Swaragini ( What happened to Ragini?) Episode 2


Today’s episode starts with…..

Adarsh talks with Annapurna but she says i don’t want to talk anything with you and asks sujata to send him.
Later, after some time, in durga prasad’s (DP) room, annapurna(anu) tells about today’s incident and says because of adarsh parineeta, ragini’s dadi and that women, our laksh is like this and my ragini is…., durga prasad says but adarsh is not fully at fault and coming to that woman, she did that to save swara’s life, if she didn’t do that our swara wouldn’t have been here, anu says Ok, I agree that she did that to save swara’s life but she didn’t even think about ragini, dp says that was accident anu, but anu doesn’t listens and remembers….

Flashback, when parineeta going to shoot swara, a women leaves a rope and other woman who is holding the rope falls down and gets shot instead of swara and everybody shouts….

Dp shakes her and says are you ok, he says did you remember what is today, she smiles and says how can I forget about today and says I will call everyone and we will go to their room, dp says Ok and prays to god.

Swara in her room tells sanskar about the same incident, sanskar says what all happened after that incident, everyone broke down after that incident and your m… swara stares him and shouts don’t say anything about that women, everyone felt she did good by saving me but she did not, how can she do that with laksh and other family members, I will never forgive her in my life. Sanskar cries fakely and says you shouted on me and gets upset. She calms down and says I a sorry, but sanskar sits upset, she smiles and gives a peck, he turns to her and smiles, she says are you acting and says YOU cheater and begins to go but he pulls her closer and keeps his hand on her belly and says don’t you think ragini should get a small brother or sister? Swara gets shy and tries to go but he pulls her so closely and stares at her lips and she closes her eyes being shy, he begins to lean closer to her but gets disturbed by the door knock, he says what the…, swara smiles and opens the door. Everyone come inside with balloons and says HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWARA, and ragini says happy birthday mumma and kisses her. Swara asks where is laksh, everyone looks tensely ad swara says what happened, laksh comes there with a cake and says I went to get this. Swara and sanskar smiles seeing him fine.

They ask swara to cut the cake, she cuts the cake and feeds to sanskar, ragini and other family members, sanskar takes some cream and applies it on swara’s face and they both argue. Laksh gets teary eyed and remembers celebrating ragini’s birthday ( his wife ragini not the child)….


It is 12:00a.m, they are in a hotel, and ragini is sleeping beside laksh sadly thinking that he doesn’t remember my birthday, she then gets the call of swara and she wishes her and they talk for some time, ragini says laksh doesn’t remember my birthday and feels sad, swara says are you joking, sanskar said that laksh told him that he is going to give a surprise to you tonight, go and check, ragini gets excited and says I will call you later and goes. She goes to their bedroom again and sees no one on the bed and says laksh, where are you, laksh comes and back hugs her. He says I have a surprise for you and he switches on the lights. Ragini gets extremely surprised and happy seeing the surrounding.

The room was decorated all around with candles and flowers.On the bed flowers petals were decorated in a love shape. The entire room was looking very beautiful.
Ragini says how did you do this within this much time, I just went to balcony and talked with swara, He says now only. Ragini says Itni jaldi. Laksh says They say that anyone can do anything for their love so I just decorated the room. And after all I can do anything to bring a smile on your face.

Ragini gets teary eyed seeing his love and says I love you laksh, he says I love you too and lifts her and goes towards bed, he covers blanket over them and they sleep.

Laksh then remembers a lady getting shot and cries. Everyone see him crying and feels sad.

Precap: Swara birthday celebrations and sharmista comes to the party, swara asks her to get out and asks why did you that with us and shouts why did you take her life, why didn’t you take my life before her.

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  1. i think the other woman is ragini

  2. Ohoooo!!!!!sumi left d rope whch ragini ws holdng…n instead of swara ,rags get killed!!!!!waitng for d nxt part…..episode ws awesomeeee….poor laksh,feelng bad for him…loved d flashback of raglak!!!!???keeep rockng n stay blessed dear?

  3. SPP


  4. Really full of suspense yaar. Really I think it’s ragini who got shot by parineeta. Update soon and feeling bad for laksh. ????

  5. Ragz_teju


  6. Snehahari


  7. Akshata

    this story is full of suspense. its continuesly increasing my curiosity day by day. awesome update.

  8. Hemalattha


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