn sth….try to eat with me
ram:i cant become a buffalo
sujata wide opens her mouth
sujata:what did u say?

sujata:u always do this…
she hits him and goes to her room followed by ram while others smile
laksh comes back
laksh:ma i am very hungry
swara:laksh where z sanskar?
laksh:he went out for dinner with kavita
swara gets hurt
dp:u eat sth beta
swara:m not hungry
swara leaves to her room
ragini:swara di
ragini:tomorrow we u me laksh and jeeju will go for our new ultrasound!!we will see our babies again….its ur last ultrasound
swara smiles:i hope ur jeeju comes
ragini gets sad while laksh is confused
laksh:what happened to her?
ragini gives him death glare
ragini:u come i will tell
ragini goes to room angrily
laksh:god nt a new tornado plz
ragini:r u dumb?
laksh:what did i do?

ragini:cant u see how sad my di is?
laksh:yeah i sa today
ragini:do u know the reason?
ragini:god !!!
laksh:god is the reason?
ragini:no duffer,,,,ur bro z the reason who z not giving time to swara….she needs him the most….
laksh:oh….he is busy with project so
ragini:laksh u r also there,.,.u do give time to me and i dnt have any complain against u….and m months less pregnant than di…her time z more critical and jeeju z not with her
laksh keeps hands on her shoulders
laksh:aww my baccha has become so intelligent
ragini:its not funny
laksh:ok ok i will talk to him…now smile
ragini smiles
laksh:aww …u drive me crazy
he leans to kiss her but ragini pushes him
ragini:sleep now
laksh:ragini not fair

ragini:shut up
laksh:God her mood swings!!!

swara thinks abt sanskar and sleeps…sanskar as usual comes late and smiles seeing her and sleeps


sanskar checks files
laksh:dnt u think u r giving really less time to bhabhi
sanskar:i know lucky…m so tensed,,,,but wtever m doing is for her,,,,its a huge project and i want this to complete before baby come into world…it will be a gift for shona
laksh:i know but its not as important as bahbhi…she needs u and…
just then kavita enters,,,
kavita:sanskar….hurry up…foreign clients are coming….we need their investment
she deliberately slips into his arms and sanly holds her
kavita keeps hand on his face

kavita:thank u
sanskar coughs:u ok?
sanskar:lets go
he leaves
laksh:kavita….m going home after an hour….u also aks bhai to come home
kavita:all ok?
laksh:yeah today is bhabhi’s last ultrasound and bhai should be with her to see his baby ….u know na every moment is special
kavita fumes
kavita:ok u leave
laksh leaves after half an hour

laksh reaches home
laksh bows down his head
ragini sees swara sad
ragini:did u tell him?
ragini:how will he know and come?
swara’s face lightens up
swara:let me call him
swara calls him but he doesnt pick up as his mob is on vibration.she calls 3 times.kavita sees it and smirks
she switches on ringer

swara calls again and meeting gets disturbed.sanskar cuts call 4 times and then switches off mobile
swara:he is not picking and now switched off
laksh:i dnt know…still ….
swara:meeting!!!lets go to office….
they leave
sanskar apologozes to clients
foreign 1:u should keeps mob off during meeting
foreign 2:its really irritating
foreign 3:we dnt exect it from u
kavita:m sorry on his behalf…his wife is expecting actually….plz m sorry
kavita:its ok…m ur frnd
sanskar smiles and gives thankful look

he continues when swara storms in after sometimes
sanskar and kavita get shocked
sanskar:swara u…
swara:m sorry to disturb the meeting but i have sth really important to talk to u
kavita:what the hell!!
sanskar:later not now plz
foreign 1:what nonsense
sanskar:m sorry
foreign 2:u r wasting our time
foregin 3:we should leave

they leave and kavita sits with thud nd feigns to cry
raglak get tensed
swara gets apologetic
sanskar gets angry
sanskar:what the hell is ur problem swara?r u mad??do u know how important it was for me?u have no idea what u did….calls and calls…u r pregnant it doesnt mean u can rule on anybody….nonsense
laksh:bhai plz
sanskar:shut up laksh…u knew i was in meeting but u brought her here to create problem nd we lost the deal
swara:i was calling u to…
he takes her phone and throws on wall and breaks it
sanskar:u and ur blo*dy phone
sanskar keeps hand on kavita’s shoulder and she hugs him.sanskar consoles her and swara becomes teary eyed
kavita:we lost sanky
sanskar:its not ur fault

swara goes out and sees clients and folds her hands and asks for forgiveness and tells how important a baby is for family and how she wanted it to become special.
clients feel guilty and get moves with swara’s words
swara requests them not to break deal.they smile and agree.they go back surprising kavita and sanskar ad again sanskar presents the deal and gets contract
kavita hugs him and thinks to celebrate
sanskar gets happy as well and both arrange a party

swara and raglak are in hospital
ragini is going through ultrasound test.laksh holds herhand and both get glad seeing their baby.ragini gets teary eyed and laksh kisses her eyes.
laksh:no tears
ragini:gohnson’s baby?
laksh and ragini burst out into laugh and join their foreheads….

swara comes back from another room as raglak wait for her
they see her sad
laksh:bhabhi wt if bhai is not here??princess’s chachu z there for her…..show me
ragini smiles
ragini:how cute
laksh:my neice is more cute than my daughter

ragini:she z our own daughter laksh
laksh smiles but swara is still lost
swara:lets go home

swaraglak reach home and see sanskar and kavita enjoying dinner with clients and other family members.
clients welcome them
1st:we wish u would have joined us
sanskar gives angry look to swara
2nd one:thank u miss ap for delicious dinner
ap:thanks to my daughter in law swara who prepared this dinner
sanskar is taken aback
3rd:but she shouldnt have worked in this condition
dp:she was very much happy as u accepted the contract so she wanted to do preparations with her own hands….thnk u so much
1st:u should tahnk ur daughter in law…its because of her ur son got the deal
sanskar:she spoiled everything

2nd : no mr maheshwari….she came to us and apologized and explained the importance of baby in life….it was her last ultrasound and she told us how u wanted to make each moment special….

sanskar is hell shocked!!!
he looks at swara who is standing still like a statue
3rd:if u had told us before abt ur appointment with doc we would have delayed the meeting!!
1st:anyways thank u miss swara
2nd:u r lucky to have such a loving and caring wife sanskar….take care of her
3rd:its a critical situation and she needs u….
sanskar thanks them and they leave

swaraglak coming back to home and ap telling them abt dinner.swara prepares everything and calls doc to tell her that they will come in evening as she didnt want to face sanskar.

swara puts ultrasound reports on table
swara:is anyone is interested in having a look at the coming daughter he can
all are surprised at swara’s behaviour.laksh gives them assuring look
kavita gets angry and thinks ”what the hell…this swara…a total drama”

swara heads to go in room
swara:m not hungry
ap:sanskar is at home tonight beta
swara:doesnt matter ma….either he is at home or not same thing
sanskar feels as if sth pinched through his heart

swara leaves for her room leaving sanskar sad and kavita smirking

AGAR TUM SATH HO plays in bg…………..

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  1. Hi Alia,

    It’s superb…. Plz make sanskar realise his mistake soon… He should understand how kavita is playing around with him… Plz don’t separate them… Keep swasan one. Also this post is not reflecting in Swaragini forum…

  2. I hope Sanskar soon will understand what is going on.

  3. mind blowing…liked it

  4. Hemalattha

    awesome i love it

  5. Mica

    haaaaa…i’m crying

  6. I hope that sanskaar gets to know that swara is not taking care of herself and is not eating during nights while waiting for him..whereas he is having delicacy with kavita at night in restaurant..
    I want sanskaar to suffer a lot for ignoring swara and to get angry on her and consoling kavita instead of swara.. everyone should be hell angry with him and swara also should ignore him for his acts..and PLEASE MAKE SANSKAAR CRY A LOT IN UPCOMING PARTS OR chp. AND LET HIM REPENT FOR HIS ACTS LIKE HELL

  7. Aila

    Everything will be sorted out soon guys….dnt wrry

    1. Nadia

      Aila do you have an insta acc….?the epi was mind blowingnd awesome….i lived it frm the bttm of my heart….??

      1. Aila

        yes i have it…my personal acc is i_am_noor431 and for swaragini its hellyshahpedia ……..if u follow me an my private acc kindly text me be4 and give me ur intro as i dnt accept requests of unknowns?

  8. Ridhima

    Awesome tooooo goood
    post soon if possible…??

  9. Sanskar should go to hell (only in this ff) he’s behaving like a dumb………I think you should separate swasan for sometime and show a leap of some years and in between this leap make sanskar realise his mistakes and Kavitha truth………..He should crave for his child’s love and no one from the family also forgive him………then make him understand what swara has gone through………like you can take a leap of 4 – 5 years and then a new story of swasan should start in which swasan children play a cupid for their love and please start making sanskar Realise that he is at fault from next chapter and please remove this cavity (Kavita) ASAP……….

    1. Nadia

      Hey….tuline…i loved your suggestion…hope aila uses it in her ff….sanskar should realize his mistakes

  10. loved it

  11. Plz post the update waiting

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