swaragini – happy diwali (OS)

This is Balaji here with new os Happy Diwali.
Let I start the episode.
Swara’s POV
I am working hard to correct the bug in the program. If I finish this work soon, I will leave soon. Tomorrow is Diwali , still I am struggling with this Dappa.
“Dappa ” I murmured and scold my Computer which is in front of me. I hit my table slowly in frustration and tension, a opened pen tip hurt me.
“ this pen also taking revenge from me, like my TL” I scolded my pen and TL and turned. My colleague Sahil is trying hard to control his laugh by seeing my antics.
I give a stern glare which make him silent.
Still, he have fear. That’s good . Once, he teased me and I made him drink salt coffee and also made him give a treat for breaking coffee mug in office.
“what happened Swara?” Sahil asked me. arghh! He completed his task but me..
“ I can’t clear this bug” I said to him by holding my head.
He left and after few minutes, comes with two coffee in his hand.
“Take it, you will feel better” he said calmly. Even now, I want this.
“thanks Sahil” I thanked him.
“anything for my little sissy”Sahil said with cute antics of bending which made me smile. I tapped his arm and made myself immerse in work. I don’t know how much time ran.
My phone ringed and it shows my choti’s photo. A unknown smile comes in my face.
“Hi headweight..” I started.
“hello donkey… when will you come? I left from my office” my choti answered me.
He is also working in Chennai but different company.
“ I will come at tomorrow morning. I have so much work. You can go atleast you will be with maa and papa while worshipping “ I said with irritation and jealousy in my voice.
I know he is smiling.
“ ok donkey. take care…” he cut the call.

What ? he disconnected the call. He didn’t even consoled me. wait! Head weight , I will finish this work fast and this donkey is coming to kick you.
I smiled devilishly and finished my work within a hour. He have something whenever I spoke with my choti, I feel better.
I finished my work, take my bag and come out of my office. It’s already 9 PM.
I go to bus terminal. It’s full of crowd. Everyone go to their home town to celebrate diwali with their family like me. I shake my head and start to search where the bus halted. Finally I found it and most important thing , This is a last bus for my home town. Already the seats are filled and inside there are so many people are standing.
I see the upside and smiled mischeviously. Without any delay, I start to climb up using the Ladder in the bus. I see another man also climbing up using the side ladder of bus.
I climbed and I need a help to get my bag. That man climbed first and give his hands to me. I can’t see his face and I accepted his help. He hold my hands and helped me. but I felt , this touch remembers me someone… I already saw this eyes.
“thanks bhaisap…” I muttered.
“ it’s my honor donkey” that man answered and removed hanky from his face.
Donkey… without any delay, I kicked him lightly and hold his hands to safeguard him from falling.
“ do you go home without me? how dare you, headweight?” I put my hands in his shoulders.
“ how can I go, donkey? If I didn’t say like that, you will still fight with your bug” he answered me with smile.
“ don’t cover your act by with chessy words. I am not maa” I said to him.
“ ohh! Then, why are you smiling donkey?” he smirked at me.
“come on. We should secure our place” I said and walked forward. He already arranged a place for us which is safe to us.
We sit and bus started to move. After few minutes, a cold breeze starts to blow on our face. I rubbed my hands and he wrapped me with a shawl. Within a minute, I feel a weight in my shoulders. My head weight start to slept. I still wonder, how he sleep like this. Whenever he sit in a bus, he start to sleep.Kumbhkarn..!
I smiled and take his head in my lap and he cuddled. Still, he is a kid when it comes to me. even he grown up and matured. I ruffled his hair. Still I remember, when I was 3, he born. I taken him in hands and he smiled and plucked my hairs. My papa always said that we started to fight the next minute, he born.

He wakes up as the bus stopped in motel.
“Donkey, are you need anything other than paper?” he asked me. he never changes.
“ I don’t need anything” I said sternly.
“ ok.” he shrugged his shoulders and get down. My stomach starts to make sounds as I didn’t ate anything till afternoon in my work pressure.
I smell an aroma of veg rolls. He asked me did I need.
I shaked my heads negatively.
“ bhukkar” I scolded him. I turned my head and closed my eyes. I feel aroma of Veg roll near to my nose.
I opened my eyes and his hand have two veg rolls.
“ my stomach is full. Have it” he said.
“not for you. for maa, she always said don’t waste food. It’s maa Annapurna” I said to him.
“ ok. ok” he hide his smile.
I am so blessed to have choti like this. He is so understanding, so loving and so caring.
A branch came and we bend our head.
“Di, did you remember what we did in travel to grandmaa’s house?” Choti asked me.
Flashback Starts…
We, choti and our familt were travelling to our Grandmaa’s house which is in Village.
In Bus top,
We are sitting little bit far from maa and papa. A branch came.
Choti saw me and winked his eye. I understood. We climbed the branch which made our parents shock.
My maa starts to panic and at the end of bus, we jumped into bus from branch.
“Di, it’s thrilling” he said in the age of 10 and I was 13.
“haan , Laksh” I answered him in excitement.
But, what happened is unexpected. My maa and papa gave lecture about safety for more than a hour and they cancelled our stay at Grandmaa’s house.
Flash back ends…

If you think, we stopped our pranks after that. You are wrong. we increased our naughtiness.
“ di, still it’s thrilling naa” Laksh asked me.
“ haan Laku. But I don’t ready to have that lectures again” I laughed.
Finaaly , we reached our home town . now, we have to walk for two kilometers for our village.
I feel the happiness in me. it’s around 2 in night or according to my papa, it’s early morning. We heard so many sound of crackers. I see a happy diwali in sky as a effect of sky.
“head weight , see that” I raised his head.
“Donkey, it’s superb naa” he said in amusement even though he saw more than that.
I saw Ramu uncle who is hiding his face by his hand kerchief by seeing us.
“ Happy diwali Ramu uncle” I said but he ran.
“see naa head weight, he didn’t wish me back” I complained.
“ how will he wish you di, previous year only you make him deaf for a weak, by blasting a cracker near his ear while he sleeping” Laksh recalled.
“ it’s previous year naa Donkey. 365 days are ran in middle” I said and Laksh chuckled.
I see so many kids are lit different type of crackers. I see a boy who is scared to lit up a bijli cracker. I handed my bag to Laksh.
“ array Chotu.. I will help you” I said so bravely.
“thanks di” he thanked me.
I hold his hand and lighting stick which he hold his hand, lit up the cracker.
We both waiting for cracker burst and it burst in a minute. I jumped in joyness. The next minute, I heard a cracker sound near me and I jumped in fear.
I turned and see Laksh laughing like hell.
“ Lucky ka bacho.. I will not leave you” I said and start to chase him. he ran in streets and crackers are my hurdles to catch him. Finally, we both reached our heaven, our house.
He ran first and hide behind my maa.
“Maa.. let me. today, I will teach him a lesson” I said angrily. My maa didn’t pay any heed to me. she make me sit and put sesame oil in my head.
“how many times, I told you both, don’t travel at night time”Maa worriedly said.
“ you both never obey us” papa complained.
Laksh hugged maa.
“ maa, if we didn’t travel at night, how can we enjoy now with you?. Many times, we told you to come with us, but you refused” laksh complained.
“ it’s not only my birth place, I have so many memories in this place, Swara ”papa see maa and maa blushed.
We all take head bath and start our prayers.

The next minute, we finish the prayers.
Laksh and me ran.
“maa, we will get Amar and john” Laksh yelled.
Laksh and me pressed calling bell of Amar’s house.
Ami(Amar’s mom) opened the door and I hugged her and Laksh take her blessings.
“maa, where is Amar?” I asked her.
“He is taking oil bath. Today, it’s diwali naa”Ami answered me.
Amar, me, Laksh, john .. we all are more than friends. we always celebrate all our celebrations, functions together. Because it’s India. Even though, people are diverged by religions, we all are united by heart.
We take Amar, john and their family and start to eat the delicious sweets. Ami did a yummy gulab jamun for us. John’s maa did a cake for us. Diwali is not only a celebration, it spread happiness, we get happiness by sharing sweets and snacks. We are not only sharing foods, we share our feelings, love and care. Happy Diwali to all.

Hope I didn’t bored you.

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