Swaragini ( What happened to Ragini?) Episode 5


Today’s episode starts with…..

Everyone eating breakfast and dp gets a phone call, he says achcha, ok. I will on the TV. He cuts the call and asks sanskar to on TV, business channel, anu asks what happened, dp says i got a call from authority that successful business people are going to work together for a new project , something which is going to be good for people. He says the authority is going to make people work in pairs for one month, so they are going to show who are the pairs. Swara thinks dp should pair with Malhotras and I can observe Nisha. The anchor announces some groups and then announces DP with Malhotras. Swara gets excited and says yes, the maheswaris get shocked thinking if Nisha is going to work with DP

Scene shifts to a forest, near a hut a woman is lying on a bed, her body is almost burnt. Another lady comes and takes care of a lady with a pallu over her head. The lady sleeping cries and says I did so bad with all of you, that is why i am like this. I did so much bad with you but you are still taking care of me, why?? another lady replies because it is my duty to take care of family members. When she is turning and going out her pallu flies and she sees herself in the mirror and screams, her face and hands are half burnt and she reminisces her before face. The sleeping lady cries and says you go to our family they will accept you, they will not leave you RAGINI…. Ragini turns and says no BHABHI, I can’t go there, I know they would accept me however I look like, but I can’t go, everyone will be scared seeing my face, then how can I make everyone scared showing my face, parineeta blames herself for her doings. Ragini holds her and says no, it is been 5 years now, please, and they both cry.

Scene shifts to baadi, shekar is shown playing with 6 year old kid and sharmishta sees them from far. She comes towards them and shekar shouts her to move aback. Sharmista also shouts and says what did I do that you are giving me this big punishment from these many years. My daughter hates me and you are planning to make my son hate me or what.? Shekhar says your daughter hates you because she knows what you have done, sharmishta says you all are saying that I killed ragini, but did you ever thought that she is my daughter also, shekar says she was never your daughter, you never considered her as your daughter, you gave her this punishment for helping you. You killed her, and I don’t want you to be near me or my son, so please leave and goes. Sharmista cries, she reminisces ragini pleading her to leave the rope, I need to save my sister and brother and also my whole family and sharmista leaves the rope, once ragini falls down, another net also falls, but sharmista catches the rope again and saves some people on the net. But no one knows that she catched the rope and saved them.

Scene shifts to forest again, when ragini and parineeta are catching hands and crying, a old lady comes to them and sees them crying, she keeps her hand on ragini’s shoulder and consoles her, ragini says maai, aap yaha hai, the lady replies what are you both doing, I told you right that you shouldn’t cry as the tears delays curing the burnt marks. Ragini and parineeta folds their hands and says THANK YOU so much maai, the lady says this is wrong, you both are calling me maa and again telling thank you. She sees ragini’s face and smiles, she says your burnt mark has reduced, soon, you will be fine and hugs her.

Precap: every business people with their families come to a hotel, the host says that you all are going to work in pairs for the next project but before that we all felt you guys should have a holiday, so we all asked you to come here to enjoy. They smile.

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