Swaragini ( What happened to Ragini?) Episode 3


Today’s episode starts with….

Everyone see laksh crying and feels sad, laksh wipes his tears and says OK guys now let’s give gifts and give her, Ragini gives a painting of the whole family, everyone smile seeing Sujata’s picture, Sujata says oye Ragini, why did you draw me so fat, ragini says because you became fat and giggles. Swara says ragini, you shouldn’t talk like that and asks her to say sorry, she says sorry and Sujatha hugs her. DP says there will be birthday party today, Swara says what’s need of all these, everyone says IT IS NEEDED and laugh. After they all go, sanskar says so where are we now, Swara says WHERE and sanskar then remembers her of the kiss, she says you will get that tomorrow, sanskar says not fair, swara gets angry (fake) and says no sanskar, he says achcha ok, i don’t want to angry my wife and that too on her birthday and hugs her, They both stand there hugging each other for some time and sleeps.

Scene shifts to a jail, a lady is sitting on floor and cries saying all these happened because of me if I didn’t do that then my laddo would be ali….., she then says I will come and take revenge from swara and her mo….

PARTY starts in the evening and guests come. Swara comes and everyone look at her. She looks divine in the dress and annapurna says kisi ki najar na lage meri swara ko and wishes her. everyone including family members surrounds swara and sing happy birthday.

Swara gets happy and hugs them. A lady comes there and hides her face with her saree, she goes near swara and says shonaaaa, swara gets shocked and sees her face. She gets shocked and shouts how dare you to come here. Everyone look at the women and Annapurna gets angry and asks watchman to send her out, dp asks her to calm down, how many times should I say that she is not fully at fault, Annapurna doesn’t listen to him. Sharmishta says did not it willingly, how can you all think that I will kill my own daughter, swara says daughter, this word doesn’t sound good from your mouth, how much did ragini did for you, she acted as pregnant so that she can save your child and she said lies to everyone but what you did with her, she shouts why did you take her life, why didn’t you take my life before her. Sanskar holds her and asks her to calm down. Swara says how can I, because of this woman my sister, laksh’s life and this house’s daughter in law, RAGINI IS DEAD. everyone feel sad. Swara asks her to get out and asks why did you that with us. Sharmishta cries and leaves from there.
Laksh comes from inside his room and says I am so sorry, I am late, actually someone called me and told me the results of best Young business man/woman award, sanskar says who got it, laksh says a girl form Malhotra industries got it but we need to go there tomorrow as dp got best business man award everyone get happy and congratulate DP, but then worry that laksh should not go outside as he can get hyper seeing new girls. ( He don’t get hyper seeing the lady guests because he knows them already, he just gets hyper seeing new girls). Laksh says you guys please don’t worry, I will not come there, they get sad seeing him. Laksh says NO, NO and asks swara and sanskar to dance. Swara says but…
Laksh says all the best guys and turns on the music.

The songs jeena jeena plays in the background. Swara and sanskar dance on it romantically and beautifully. All are awestruck seeing their dance. They are looking heavenly. When their dance ends everyone claps for them and applauds them. They then enjoy the party and go to their respective rooms.

In swasan room

Swara changes her clothes and comes from the washroom and stands in front of the mirror when sanskar comes and back hugs swara. He says Did you like the party? Swara says Of course I do. So did you remember what you said yesterday she blushes and says yes, he lifts her and keeps her on the bed and gets intimate. Then they sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace.The screen freezes on their peaceful sleeping faces.

Precap: Host announces ms. Nisha Malhotra as a best young business woman of the year and asks her to receive the award she comes to the stage wearing a black skinny jean and a white shirt with loose hair and looks at everyone. Maheswari family gets shocked seeing her and Swara says ra……

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  1. Ragni…..I knew it .
    Wow…it will be shocked for the maheswari’s .

  2. Superb episode

  3. Mica

    waaa…awesome ty

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  5. Akshata

    awesome, waiting for the next

  6. Nidhi

    and Now I love this Nisha is ragini isn’t she???
    awesome idea dr Love it

  7. let me guess nisha resembles ragini

  8. I think she is ragini, wow waiting for next part

  9. Awesome episode dear!!!!!loved swasan scenesss….i think d women in jail is dadi….n nisha is ragini r8!!!(jst a guess)….waitng eagerlyyy for nxt part!!!!!!keepockng n stay blessed dear????

  10. Silent_writer

    Its suprb

  11. Nksha is ragini. Superb dear update soon it’s very very interesting.
    Wow ragini is back finally

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