Swaragini ( What happened to Ragini?) Episode 4


Hey guys I’m back with the next episode.I know guys that you want me to update regularly.I’m happy that you love my ff so much that you want to upload regularly.But as I’m in class 10 I go to school in the morning and come home at 5 and I have lots of homework, So I cannot complete an episode in 1 day. That’s why there is a gap of a day between the updates. I hope you can understand guys.

Today’s episode starts with………

It’s morning and our loving birds are sleeping in each other’s embrace. Sanskar wakes up and sees swara sleeping peacefully and decides not to disturb her, he reminisces ragini dying and thinks please don’t leave, I won’t be able to live without you. Swara wakes up and says I will never leave you. They both smile. Swara makes ragini go to school and sanskar to office. She then does all the household works.
Some neighbours come and talk with Annapurna and sujata, one lady says theen theen bahuein hone ke bavajood bhi, swara hi saara kaam kar rahi hai. Sujata taunts back that you don’t have one daughter in law also, don’t know who will support you in the old age. The lady gets angry and starts badmouthing about parineeta who cannot become mother and ragini who acted as pregnant. Annapurna scolds her and says why are talking like this about dead people. We know that parineeta did many bad things but she is dead now. When we don’t say anything bad about her then why do you people bother. She asks them to leave as we need to go to award function. The lady yells and goes. Annapurna reminisces a house burning and a lady crying saying my daughter is inside, please save her, the lady then comes to annapurna and I won’t let you live peacefully. Annapurna sits sadly and sujata holds her saying NO, swara asks her to keep smiley face and she smiles.

In the evening, everyone get ready and to go to function. Adarsh and ram says they we will be with laksh, incase if got an attack seeing someone. DP says ok and they all leave to the function.

Function starts and the host talks about business awards and gives away the awards to people. He then announces best business man award as DP , everyone congratulates him and he receives award. The host asks him to give award for the best young business man/ woman. Dp announces miss. Nisha Malhotra and calls her up on the stage. She comes there and everyone sees her amusely. Maheswari family gets shocked seeing her. She comes to the stage and removes her goggles and says, thank you so much, wow young business woman, it feels really great and gives her speech in fluent english. She goes to receive the award from dp, dp’s hands shake while giving to her. Whole maheshwari family sits dumbstruck listening to her speech. She then calls her parents on stage and thank them for giving everything. When she is going, swara says ragini, but annapurna cuts her and says no one should talk anything here, we will go home right now. Function ends and they come to their house without talking anything in the middle.

Annapurna asks everyone to freshen up and meet in my room. Laksh comes there and hugs dp, he says I am so happy for you. Dp says thank you beta. You will also get this award very soon. He says we are tired, laksh says sure you all go and sleep, it is late. They go and freshen up. They silently meet in annapurna room and sujata says can anyone pinch me, swara pinches hardly, sujata shouts aye jiji, swara says sorry and sanskar laughs. Annapurna says that girl can’t be ragini, swara says but how can she be exactly same as ragini, anu says i don’t know, but this can’t be true that she is ragini, arey we all have seen the gas cylinder blasting and ragini and parineeta were inside. Swara says but we got only one woman body, we didn’t get other body, anu says police said that may be her body is burned and turned to ashes, I don’t want any arguments with this, swara, you won’t investigate in this again. You have seen her parents and also how she speaks in fluent english right, if she is really ragini and may be she had a memory loss then how did she get parents then… she asks everyone to leave this matter, everyone nods and go back to their respective rooms.

Precap: A lady works in a hut, it is inside of a forest, she puts pallu over her head. She takes care of a lady who is almost burnt all over the body.

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