Swaragini ( What happened to Ragini?) Episode 1


What happened to ragini?

Hello guys, I am going to right a ff named what happened to ragini? This is full of suspense filled story, I hope you will like it, and it is related to the ongoing track in real, so please comment, now starting the story, All the characters are same as in the real serial.

The scene starts with neighbors gossiping and saying that Kiski Najar lag gayi maheswari parivar ko and feels little bit sad about them.

A big mansion is shown and the nameplate as maheshwari mansion.

A lady who is wearing a net sari and has curly hair, 26 years old, runs behind a little girl asking RAGINI, please drink the milk beta. The little girl says No MUMMA, I don’t like it, the lady gets tired and thinks of an idea, she falls and acts as getting hurt, she shouts Ouch, Mera pair? (My leg). Listening to her shout, everyone come to her and says SWARA, what happened and gets super worried. In the meanwhile swara makes the little girl drink milk, she gets up and says I was just acting to make ragini drink milk, Annapurna scolds her saying, what is this swara, we are so worried. She cups her face and says are you fine, swara says i am totally fine, she gets teary eyed seeing their love and remembers


Someone shoots a woman and everyone shouts…., gas cylinder bursts and a house gets totally blasted due to the cylinder and fire. Sujatha shakes her and says please don’t do this again and goes.
When swara is going a man pulls her closer and says what were doing here, if anything happens to you, then. Swara stops him and says sorry SANSKAR and makes puppy face. Sanskar smiles and says I am going to office with bade papa, if there is any emergency then call me, swara looks at laksh’s room and says don’t worry, papa and Adarsh baiyy and stops, sanskar gets angry hearing the word and says don’t talk to me about him?, I can’t forget what he did to my family, swara says but he is not fully at fault. Sanskar says, maybe you people can forget what he did, but I can’t forget what he did to us, while going he looks at a photo hung on the wall with a garland on it and get teary eyed and goes. Swara also sees the picture and says why did you go and cries.

A lady comes to maheshwari house and asks for Adarsh, a man who is working on a laptop hears her sound and says ragini and smiles. He comes down and sees her, her back is faced towards the man, he goes to her and hugs her saying you came ragini, I know you would come, where have you been these days, the lady shouts and asks him to leave her, Adarsh and ram comes there and says LAKSH, leave her, laksh says no, she is Ragini, I won’t leave her, adarsh asks the girl to leave. Annapurna asks swara to bring injection and asks ram to take laksh inside, ram and Adarsh drag him inside his room and ties him with ropes, swara gives an injection and laksh calms down, Annapurna cries seeing his state. Adarsh feels bad seeing him and goes near annapurna, she turns her face, Adarsh says please talk with me maa, I did not do this willingly, please forgive, Sujatha says whether you did willingly or not, but the truth is what you are seeing, laksh has BIPOLAR disorder and Ragini is…… cries.

Precap: A lady is seen in jail saying what have I done to my laddo, and cries vigorously…..

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  1. mridulakrishnan

    Wow dear awesome start…..

  2. interesting

  3. superb interesting

  4. Cutiie

    nice..pair os.swasan raglak

  5. It’s really really interesting dear. And most important question WHAT HAPPENED TO RAGINI. And who is the lady crying in jali???????? and why laksh is in this state. ??????? What adarsh had done. ???????? whose picture is on the wall with a garlands????? ??OMG SO MANY QUESTIONS ARE IM MY MIND . update soon. It’s marvellous dear. And truly full of suspense.


  6. Oh god where is ragini???????super interestng n amaznggggg start dear!!!!wtng eagerllyyy to know wt happened in d past…feeelng bad for laksh!!!!????plz post nxt part sooon…keep rockng n stay blessed dear???

  7. Good starting…. Keep going…..All the best

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    Good start

  10. Interesting and eagerly waiting for next

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  12. want ragini

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    Awesome Superb
    Please continue

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